1987 Honda CRX Si 1.5 from North America


25 years later - I still love it. Buy one!


The biggest problem was water leakage - the sunroof has hoses that run front and back - and the back hoses shrink over time - so by 10-12 years out, they disconnect, and the water starts coming into the car. I solved that problem, though.

Taillight gaskets were made of neoprene - which dries, cracks and then leaks.

My struts are gone now - about to replace them with new.

Driver's door bearing wore out - had it replaced with new pin and bearing (from GM no less!).

The hatchback struts failed early - maybe at about 40k or 50k. I have a wood rod I put in there now - my friends call my hatchback "the guillotine"... keep your hands out of there!

The rotor head lasted until about 170k - no tuneups for about 15 years. Got it tuned up - runs fine now.

Drivers seat worn out - that's OK though - 25 year old car.

General Comments:

I bought this car new right out of college in 1987 - as a young man. Now, 25 years later - I'm 50 - and still own it! This car is quick, peppy and light on fuel ($10 to fill in '87 - $33 in '12). It's not a super excellent snow car - but that's OK - we don't get tons of it here in Seattle.

My car is really, really worn out - I've been hard on it - but is very, very dependable - and I really love it - most of my life has been involved with this car one way or another. If I won the lotto today - I would have this car 100% restored to stock condition.

If you can find one of these cars in decent/working shape - BUY IT - you won't be sorry.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2012

5th Dec 2012, 19:07

Awesome review. I totally concur with every word. I had an 87 Civic H/B. Loved it. Someone schmucked it at 380,000 km. Insurance gave 2000 for it. I had it for 8 years. Best car ever.

1987 Honda CRX 1.5 from North America


THE MOST fun to drive car I have ever owned!


I replaced the shocks/struts shortly after getting the car. The originals were either worn out or not the best quality (odd for Honda). That made a huge improvement in ride/handling.

Wear parts such as tires, brakes and exhaust were replaced, and regular oil/filter changes and tune-ups were performed by the dealer.

Cracks 'appeared' on both front fenders as well as on the front panel... but I think that happened to ALL 1st generation CRX's. Honda's mistake there!

General Comments:

THE MOST fun to drive car I have ever owned! Even beats out my 2000 Prelude SH... and that was an amazing handler too.

The CRX is fun to drive because of its size and the driver's sense of being low to the ground, which makes the car beg to be driven, and it felt quick because it's light.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2011

1987 Honda CRX Si from North America


This car is as tough as nails


Alternator went out in 2009

Air compressor went out 2007

Regular wear and tear, brakes, and tune ups

General Comments:

I just can't say enough about this car. The 1987 Honda CRX Si was the best car made for the money.

First of all, I am 6'8" 256 lbs and I fit just fine. I drive my daughter over 374 miles round trip to college "all the time". This thing boogies. Not only do I blow by people on the freeway, I only spend a half of tank of gas on the trip.

Wonderful car, and I am about to restore it, inside and out.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2010

1987 Honda CRX Si 1.5 from North America


Bloody awesome car


Ignition switch.

Years of rough roads caused radiator bracket to fatigue, opening a hole in radiator (not Honda's fault, certainly).

Short in rear wiper circuit.

Typical minor rust in rear wheel well.

Seat belt buckles crack (dealer recall).


CV joints.

Distributor cap.


General Comments:

One thing to watch on all older Hondas: at 100,000 miles, disassemble the ignition switch and clean the contacts - otherwise corrosion will cause the contacts to overheat and melt the switch body, changing its dimensions, causing the contacts to separate and interrupting the ignition circuit (car dies). Happened twice (once in my other 1987 CRX).

Get familiar with "pick and pulL" salvage yards to save on parts. Buy the Haynes, Chiltons, AND factory shop manuals.

I dislike the ride as I get older - I want my Accord back. Sports car ride isn't so much fun after 90 minutes commute on rough roads every day.

With chains on the front, I get through insane snow here in Colorado. Everyone was stuck off the road in drifts (some even IN the road in drifts) and I motored on by them all, and got home warm and safe.

Too small for me now too, I use it like a pickup truck.

Fantastic economy, fast, reliable, fun to throw around on twistie turnies.

Paid $1500 with 150K miles on it, put another 80,000 on it and still going strong.

Easy to find someone to work on it.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2009

9th Jul 2009, 14:15

It's always such a hoot when you, in your little front-wheel d rive car, drive past big SUV's that are off the ditch on a snowy road. I bet that would wipe the smugness right off the SUV drivers face "Oh, but I have 4 wheel drive, I'll never get stuck". 4 wheel drive = 4 times further in the ditch.