1987 Honda CRX 1.6i 16v from Netherlands


Why O why did they stop making it!?


Weeping rear brake cylinder.

Broken return spring in rear brake hub.

General Comments:

Honda CRX, accept no substitute.

Keeps revving all the way to 7000, and loves it.

18 years old (the car that is!), but on every drive out in it I get to put the boy racers with the GTI's in their place, not to mention the "I'm richer than you" old boys in their Mercs.

The CRX goes where you point it and loves to please.

This car is for the corners and zipping in and out of light traffic.

I've lost count of the egos the CRX has left flopping and writhing in it's wake around Spain.

All this for just 1500 Euros!

Even if you do get 'taken (twice at over 185kmph, but on the motorway, this is not a long legged motor)...hey... it's an 18 year old car! No shame in that!

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Review Date: 10th March, 2005

1987 Honda CRX Si 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


It is quick, fun and sexy.


Alternator replaced on the second day of ownership.

The tailgate used leaked water whenever it rained heavily.

General Comments:

The car looks sexy and is a timeless piece of machinery.

The engine just loves to rev out and is very responsive and quick, especially for its age.

Handling is awesome and it is a whole lot of fun to drive especially when you are cornering.

Parts for the car is a bit expensive when it comes to replacing things, but there is a lot of aftermarket modifications available especially the engine and body styling departments.

The cabin is a bit small, but it is enough just for two people and everything is in arms reach of the driver.

Even though the car is over 16 years old, it is still a head turner and many people, especially the ladies still think it is a hot sexy car.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2005

1987 Honda CRX 1.5L 76hp from North America


Greatest economy sports car ever!


Accelerator pump leaked fuel ($45 for new seal)

Plastic body pieces cracked. ($2.50 roll of black duct tape)

Cracked the rear left side frame. (est $1000+ to fix)

General Comments:

The seats were a bit uncomfortable on long trips, but otherwise were great.

Really reliable. I drove it hard but the engine and transmission are as good as new.

I got it from a police auction so I have no idea how the car was treated before I got it, but it looks like the frame had weakened to the point were now it finally cracked. Not a very common thing to happen.

This car is extremely sluggish going up mountain highways (forget 5th gear), but on the few level passing areas I got it up to 160 kph.

I love the gearshift. No large movements just flicking your wrist.

When the new 2005's come out I'm definitely going to give them a serious look. The name CRX has been forever etched in my memory.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2004

1987 Honda CRX HF 1.5 from North America


Next best dollar ever spent on Honda


Both rear brake cylinder replaced at about 60,000.

Gasket under caburetor replaced 65,000.

Clutch at 70,000.

Driver seat upholstery repared 75,000.

Timing chain replaced 75,000.

Window trim 100,000.

Gasket under caburetor replaced 195,000.

Passenger side ball join and spindle broke because of rough Calif. hwy, s.

Timing chain replaced 175,000.

General Comments:

This car is seriously quick and handles like it's on rails.

I don't have a problem wit it comfort and I'm 240 pounds.

On second set of tires.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2004

1987 Honda CRX DX 1.5 from North America


The little car with guts


It's only been in the last month that everything is starting to brake. We have replaced the transmition, the clutch, the fly wheel. We have to buy a new battery every year and in the past three months I have gone through two alternators. I have been told I have a headlight short, so that would be the cause of the batteries. For some reason I keep blowing the alternator fuse as soon as I turn the key.

General Comments:

I love driving this car.

It is so much fun in the summer.

When they come out with another crx I will for sure be buying one.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2004

6th Apr 2004, 15:00

I brought the car into the garage the other day and they found out what was wrong with the dead short that I had. It was the fuel cut off switch. So now my car is up and running around like brand new.