30th Apr 2001, 22:43

Well hopefully I'll be buying a 1985 Honda CRX, for only $200. The seller said the engine and tranny are in great shape (but then again, when are they not, it's a Honda!).

I've heard they lack in top speed and pickup (and I just have to quote 40-50 MPG) and also they're very nimble!, you wanna go right, well you can, the car behind you probably couldn't, maybe you should slow down ;P.

Just thought I'd throw in my $0.02.

Ps: they're cute lil critters ain't they?

16th Jan 2002, 23:23

1988 Honda CRX HF.

230,000 miles later and still speeding every day.

1st Feb 2003, 10:20

I just purchased a 1988 Honda CRX si and within a week of owning it the engine blew. It had almost 300k miles on it and the owner before me raced high octane fuel in it causing the cylinders to melt. With only a week of CRX driving experience I decided to pay 1000 dollars to get a new 1.6 liter, 1990 civic engine put inside it. I only payed 1100 for the car in the first place. I'm waiting for the car to be finished. to get the car back today. I think that if taken care of a CRX is a perfect car for almost anyone, or at least me!

2nd Apr 2003, 22:29

I just bought a 1989 REX HF for $450. It has 193,300 miles on it. It smoked a lot when I started it, but then again it had sat for 5 months without being started. I have only driven it for a week, but I drive 180 miles round trip for work. Mileage, I am very pleased with. To have 193k on it, you could never tell it. After the first week of driving (total of 900 plus miles) it only used ½ quart of oil. I am not sure that it even burnt the oil, since I haven’t looked for leaks as of yet.

The best investment I have made in a very long time.

28th Apr 2003, 04:11

Where do you guys get the cars so cheap???

I live in Australia and the cheapest I can find a CR-X for is around $8000-$10000.

Please tell me!

From a die-hard CR-X fan!

Long live V-TEC!

7th Nov 2007, 15:36

Just bought one for $1500. 176000 miles. Pretty clean, fun to drive. Lots of vibration over 55 mph. If it gets 50, I'll keep it. Rust Free Phoenix. Yippeee.

7th Nov 2007, 16:33

We had an 88 that vibrated because the aftermarket rims were missing clips that were supposed to hold the rim in tight. So the whole car just vibrated and there was nothing we could do without replacing all the wheels.

7th Nov 2007, 17:03

1991 Honda CRX Si 5spd.

I bought one about 3months ago, for the top dollar price of $1900. It was TERRIBLE when I got it. But after a good bit of TLC and some time its up to par. I love the 40mpg I get. Everything still works, runs nice, slight modification here and there. But lovely. And for the person that was wondering why his/her car is slow. Its because it's an HF. The most sought after CRX for people who love gas. 63hp, no top-end speed or low-end torque, but GOD you get 64+ mpg.

21st May 2008, 08:12

I have a 1989 Honda CRX HF. I am the 3rd owner of this fine car. The previous owner had replaced the manual transmission with an automatic as he wanted a car for bumper to bumper traffic. That's exactly what I use this car for. It's loud going highway speeds, but in the bumper to bumper crawl of rush hour it sips gas. I'm averaging low 40's in traffic, and I have gotten a maximum of 56 mile per gallon highway speeds (65mph) at sea level. In the mountains it's around 50-51 mpg.

I have done a few add on's and upgrades to make my CRX HF more liveable for my daily needs, such as upgrading the headlights, changing out the seats to newer more comfortable Civic seats, new stereo and speakers, sound insulation, window tint, LED tail lights/high brake lamp. It's a really good car. With 296,000 miles on the odometer and fluids checks and changed as recommended, this is a good car for my needs.