25th Nov 2009, 00:57

Are you saying you drove your Honda CRX for 250xxx kms with no issues? Is this rare? I want to buy a Honda CRX, there is one for sale near me but it has 290xxx kms and the guy selling it has no idea what has been done to refurbish it.

25th Nov 2009, 15:59

250,000+ kilometers on a Honda CRX isn't rare at all. That's actually pretty low for them. These things run forever. There's a guy on here who has 700,000 miles on his with zero repairs.

6th Dec 2009, 16:03

My wife and I own a 1987 Honda CRX-SI. It is in mint, I mean mint condition with 47,000 original miles. I'm looking for the checker fabric for the bucket seat centers as well as some miscellaneous parts. I need the pop up cover for the rear window wiper blade, and rear hatch spring sensors near the tail light assembly. Any guidance on vintage parts would really be helpful.

8th Feb 2010, 15:40

I purchased a new silver CRX-Si in the Summer of 1987; the last year for the 1ST generation of this fun little go-kart.

To this day, it is the most fun car I have ever owned. When the cheapo stock suspension wore out, I installed a Jackson Racing suspension kit, and later added a quick ratio steering rack; the car held the road even better than my 1999 Ford SVT Contour, and begged to be driven hard.

I eventually added a heavy duty clutch, which lasted until I sold the car, 12 years later with about 120,000 miles on it.

The CRX-Si was the perfect blend of affordability, reliability, simplicity and plain old FUN! It was reasonably quick for its day in stock configuration (turbo charged versions were sheer rocket), and easily averaged 30 miles per gallon in overall driving.

It was the kind of car which had you making excuses to run errands to the grocery store or Post Office. I have many a twisty back road where I live, which the CRX-Si used to carve up with ease.

I have dreamed of finding a minted out one like one of the posters here has spoken of, however, given that the newest 1ST generation CRX-Si that one could find would now be 23 years old, it's basically the equivalent of locating a needle in a haystack.

I miss the CRX-Si, the original Mazda Miata and Toyota MR-2, as well as the Pontiac Fiero, because they were sporty cars from a simpler time. They were light, agile, affordable, and a blast to take on a quick trip down to the local rib joint to pick up an order of Buffalo Wings, or to take part in a local road rally, yet reliable enough to get you to work the following day.

Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories of a great little sports car!


15th Oct 2010, 10:43

I bought my 87 Honda CRX Si with only 65,000 original miles. Dealer bought, only 1400. The car is mint with no dents, no rust, no rot, absolutely immaculate.

11th Nov 2010, 09:20

I love my Honda CRX.

I own a 1987 Honda CRX SI and the timing belt was replaced at 150,000 miles and I only bought my Rex for 800, but soon I will be installing a b18c-r vtec/turbo and than I'm going out there to beat some muscle cars! =)