1994 Honda del Sol Si 1.6 SOHC VTEC D16Z6 from North America


Fun, dependable, and everyone wants one!


The targa roof squeaks, but this can be dealt with using Silicon Grease purchased from a Honda parts shop. Unfortunately, if you take the roof on and off a lot, like I do, you have to grease up the rubber molding fairly often to keep the squeak away.

Also, the trunk leaks, which is true for just about every Del Sol I've read about. I've tried the standard fixes for it, but it still leaks.

The turn-signal relay is wearing out, and it costs about $100 to replace the relay. I mention this because it is a mechanical relay blinker and will inevitably wear out, and Del Sol parts are very expensive. I have never seen a blinker relay for sale on ebay or anywhere else -- you have to go to Honda.

General Comments:

I bought a 1993 Del Sol on ebay, a samba green gem, for my daughter for college, and had to have one for myself, so I bought a black one last year, also on ebay.

Both cars have over 120,000 miles on them, but I wasn't worried because theses Del Sols are super reliable.

I love driving to work every day. The seat is the most comfortable driving seat I've ever been in, and I drive an hour to work and and hour back every day.

The car has good power from a dead stop, but the pickup is not great once you hit cruising speed, unless you rev the engine.

It gets greats gas mileage on level roads, but the 1.6 liter SOHC only has 125hp and works hard to get up hills, eating into the gas mileage. I live in hilly area, and I get about 33 mpg. My daughter gets about 37 mpg on her 1993 Si, same engine, D16Z6.

The one thing to beware is that there is a major expense every 90,000 miles in replacing the timing belt and related parts like the water pump. This has to be done, or you risk ruining the engine. I've had it done to both cars, and it was over $400 each time. If you buy a used Del Sol, you should calculate another $400-500 to the price to get this done, unless you have written proof that the timing belt is up-to-date.

I'm giving the 1994 Del Sol to my younger daughter when she goes off to college next year, and I'm getting a DOHC VTEC with the 160hp engine.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2006

3rd Aug 2006, 12:15

I have owned a 1995 Honda del sol Si for 10 years brand new in early 1996. I have never experienced a leaky trunk or ever heard of this claim. I'm guessing they were in accidents before you bought them and that is why they leak. I have a 6 disc changer in my trunk and it has never gotten wet. I know the roof leaks in touchless car washes, but that has been the only problem for me!

27th Sep 2007, 19:43

My Del had 60K went it arrived. Now at 90K I'm replacing the T-belt and W-pump for $450. VTEC duel cam runs great. I've removed the thin tires with stock rims and tires, the previous owner installed. It still has a fancy muffler and a small leak on the driver’s door when hand washed; the windows needed cleaning anyway.

Forget the Lexus SC!! Get a Del.

Chill Bill.

1994 Honda del Sol CRX 1.5 from UK and Ireland


1st class build quality and reliability


The central locking has stopped working and this is connected to the alarm which makes more work when parking up.

I have had no other faults although the car arm bushes need replacing, but that's just normal wear. The Honda dealer spotted that for me when it was last serviced.

General Comments:

I'm very pleased with the car. This is the first car from Japan that I have ever owned and I'm now smitten with the excellent build quality and reliability.

The only down side is the wind and road noise even with the roof on. The air conditioning unit is superb as so is the standard Kenwood Radio/ CD player.

I did replace the standard steel wheels and plastic wheel trims as they looked cheap. The 5 spoke alloys really do the car proud.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2004