5th Aug 2006, 12:22

Something doesn't seem right here, not with the S2000, but with the Fit. I'm not blaming the reviewer at all, because this is something that only us foreigners would know much about.

So, I did some looking at the U.S. Fit, because it's really a rebadged Jazz and has been around for a few years already. I just looked at the EPA gas mileage for the Fit, and it's around 32-38. I figured Honda would be like they always have been and achieve more than EPA rating, but it seems like they get right around 35. My Chiropractor has a Navy Blue Fit, and he gets about 33. So, my point is, our Jazz 03' gets 27km per Liter, which is near 48 MPG I think, maybe closer to low 50's. Why the sudden change? Does this have anything to do with the EPA?

9th Sep 2006, 12:12

I think that the Fit engine is larger than that of the Jazz, 1.5 liter vs. 1.2 liter. That should have a bearing on the mpg, I would think.

22nd Oct 2006, 03:25

I am the original poster. I'm responding to the previous comment. My Fit now has 8,000 miles on it! I am achieving an average of 40 MPG in slow highway driving (50 mph). This is my average. I have tested different situations over time. For example, one week I really drove the Fit like I hated it, or loved it, however you want to take the fact that I really dug into the accelerator (I must also mention that I was off work that week, and drove mainly around town). That week I achieved 34 MPG, a big change. However, normally my driving habits are about 99% 50 mph highway, and since 99% of my driving is highway, I get 40 MPG. The S2000 still gets at most 19 MPG, I can't get any better. But, the S2000 is driven 50/50 city/highway on my days off. Also, it's not stock. NO matter how much I granny the S2000, I get the same result (even also in 99% 50mpg highway). But anyway, I'm still loving the Fit. There are some things I dislike though. I don't like the black cloth seats and the carpet, both get dirty quick and lint, hair, etc. clings to the floor and seat. Issues with paint peeling from back bumper (barely noticeable around wheel well, but could get worse), issues with shifting into reverse when the engine is cold (but I experience this with any manual, so I haven't told Honda about it), stock base tires loose grip under hard acceleration and cornering. I will soon be buying 16" wheel and tire combo (might even get a Limited Slip Differential if the bigger and better tires don't help).

17th Dec 2007, 22:25

I'm the original poster. So, I still own the Fit now, but sold the S2000. I've modified the Fit, put 15" wheels with 205/50-15 tires, high intensity discharge headlights, and added a spoiler (mine is the base model). I've put over 30,000 miles on the Fit and am very pleased. There still aren't many Fit's on the road, so it gets attention. I get mostly positive comments about the Fit, but some people call it a microvan which I hate. Anyway, I'll keep updating this.

9th May 2010, 18:13

Your complaining that first gear ends at 34 MPH? Second gear should go to 60? Do you always drive in the red zone? You shouldn't be hitting the rev limiter during normal driving. Normal driving takes place in the 1500 to 3500 RPM range. Try shifting at 3500 RPM or 4000 RPM, maybe you'll avoid hitting the rev limiter then! Oh, and maybe your car will last too!