3rd Feb 2007, 10:43

More internet myths. Suggest you check out the Insurance Institute's crash ratings as well as the European NCAP testing.

14th Feb 2007, 12:02

I agree with the posted comments regarding the comparison of the Fit with the Impala/Fusion. These cars are not in the SAME category! If you want a fair comparison, then compare the fit with the matrix, mazda3, and Xa/b. Those are roughly the same size (and the space in the back is nearly identical when I took measurements). The Fit was the best combo of form, function, and fun for me. In any case, try them all, and buy what works for YOU! I don't care what you buy!

14th Feb 2007, 15:17

I love Honda's, but have to say that you have to pay a premieum for them no matter how beat up they are... the commenter was probably bringing in the Fusion and Impala because you can practically get an Impala or Fusion with all the rebates at the same price as a Fit. I would still go for the Fit, but after going to a used car dealer recently and seeing them sell a used (early 2007) Fit for 18,500$. I think this is outrageous to price a car that much higher than sticker price... it is a shady way to sell a car and it was a Toyota dealer selling it.

14th Mar 2007, 18:07

And how can you say the Fit is underpowered or cramped?

It's most definately underpowered (0-60 in 12.5 seconds with auto trans) but it's not as cramped as many might think, don't get me wrong though it's far from roomy, but it is liveable.

15th Mar 2007, 04:38

The Fit isn't underpowered, guys. It's not supposed to go fast, it's a commuter car that's built for good gas mileage and reliability. You don't worry about 0-60 times in an economy car.

15th Mar 2007, 14:26

First off, 0-60 in 13 seconds is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE. I'd be terrified trying to merge onto a freeway in one of these tiny, underpowered little tinfoil boxes.

As for anyone who would pay $20,000 for one of these things, I'd advise doing the math. You can buy an equally equipped, MORE reliable and SAFER Ford Focus for 5 grand less, then spend the extra 5 grand to make up the meager 4 mpg mileage difference and you STILL come out ahead over 5 years, plus you have a more reliable car that protects its occupants much better in a crash and easily reaches freeway merging speeds in 8 seconds.

15th Mar 2007, 16:00

What are you talking about?

A fully equipped Fit is $15K or $16k, depending on whether you want an automatic or not. The equivalent Focus is nearly $20K, so the economic argument is gone.

Then we can compare the Fit recalls in its first year (ZERO) vs. the Focus's recalls in its first year (20+).

Then we can compare the abyssal gas mileage relative to the Fit's AVERAGE of 33 MPG.

Then we can compare which company will be here in five years to support their cars. Ford can barely stay afloat, while Honda continues to reap record sales.

Then we can compare which vehicles are rotting on dealers' lots and which ones are in high demand.

As for the 0 - 60 times, once again, more lies. The Honda Fit automatic goes 0 - 60 in 10.4 seconds, the manual in 9 seconds. Those times are comparable to SUVs, if not better (check out the 0 - 60 of the LR2 and LR3 Land Rovers). The 13 second figure is either from a non-American Fit (with a smaller engine) or from UAW member spamming again.

15th Mar 2007, 18:42

Buying a Ford instead of a Honda is always a mistake, and it is impossible to come out ahead in any way by doing so.

The Focus is a complete joke of an automobile next to any Honda car. A Honda engine (without the rest of the car) is worth more than the purchase price of any Focus.

15th Mar 2007, 19:39

14:26; Who told you the Fit does 0-60 in 13 seconds? The 5 speed manual Fit will consistently run 9.3 seconds from 0-60. Several road tests I've read confirm this.

15th Mar 2007, 20:10

Yada yada yada!!! Always throw in the Ford Focus! It seems our little compact from Ford has been recommended to replace a Ford F-150, a minivan, and now our venerable little Fit. just look at other reviews where someone jumps in with a Focus rebuttal. What makes it so special? The 2002 Focus in my family has been falling apart since 60,000 miles and now at 100,000 miles the transmission needs to be replaced and now it will go to a whole sale dealer. Believe me! You do not want a Focus for any reason. Sure, you could get a manual transmission, but then the other things will kill you like window regulators and things like that. As far as I am concerned the Focus was old in 2002 and now in 2007 is ready to be put out into the pasture.

16th Mar 2007, 01:17

Upon looking at the crash test ratings on Safercar.gov, I realized that the Honda Fit is safer than a Ford Focus... Especially when you compare apples to apples... Focus hatchback with Fit. Look at all the diagrams, and it shows that the Fit is significantly better in most things.

16th Mar 2007, 05:14

This may be off-topic, but:

I don't understand people buying these tiny cars. Are they 5 feet tall?

It can't be price, because for the same money you could buy a nice used whatever car that's bigger and still gets decent gas mileage.

I'm not bashing Honda here, just the logic of getting a tiny car that'll make you claustrophobic, scare you senseless when you drive next to a 18-wheeler on the highway and has trouble passing others especially when you go uphill.

16th Mar 2007, 08:09

5:14 You obviously have not driven or sat in a Honda Fit. It's very roomy, and feels rock solid at highway speeds.

16th Mar 2007, 08:31

Would you people PLEASE actually go look at/test drive the car you are saying is so awful. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who sits in a Fit would NEVER say it was claustrophobic. It has more room inside than many cars.

The Scion xB has more room inside than a BMW 3, 5 and even 7 series depending on configuration. The BMW X3 and X5 have LESS room inside than their sedan counterparts.

And so on.

And please tell us all which "bigger car" gets 33 mpg AVERAGE like the Fit does. Would it be the Hummer H2 or the Cadillac CTS?

I'm 6'2", 230 lbs and fit in the Fit perfectly, something I cannot say for a lot of cars and SUVs out there.

16th Mar 2007, 13:44

More reliable than a Mini Cooper? There isn't much that's less reliable than a Mini, no matter how great it drives.

16th Mar 2007, 21:43

It's really amusing the way Japanese car manufacturers take liabilities and use ad hype to try and turn them into big pluses. Honda hypes it "crumple zones" but doesn't bother to let folks know that the ENTIRE CAR, from front bumper to back is ONE BIG "crumple zone".

Last year a good friend crashed her Acura RSX (A Civic with 10 grand tacked on) into a full size domestic pickup. The car's "crumple zones" collapsed all the way into her seat, crushing her to death. The driver of the domestic truck was unhurt and the truck was still drivable and barely damaged.

I can only imagine how the much flimsier, more cheaply made Fit will fare in a crash with anything larger than a water melon.