1999 Honda HR-V 1.6 4wd 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A strange looking car, but very practical


Nothing major has went wrong with the car - slight rattles from inside the drivers door is the only major defect to date.

General Comments:

A strange vehicle to look at, especially because it is the bright yellow version, but drives like a dream. This vehicle gives you the ride height of a large 4x4 and the performance of a saloon car just the combination that I needed.

The car is a little heavy on the juice of such a small engine, but it is nothing that will break the bank.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2003

10th Nov 2005, 23:25

If the colour of the HR V is to feminine for you that's one thing, but you could solve your fuel issue by not thrashing the... out of it. Try a service every 5000kms/3100mile and you may receive the same results as my 540kms/336mile per tank... and yes I do get the honda dirty.

30th Aug 2015, 13:04

336 miles per tankful?

The fuel tank is 12 gallons so you're getting 28 MPG, just 1 MPG better than the reviewer you accuse of "thrashing" their HRV.

1999 Honda HR-V Sport 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Just brilliant! I wish I didn't have to part with it. :(


Premature wear on the front passenger seat.

General Comments:

The good:

A fantastic engine. It's smooth, enthusiastic and sounds awesome between 5000-7000rpm (VTEC would be nice, though).

Looks really really cool!

It's not a hard-core 4WD. Nor is it a hatchback. Nor is it a station wagon or estate. It is a truly unique car with virtually all of the usual doubts over reliability of unique cars removed.

Excellent visibility.

Very well equipped for the price.

That world famous Honda Quality we all know and love.

It's just different.

The Bad:

Bizarre problem with seat wear. Dealer fixed and has not been a problem since.

The front suspension and rear suspension feel like they are from two different vehicles. The front suspension feels sporty and soaks bumps well, whereas the rear suspension is very stiff and the car's rear end bounces more than an enthusiastic aerobics instructor.

Try explaining one to someone who has never seen one before...

The Ugly:

People think you spend most of your time driving with one hand if you own a 4WD.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2001

27th Sep 2006, 20:58

Hi from the mountains in New South Wales in AUSTRALIA.

My wife had the auto HRV, and I still have my manual HRV. I owned mine for the past 5 years and I have these thoughts. Underpowered, it would be better maybe with a V6. It does have the room. The Auto has a problem that all the autos have when they reach 160,000 km.

The CVT transmission doesn't get faster in speed and has trouble accelerating and slowing down.

The motor will stall due to this trouble. I would NEVER buy the Auto transmission vehicle.

The manual transmission is fine. At 200,000 km the O2 sensor in the catalytic converter failed. I have had a few headlight, rear park light and brake light bulbs fail.

1999 Honda HR-V 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Reliable, well equipped and good looking


Strange rattling sound from within the passenger airbag compartment area, only over bumpy roads.

Replacement tires tyres too expensive because they are a rare size - £150 UK Pounds per tyre. Hunt around for a deal - £92 pounds recommended price.

That's all!

General Comments:

Very reliable! Well built but not the solid feel you get from German cars.

Not one failure/fault so far. 2 years and going... Only had 1 service after 16,000 miles. Still due for a second... Currently at just over 25,000 miles.

4x4 can be fun on cold winter months. Capable of going through "waist height" deep waters... (although not recommended by Honda, had no choice at the time becuase of bad weather going to work).

Dealers under strict Quality Check from Honda HQ. Backed up by UK JD Power Survey.

Reputation for durable parts.

Good looking car.

Not so sure of the seat interior design - very Japanese mid 80's look about it.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2001