2003 Honda Jazz 1.4DSI from South Africa


A great family car. Almost a class leader, but lacks outright refinement.



General Comments:

Fantastic space and flexibility.

Above average fuel economy.

Easy to drive and surprisingly grippy in hard cornering and hooligan antics.

Tasteful interior and comfortable ergonomics.

Very good CD stereo.

The CVT transmission has an annoying high pitch whine.

Interior plastic panels not always neatly aligned in its fitment and trailing plastic edges poorly rounded-off.

Certain switches also poorly fitted and mal-aligned.

Air conditioning too weak on hot scorching days with 4 adults.

The 8 valve, 1339cc engine becomes very loud and coarse sounding at above 4000rpm.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2004

27th Feb 2004, 10:11

I too agree with you the Jazz's 1.4i 8v engine does sound a bit coarse at above 4,000 RPM. I test drove one it put me off the Lack of Refinement the performance really died off at above 4,500 RPM. It was a used one so you have to put your foot down to make sure it's performing. So I bought a 1.6L 16V Renault Scenic.

27th Mar 2004, 07:19

If only Honda will make the SOHC 80kw 1.5VTEC unit universally available in all the markets. Test drove one in Asia. Definite power improvement over 1.4 unit. Still sounds coarse.

31st Mar 2005, 07:48

I need to say that it is senseless to compare a 1.6L Renault Scenic with Jazz thus their classes are completely different. Here tow comparisons act: One between a 1.4L motor with its brother 1.6L one and the other between a super-mini with its brother. Expectations should be lowered when a super-mini is in consideration in terms of engine.

12th Jul 2005, 17:53

The engine of honda jazz is perfect in its class. there is not so much sound. i love honda at all. when I drive my honda I feel so good that a renault driver can never feel.

2003 Honda Jazz VTi 1.5L petrol four from Australia and New Zealand


A great, fun little car


So far (finger's crossed) nothing!

In fact, the only thing is a tint dent my mum put in it, when she opened the door into it!

General Comments:

A great small car. Somehow it defies physics and is bigger inside than out! While the car definitely has style, and is very nice inside (and mostly out), in a profile view it can look a little boxy, and van like, however, the optional spoiler (different from the one on the VTi-S model) stops this.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2003

2003 Honda Jazz SE Sport 1.4 Gasoline from Turkey


Best small family car

General Comments:

This car has lots of space for a family. Two luggages and a baby stroller can be easily mounted in trunk.

CVT transmission is quick and responding very well. F1 style manual transmission controls on the wheelchair are useless, but nice to play.

Average consumption in a bumper to bumper traffic is 8 Lt/100 Km. My previous Golf was consuming 13 Lt at the same traffic.

Suspension is firm and 185/55 R15 tires are making it harder. Road imperfections are felt. Tire noise is above the average.

Car is getting breathless going uphills, but highway driving is a real pleasure. Engine is very silent, 110-120 km/h can be easily reached and average consumption at this speed is 5.9 Lt when AC is on.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2003

2003 Honda Jazz 1.4 petrol from Singapore


Very suitable for young couples with small family


The ride is stiff as it pick up every pot holes along the road.

The pick-up speed is a bit sluggish.

The car take more more time to respond when the accelerator is depressed as compared to my previous car (Fiat Punto).

General Comments:

Reasonable fuel economy, although not as advertised 21km/l, I have achieve 15km/l on urban driving.

The car is quiet and smooth and can easily cruise around 120km/h.

The interior have lot of leg room and very flexible when creating cabin space.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2003