2003 Honda Jazz 1.4 SE 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A very intelligently designed small car.


There have been no faults or breakdowns. The only repairs have been due to bodywork damage, incurred as a result of a cyclist riding his bike into my wife's stationary vehicle.

General Comments:

The car is not particularly quick.

It is comfortable.

The interior space is particularly well designed. It is comfortable for four and at a push five. It has an airy cabin environment.

It is economical on petrol, having always returned over 40mpg. Capable of up to 50 mpg. on a run.

The quality of construction is very impressive.

I have driven various Volkswagens over the past 25 years, including much driving on the continent. In that time I have had no breakdowns on these lengthy continental trips. If the Honda matches those levels of reliability, then I will consider it to have been a very worthwhile purchase.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2007

16th Aug 2007, 16:49

I have now owned this car for about 6 months and nothing has gone wrong. I have just returned from a trip round Germany with my wife. In that time I have found it to be a very comfortable and capable performer. Moreover, it has swallowed up all of the luggage which we brought with us from England. It was also used on to transport a large chest on the return journey from Germany. It is 'tardis-like' in terms of its interior space.

8th Feb 2013, 01:27

Would you recommend it to a small family? I have a Meriva, but it's just too big now my boys have no need for buggies any more.

2nd Aug 2014, 13:04

No, not the most reliable car. Get a Hyundai Getz, i30, Mazda 2 or Toyota Vitz instead.

5th Aug 2014, 11:12

I'm afraid the Mazda 2, Vitz or i30 can't hold a candle to the interior room and storage capability of the Jazz. I stuck a 10kg load washing machine (still in its box) in the back with no problem.

4th Apr 2017, 17:33

You must be joking. The Honda Fit has been consistently rated along with the Vitz/Yaris to be the most reliable hatch.

2003 Honda Jazz 1.3 from Australia and New Zealand


One of the best I have owned



General Comments:

I ordered this car with factory fitted spoilers, mag wheels and side skirts. I have had the windows tinted. Of all the cars I have owned (around 30) I have had more comments on the Jazz than any other.

It is ultra reliable and economical - on a 498km run it used 30 litres.

It is comfortable on the open road and has an excellent third gear for overtaking 80-130km is quite quick.

Ride is a bit choppy and the electric power steering took a bit of getting used to as it felt heavy in the straight ahead position. I have driven the upgraded model (released here in NZ last year) and both ride and steering were improved.

Love it! Trouble is the new model isn't available until early 2007 and my lease expires in July 2006.

Considered an elderly person's car, but I can get around corner with all 4 tyres squealing!!

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Review Date: 10th January, 2006

2003 Honda Jazz petrol from UK and Ireland


Carpet wore through under the throttle pedal, was replaced under guarantee. Noticed this wear on other Jazz`s.Dealer said he thought design fault. I stuck rubber in place to stop this.

Cigarette lighter did not work when air pump used. dealer fixed.

Two local dealers given up Honda or closed down. Now nearest are 24 miles away.

General Comments:

Agree with other reviews, but.

Servicing - be prepared. First year £177,

2nd year now quoted £389 & 2nd dealer £330.

If I go to local garage £150 or Halfords service £169, Honda said I may invalidate the guarantee. Why so much - well it does have 8 spark plugs said dealer.

At least Ford has a good network of service centres.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2005

14th Nov 2005, 13:12

Hi, this is not a comment on your review, just a general note to do with Servicing.

My wife owns a jazz and myself an Accord, we had the services at the main dealer, however the second service proved to be very expensive.

Getting to the point, are you aware of something called 'block exemption', this is something the dealers don't tell you for obvious reasons.

My understanding is this:

You can have your car serviced by any other reputable garage that is VAT registered and uses Original Parts or better without invalidating your warranty and your book is stamped.

My advice would be to ask your main dealer about it, just mention the word 'block exemption', the results are quite funny.

But obviously confirm that is the case, they may try to argue the toss, but it's always worth asking, but at your own risk.