2004 Honda Jazz ES Sport 1.4 CVT from Serbia


Really cool


Still new :)

Some noise from the back door at low revs, but I think it's the license plate holder.

General Comments:

Really smooth acceleration with CVT transmission.

Seats are good, but can get uncomfortable on longer trips.

Suspension is too hard on bumpy roads, but the car handles like a dream on smooth roads.

The car has outclassed anything that I've seen in the super-mini class. It isn't an eye catching sight on the road, but that can also be a good thing. Parks virtually anywhere. The engine response is good for basically a 1.3l engine and the fuel consumption is amazing on the highway.

The space in the back is unbelievable, and is much better than even my 2001 Toyota Corolla liftback. Lots of room for all the little things you always lug around.

With the famous Honda reliability I should have this car for years to come.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2005

4th Mar 2005, 21:28

I'm eagerly waiting for the Jazz to come to the USA. I could be easily lured into shopping for one. Gasoline is expected to climb and stay at record prices. Honda overall, could do very well as they have done in the past here with a new plateau in gasoline prices.

Learn a lot from this format and wish you all well.

2004 Honda Jazz Sport 1.4 from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

This car is probably the best car that I have ever owned, it feels like a much bigger car than it is. The build quality is superb. The magic seat system is unmatched for ease of use. Attention to detail is without doubt nothing short of amazing in the 2005 model, much improved over the previous good car. The automatic is well worth the extra, as you get a CVT, a conventional type Auto (7 Speed) or 7 Speed Semi Auto with steering wheel mounted paddles (like F1.


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Review Date: 6th December, 2004

6th Apr 2005, 06:33

I agree and know about the performance especially with the 7 gears- I just got done for speeding!!

2004 Honda Jazz 1.4 from Greece


Best small multi-purpose vehicle to-date


A bit stiff when falling in narrow deep chuckholes. Great suspension system in every other aspect, though.

Fuel economy is quite good, not as good as advertised, though. Then again, I always "have a heavy foot" as Greeks say, when one drives aggressively.

General Comments:

The epitome of torque in a city car!

Excellent handling, requires just a few movements to park / unpark the car.

Amazing feel in gear shifting! Feels like driving a much more expensive car.

HUGE space for your legs, for cargo loading and for luggage in the trunk.

Great finish inside the car. Plastics are good quality and show it.

The only color that lets the car express the "tiger" inside it, is the black. Nothing else!

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Review Date: 25th November, 2004

2004 Honda Jazz VTi-S 1.5L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


The Jazz has reignited my love for driving


Nothing has gone wrong so far.

A package as complete as this should have four wheel disk brakes, but the Jazz still has drums on the back.

The centre-rear passenger seat is a little squashy and the seat belt is awkward.

Some reviews suggest the previous model's drive was harsh, but the 2005 model is very comfortable.

General Comments:

The exterior size looks tiny, but inside it's huge. Four full size adults sit very comfortably with great leg and head room.

The engine is very responsive and fuel economy for a car of this power is amazing.

The 5-speed manual is so smooth and easy to drive.

The "magic seat" system is so practical, you wonder why every car doesn't have the flexibility of storage like the Jazz.

The looks of the 2005 VTI-S are superb. No longer a ladies car only.

Auto everything makes this an excellent value for money car with a quality brand name.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2004

31st Jan 2009, 02:24

I agree with all you have said. I have owned many Honda's having bought a new Australian Honda City when they first hit Australia in 1984. All these small Honda's are well built and of a better standard than the best from their competition.

I have been in the motor industry for many years and appreciate the standard of engineering excellence in Honda motorcycles and cars. They are for the most part, better to service and maintain and stay in good condition longer in my experience.