23rd Apr 2005, 21:24

Hi, so far I've seen only positive Reviews on the Jazz and I think it's kind of a reality check on seeing this review.

Is it really as bad or is the review coming from a picky driver?

Altis looks good and roomy compared to Jazz, but it's aferall a Thai make and not as fuel friendly. Resale value also not as good. Furthermore, the interior design suits more for the 'mature' driver than those under 30s.

29th Apr 2005, 02:58

Hi, all. Have you ever hear a little "Veeeed" sound from your Jazz?

I heard it when I drive around 60 - 80 km/h and I don't know where is coming from. Can you help me?

Thanks all.

21st Jun 2005, 10:42

The high pitch whine (or Veee-ing sound) is attributed to the CVT gearbox. You won't find this irritating sound on the Manual version.

Adding to my personal experience on the Honda Jazz (23000km, almost 18mnths old), the car is still running well with only one new glitch - a rattle on the front passenger door from a loosing fitting bolt holding the window. Sorted by dealers during service. Fuel economy still good, reaching 5.9L/100km on average in 50/50 motorway/city traffic. Aircon doesn't seem to make much difference to the fuel consumption, but the unit is relatively weak. Struggles to cool the car in hot humid tropical asian summers

Finally, the ride quality of the Jazz is highly sensitive to the choice of wheels. Stick to normal 14 inch tires / steel rims for a smoother ride. I switched to 15inch tires with alloy rims over Xmas - bad idea - the ride became too harsh over poor road surfaces and 'clonks / thumps' badly over potholes. Honda needs to work on this. Other mini-MPVs like the Modus/Meriva/Mazda2 ride better over bad roads, even with alloy wheels.

4th Jul 2005, 23:52

Hi all. Been running a 1.5l cvt Jazz here in Sydney Australia for past 12 months. Just over 10,000k on clock. Vehicle using around 7l/100km around the city. Inside it's like a Tardis...I'm amazed with the load it will engulf/carry. Only problems to date (a) rubber sealing at bonnet front hanging loose (b) sound head display and sound controls blank out intermittently. Great little car. And - compared to other makes - I am finding the Honda dealership attitude first class. Recommended buy. Pat.

11th Oct 2005, 00:19

Hello Everyone,

I'm from Singapore.. Happen to come across this site.. So drop by to give some personal comments...

I bought my Jazz last Dec.. Until now, no problems... An excellent fuel efficiency car.. However, one point to note if you are intending to buy a Jazz.. Honda Jazz is not meant for "ramping" at high rev, it defeats the purpose of that fuel efficiency.. Overall a very good car, bought from Kah Motor and change to 2 tones leather seats at low cost.. The CVT sound is actually not that irritating.. sounds like hissing.. Hmmmm similar to aeroplane taking off.. but not that loud.. but of course there will be cons.. the head unit was build in and quite a tough job to change it to other commercial branded HU.. I fully agreed to the strain in thigh when driving for a long time.. esp all the way to K.L, M'sia.. not mud guards, quite a light body.. however, honda jazz is a good car for body design.. a lot of beautiful bodykits, accessories to dress up beautifully...

Compare to other saloon car prices, a little higher... but for the name of honda and jazz's fuel efficiency, I feel its worth it... I would rate 8/10...

25th Oct 2005, 19:52

Go check out this forum. It has all the answers about their differences (but it might be different if you're not from S'pore), including the problem of EGR & Start up clutch.


- The edge -

15th Nov 2005, 00:58


I'm considering to buy a Jazz.

I like the feel of the drive during my test drive and my friend who owned one has lots of good feedback about it.

My main concern is actually driving in Malaysia.

We average drive to Malaysia once a month.

I'm not sure a light and small car like Jazz is 'safe' to drive on the Malaysia highway?

Also, the Malaysia road is much more 'holely' than Singapore, so will the ride be very bumpy the the suspension Jazz has?

Stephen (Singapore)

12th Dec 2005, 04:07


I drive to KL in a Jazz too. It is alright in general. I only drive around 120-140km/h, mostly at 120km/h. It feels just like any other Japanese sedan.

On North South Highway there is almost no "hole" nowadays.

In city center there are still a bit "holely", though I must say it has improved a lot for the past 10 years.

One positive point of Jazz is its stiff suspension and short overhang, I seldom hit the bottom of car when I cross a road hump in KL. My Corolla hit it very often. (especially when you have 2 passengers behind)

You may consider Honda City as well, basically the same car, manufactured in Thailand, with a 1.5L engine. And you have choice of iDSI engine or Vtec engine. Boot is huge at 500L.

27th Aug 2006, 04:22

Hi, need help on customizing my 2004 Honda Jazz.

I'm Indonesian, and I'm looking for rear LED tail light for my Jazz. I think they call it JDM LED tail light. The ones that are available in Indonesia are only the ones with the smoked color signal light cover. I've noticed when I was in Singapore, I saw few Honda Jazz with this model tail light, but with a clear/white signal light cover.

Can anyone help me please? If anyone knows where the shop to buy these lamps is in Singapore, please do let me know.


16th Jan 2007, 06:23

Hi, I'm From Lebanon..

I bought my jazz in 2004 and I'm encountering some Cut off problems at 60 Km/Hr and especially steep roads.

Luckily my car is still under warranty and they changed almost everything in it and I still have the same problem.

Recently I was told that I have to change the ECU.

2nd Jun 2007, 03:49

I own a 2005 Jazz 1.5 manual. I'm from Sydney Australia. The cars had a paint problem that was fixed by the dealer for free (roof racks caused discolouration of the silver paint when left on over a couple of months).It also has an intermittent problem when changing gears, the engine cuts out or misses for a second, which is a bit of a pain. The clutch on this model is not very good. It takes up near the top of its movement and is not progressive. Its probably the worst thing about the car. The only other thing is the large drop in revs between 1st and 2nd gear which is hopeless with a load on and starting of off on a steep hill. The car needs 6 speeds or better thought out group of 5. I had an old 1982 Honda civic and it was a much better car to drive than this one and far more comfortable. The steering needs to be adjustable for reach also. Apart from these glitches its not bad for a cheap car.

5th Jun 2007, 02:36

Hi there, everyone. I had just bought a new Honda Jazz and it came in last month. Basically, before buying the Jazz, we scouted around first. And found this was a neat car. It is small yet spacious, and it was said to save on fuel. I suppose that is true cos I compared with my old car. My passengers used to complain of the impact made by the bumps, but not now, haha. One point - they complain of the hotness in the back while us in the front freeze to death. By the way, I am from SINGAPORE.