2nd Sep 2007, 09:33

Hello, I live in Athens, Greece, and I own a 2003 Honda Jazz that now has 63000 km.

I must say that until I reached 60000 km, nothing went wrong, it was perfect.

After passing the 60,000 km mark, the air conditioner failed and needed replacement of the entire unit, the EGR Valve failed, and just yesterday, the top left engine mount failed.

Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the car as a result of these failures. It looks like I will change it.

My last car was a 1993 Nissan Sunny which I sold this year with 330000 km, with original AC, engine, transmission, even radiator, among others. All I had repaired was the alternator, starter, and shocks, in 14 years. I guess I am running to the nearest Nissan dealer after repairing the Jazz engine mount.

31st Jan 2008, 20:59


I have owned a jazz vtis for two years now and the only real problem I have had is the cvt gearbox which has a starter clutch. It causes vibration at 0-8km/h this can be very expensive to repair.

5th Mar 2008, 13:37

We have a Honda Jazz with just 32000 miles on the clock that seems to be suffering from cold start piston slap or similar. Its got gradually worse over the past year quietens down after a couple of miles, but really sounds like a small diesel initially. My dealer has been very good, but Honda, to date, want us to take the liability of stripping the engine down, they are willing to supply a short engine if we can prove there is a production issue. We have extended warranty, but still the onus is on us to prove an issue. The dealer agrees that the care doesn't sound right. So much for Honda "care"

19th Mar 2009, 07:06

I bought a 04 model Jazz at 80,000kms... didn't notice it at first, but there was a shudder whenever I put my foot on the accelerator from still position. Apparently I needed to replace the starter clutch. That's so far my biggest/only problem.

30th Aug 2009, 19:53

I have had a 2002 Jazz now for about a year. We got it from a relation who hardly ever drove it (got it about 8 months ago - mid 2008) and it had only done 6000km. Within the first 1000km it developed a severe start "shudder" and I was concerned about the big costs I had read about. A $300 (AU) service totally fixed it. Apparently an oil change and reset the ECU was all that was required. Weird.

Now, at about 14,000km it has a strange "droning" vibration from about 50km/hr. Getting worse each day. About to go in for service - I'll post the result.

6th Sep 2009, 04:25

I've got a 2004 Honda Jazz automatic, which I love. The only 'problem' is that when either my partner or I are driving at night on country lanes, ie no street lighting, the dipped headlights haven't got a very long beam, we've changed it on the switch, but hasn't made enough difference. We are both very unmechanically minded (as you can probably gather)!

Is this something we just have to put up with, or is there anything else to be done, by a mechanic. (We keep forgetting to mention it during the service).

Thanks in advance.

6th Sep 2009, 20:36

I find the headlights pretty good in the Jazz so try to remember to mention it on the next service. Maybe they are not correctly aligned???

The service for my "droning" noise didn't turn up anything. They said they looked for about 2 hours and confirmed the noise but do not know what is causing it. Also said they didn't think it was too bad so I should just keep driving it and see if it gets worse. I'm not impressed with this service dept.

16th Nov 2010, 20:56

John in Melbourne, Australia. 17th Nov 2010

I posted before that we had a 2002 Jazz CVT that we got when it had only done 6000Km (got it in 2009).

Well we traded it in with less than 23,000km on it.

The shudder started happening again, and this time the dealer could not fix it and started throwing around ideas of repairs costing many thousands of dollars.

I rang around auto specialists, and the consensus was "ditch it while it's worth something".

Got a Honda City with a regular 5 speed auto instead.

13th Mar 2011, 20:05

I have a 2004 CVT Jazz with 100000 km in Southern Europe.

Despite being a fantastic car that served us well for over six years, most of the issues raised on this thread have crept up, as well as a few more (these issues are well known to a lot of Honda Jazz drivers) :

1. Start clutch is packing up. The dealer said that just changing the oil to the new spec oil and 'adjusting' the gearbox would take care of the judder. Absolute nonsense! Five year extended warranty ran out, so am trying for a replacement under goodwill.

2. Droning noise starting at 40 kph - one, or both, of the rear bearings are shot. Sometimes the front ones give up for ghost quite early on as well. Heard rumours about an extended warranty in the UK.

3. Stiff steering. It just seems to take more and more effort to turn. It just creeps up on you, and before you know, sometimes it behaves just like a car without power steering. Self centering at low speeds is a joke.

4. Water in boot. Mastic on both roof channels at the rear of the roof is cracked. Water gets in the boot and develops a nice fungal growth smell. Needs scraping off and reapplying.

5. Both front windows rattle quite badly when half open. Tried to have them fixed under warranty, and the dealer actually damaged the paint on the door when removing the door panel. Did not offer to rectify.

We are very fond of the car, but it is frustrating to have all these issues in a 100000 km Honda. Will rectify and get something else.

11th May 2012, 20:34

I bought a 2002 Jazz auto a few months ago, with only 70,000klm on the clock, from the original owner. The previous owner said the car had developed a shudder at take off within the first year, but it was never fixed, as Honda Australia said this was just a minor issue.

Ten years later, the car still shudders at take off, but no other problems. CVT oil used. I'll continue using it and see what happens. Fingers crossed.

20th Jun 2012, 14:12


I wrote the comment on 13th Mar 2011, 20:05.

The car now has 110000km.

Regarding the points I complained about:

1. The start clutch on the CVT was replaced under goodwill warranty, even though the car was over 5 years old. But I had to insist with the dealer to claim from Honda. Had I paid for it, it would have cost around 500€.

2. Droning noise starting at 40 kph - both rear bearings were shot. Since the whole hub had to be replaced, it would have cost around 500€. But it was replaced under goodwill warranty, and I ALSO had to insist with the dealer to claim from Honda.

3. Steering is still stiff at times and noisy at low speeds. Have to have it checked when it goes in for a service.

4. Have not scraped off and replaced the mastic, but no more water in the boot.

5. The windows still rattle.

22nd Jun 2012, 12:09

Simple, I had this problem too when I had my 2004 Jazz GD3 automatic (1.5L iDsi).

All I had to do is to change the transmission oil to CVTF - Continuous Variable Transmission Fluid (insist that it should be a Honda brand type of CVTF) instead of a VTF (some people might be mistaken to use this).

After a day or two, the shudder no longer repeats!

Proven and tested.