Jazz VTI 1.5 litre petrol


27 words, Australia and New Zealand

Jazz 1.5

Everyone should own one! That said, I am worried about the CVT though

36 words, Australia and New Zealand, 2 comments

Jazz SE 1.3

Spacious, but too many faults for a new car

173 words, UK and Ireland, 8 comments

Jazz Sport 1.4

Great little car, but delicate

61 words, UK and Ireland

Jazz 1.5 IDS-i 1.5 Litre

Honda Jazz is My Baby!

293 words, Indonesia, 1 comment

Jazz 1.3 D-Si

A rational choice

326 words, Portugal, 3 comments

Jazz es 1.4 dsi

Really good for this car size!

60 words, Serbia


Just OK only

32 words, Malaysia

Jazz ES 1.4

An excellent small car with big space that just lacks a little something on long journeys

133 words, Switzerland, 3 comments

Jazz SE CVT 1.4 petrol

Well designed well made

268 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

Jazz Dsi 1.4 petrol

Smooth and refined and fun to drive

54 words, South Africa

Jazz Gli CVT 1.3

Efficient and reliable, but not exciting at all

177 words, Australia and New Zealand

Jazz VTi 1.5 VTEC

Half car, half Tardis.

757 words, Australia and New Zealand, 14 comments

Jazz dsi 1.4

It is good value for money and a good drive

42 words, South Africa

Jazz I-Dsi 13.L Gas

Great city car, needs more power for faster roads

137 words, Philippines, 9 comments

Jazz LM 1.4i

Decent small family car with room inside

94 words, UK and Ireland

Jazz S 1.2

An excellent package, value for money

154 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Jazz 1.4 SE petrol

Exceptional; you must test drive it to appreciate its qualities

231 words, Cyprus

Jazz 1.4 ES Comfort 1.4 I-DSI

Perfect choice for everybody!

102 words, Turkey, 2 comments