10th Sep 2009, 14:47

I am taking delivery of a 1.4 ex on Monday next Sept 14th. Drove test for 1 hour and seemed very good. Different from my Scenic, but it needed to be as that was troublesome plus plus. Quite agree with setting handbrake at all times, as that was how we were taught in the old day (47 years ago). I hope I am pleased with it, I think I will be.

6th Jun 2010, 03:37


Two days ago my Honda Jazz rolled down the street where I live (on an incline) and badly damaged 3 neighbours cars before being written off itself. The handbrake was on (thankfully witnessed by neighbours). I intend to pursue this vigorously as my insurance premiums are likely to go sky-high now. Why should I pay for Honda's ineptitude? Coral, Leeds.

4th Sep 2010, 08:33

2008 1.4 Jazz Handbrake Issue.

My wife's car has rolled several times, twice on our (gently sloping) drive, and once outside a house she was visiting in her capacity as a midwife. On the latter occasion, it rolled about 50 yards, miraculously stopping just short of a brick wall, and having caused no damage to any person or property.

My wife's assumption was that she had perhaps been inattentive, but on one occasion our burly son had been using the Jazz. His normal behaviour is to make it almost impossible for anyone else to release the handbrake on a car he has previously driven!

Highway code notwithstanding, I would only leave my car in gear or against the kerb when the gradient of the hill made it a common sense precaution. No other car (including my wife's previous Jazz) has ever unexpectedly rolled down the sloping drives of either our present or last house in 30 years.

It seems likely that the progression to rear disc brakes on cars has been an innovation too far, not to mention being a money-spinner given the rate of disc wearout caused by non-asbestos pads. In view of the previous comments left, I will be taking the matter up with Honda.

16th Sep 2010, 14:05

Jazz handbrake problem, appeared on our 2008 Jazz within 2 days of buying it, rolling down the drive and hitting the front wall of our house. Now we park with the first gear selected on our drive. Please add or comments to Honda, as paint work suffered from this experience.

29th Mar 2011, 06:34

29th March 2011.

I bought my Honda Jazz in December 2008 brand new.

In January 2009 it rolled away while parked on a slight incline, although the handbrake was firmly on and in neutral.

Since this time it has shifted on the handbrake on two more occasions, the last time on a gradient so gradual that no damage occurred.

The question is, how long will it be before it does it again, and have Honda any intention of accepting responsibility?

Never leave your Jazz on while your handbrake is in neutral! It may roll away!

18th Jan 2013, 08:07

I parked my Honda Jazz on a slight slope with the handbrake on, and after a few minutes it rolled away, coming to rest against another car. This incident has now resulted in insurance claims, police involvement and great upset to me.

I had the annual service and MOT done 6 weeks earlier, and NO mention was made of any faults in the brakes.

I have enjoyed driving my Jazz for 8 years, but have now lost confidence in its safety when parked.

I have read your earlier comments with amazement, as it seems to be a common problem!

Why was I not alerted by Honda after any service?

10th Dec 2014, 06:57

I can now add my experience to this list following an incident earlier this year. Our Jazz rolled backwards about 300 metres after having been parked in its usual spot on a slight incline, outside our house. It crossed an intersection and hit a lamppost before coming to rest against the opposite kerb. Amazingly it missed all the nearby parked cars, but sustained some damage necessitating an insurance claim. The handbrake was on, but not very firmly, and as it had never rolled before, we thought it was a one-off incident. As a result of these comments, it is now obvious that there is a known fault and Honda should recall all affected vehicles.