5th Jul 2010, 13:58

Yes. Buy a Ford or GM vehicle. Our Honda fell apart before 100,000 miles. Our Ford made over 300,000 miles and two of our GM's made well over 200,000 miles with no problems.

6th Jul 2010, 09:51

That's not very good advice. I've yet to own a GM vehicle that even made 50,000 miles (let alone even 100,000) and I've only owned one Ford vehicle that made it over 100,000.

23rd Jul 2010, 16:16

I am on my third and last transmission on my Odyssey, because when this one goes it is going to the scrap yard. Honda helped fully with first two transmission, but only helped with a 1/4 of the cost of third. I think they should have covered it.

24th Jul 2010, 16:30

New GM vehicles are under WARRANTY to 100,000 miles. As for Fords, our company trucks are Ford, GM and Dodge, and we seldom have any major issues on any of them before 300,000 miles. We've never had any import come even remotely close to that mileage without massive and expensive repairs. Since the 90's Ford and GM have been very reliable. We just retired a '93 Ford truck last year with 332,000 miles and never a major (and few MINOR) repairs.

25th Jul 2010, 09:47

"New GM vehicles are under Warranty to 100,000 miles."

My Honda came with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. I got a better vehicle AND a better warranty.

25th Jul 2010, 10:13

"New GM vehicles are under Warranty to 100,000 miles."

My son purchased a new Chevy Malibu not long ago. It came with GM's 5-year/100,000 mile warranty obviously.

He talked very highly about it. Said he was very happy with his purchase. When I was in the market for a newer vehicle, he recommended I try a new GM. I was wary, as I've never had good luck with GM vehicles (never had one make more than 40,000 miles).

I decided not to heed his advice and bought a used Honda CR-V with 50,000 miles on it. It's been great, and even came with a LIFETIME warranty.

As for my son, he is now looking into buying a Honda himself, as his new Chevy Malibu is dead at 35,000 miles.

12th Sep 2010, 19:32

I also have a 2000 Odyssey. I had to put a new trans in at 99000 miles. At 135,000 the trans broke down. The Honda dealer fought me, but eventually covered the cost of a new one. Then at 175,000 I needed a new trans one more time. The dealer charged me $1000.00, so I had it done.

6th Jan 2014, 15:56

I have a 2001 Odyssey. At 66,000 miles I had my first transmission replaced. One year later, my second transmission was installed. Both covered by an extended warranty because of faulty transmissions on this model year.

My third transmission went out at 156,000 miles and Honda said my car had too many miles, so they would not cover anything this time. They are fully aware that the transmission is no good and will break down. They do not put a "new" transmission in anyway. They do not have new ones. They just rebuild them using new parts.

On my last transmission, I went to a private repair company to rebuild it instead of paying Honda $6000 for another bad transmission. He told me there was never a new transmission put in. He could tell by looking at the parts he needed to rebuild. Who knows what they really do?!?!

7th Jan 2014, 10:23

It is good to see all these reviews on the Honda Odysseys. We have a lot of them on sale here in Southern California... mostly on Craigslist ads, and if you get a good one, it looks like a great bang for your buck van.

1995-1998 models didn't have a lot of problems, but many are on their 3-5th owners, and unless you find a clean one, it might not be worth it. Also the 1995-1998 used a smaller engine.

1999-2004 models had a lot of problems with their automatic transmission, and these bad trans vans seem also to affect their catalytic converters, modules, sensors, and the trans itself. The average cost is about 2200-4000 for a fix. My neighbor just had his done on his 2001, and it was about 2500.00 to fix everything. He used a local garage and didn't use the dealership, which probably would have been a lot more money. He has about 180,000 miles on it, and they use that van 24/7. I'm surprised more things don't go wrong with it, because they run that little van night and day... it never stops... kids all over it. It's been a year since he has had it repaired, so time will tell if the fix worked.

2004 seems to be the best year in this group, but anyone buying one of these from 1999-2004 should inspect it with a fine tooth comb. Also the new model came out in 2005, and that developed a whole new set of problems, and it didn't settle in til the 2009 model, so the 2005-2008 models need to be inspected closely also.

In this day and age, where mechanics are charging $60-$100 per hour plus parts, mistakes cannot be made, especially if you are a soccer mom on the move.