14th Sep 2010, 11:04

I have a 2001 Odyssey with 115,000 km and the transmission needs to be replaced. The independent mechanic noticed the vacuum line going to the front engine mount, which brought me here.

Various sites show motor mount and transmission failures happening close together. I wonder if a vacuum problem is causing both mount and transmission failures.

9th Jan 2011, 17:39

I own a 2003 Odyssey that I purchased new. The current mileage is 121,000.

At around 96,000 miles, we experienced a intermittent high idle problem that required at least a dozen trips to two local dealers over a 12-13 month period, not to mention two registered complaints to Honda of American before they finally discovered the problem. The vehicle idle would increase to 2000-3000 RPM while sitting at a stop light, drive thru, etc...!

During one of these service visits, I was told I had two broken motor mounts. Given the idle problem, it didn't surprise me, but I thought Honda would be willing to assist in the repair given the past service history. This was above and beyond the dealer's authorization, and I was directed to contact the Honda regional service Rep. I expressed my concern in regard to the safety issue with the ongoing idle problem, and I felt it was more than likely the cause of the motor mount problem. I was informed that motor mounts are normal wear and tear items! And replacement is to be expected. The last motor mount I replaced was on my 1969 Camaro! I know how I broke that! Are you kidding me! Needless to say, Honda did not agree with my request. The only suggestion the Honda regional service Rep. offered, was if I didn't feel comfortable driving the vehicle, maybe I should trade it in!

This lady was a real peach. I couldn't believe she said that. I have not replaced them at this point, but have noticed oil leaking from the one on the passenger side.

Unfortunately, this had been a good vehicle up to 70,000 miles. Then came the transmission recall, followed by the idle problem no one could figure out for over a year, and now the motor mounts. This is my fourth Honda; not sure if sure if I'll go for number five.

16th Oct 2011, 22:47

I have owned over a dozen Hondas, but my 2004 Odyssey has had a few problems worth noting.

Driver's front motor mount was leaking after 3 years, cost me 250 to replace and Honda says that's normal, which is a joke. I ended up paying the bill, but I am not happy.

Then my steering wheel mounted stereo volume controls started acting up; instead of controlling the volume, it started changing radio stations. Still happens randomly and it drives me crazy.

Also been through several passenger side seat belt tensioners (all dealer replaced), but it keeps happening, bad design?

I currently own a Fit, Civic and Odyssey, but my wife and I are looking at purchasing another manufacturer's car, as this van has me concerned. It's a 2004 with less than 68K, and yet I burned through my first set of brakes in less than 30K. The pads seem to wear very unevenly as well, already seeing the same issue with the newer pads. I am not trying to beat up on Honda, but these problems make me question their quality control. Looking at a Ford or Hyundai at this point. I would just say be careful if you are planning to buy a Honda van. I also owned a Honda Pilot, and had some issues with having to service the 4WD far too early. Do your homework before you buy anything from any car manufacturer.