23rd Jul 2009, 07:12

Just replaced the transmission on our 2000 Honda Odyssey. I guess I am lucky I got 140k out of the originial transmission. Now the dealer says all 5 motor mounts need to be replaced. This is in addition to the EGR valve and the catalytic converter. What a great product Honda.

I am of the opinion that the Odyssey is not a reliable Honda product like the Civics and older Accords. It will be difficult to justify purchasing another Honda product.

21st Aug 2009, 12:56

Just today, I was told by my local Honda shop that I needed to replace the motor mounts on my 2003 Odyssey. They also indicated my timing belt needed replacement. If I do them both together, timing belt $795, motor mount $ 190. If I didn't do the timing belt, the motor mount would cost $ 500. Seems odd. 53,000 miles on the Odyssey. I have never changed a timing belt on a vehicle and I usually keep them for 10+ years. I replaced a motor mount once on a 1966 pickup truck, but have never had problems with them since then. Seems the motor mount is common problem from this site.

2nd Sep 2009, 16:49

I took my car in yesterday because I wasn't able to get it out of park. I was told my brake shift was broken, 179.00. I was also told both of my motor mounts were broken. My car is a 2003 with only 69000 miles. I have no problems with any noise in my engine. I think that is unheard of in a car with that kind of mileage. From all the other comments, it seems this is a manufacturer defect. Of course I was told it wasn't covered and would be 850.00. I have not fixed it as of yet.

23rd Sep 2009, 15:30

I own a 2004 Honda Odyssey EXl, and just came from the Honda dealer for an oil change and inspection. I was told that my van's front and side motor mounts need to be replaced. Also told it would cost about $550++ to have these done.

Got home to check the Internet and was surprised to find similar stories. My van has 77,000 miles on it. Maybe, indeed, there is a factory defect re motor mounts on all 2004 Honda Odysseys. Hope there is no serious accidents caused by these defect to current Honda Odyssey owners/users.

14th Oct 2009, 18:02

We too have a 2004 Honda Odyssey with a little more than 68,000 miles to date. We too have been advised that the front motor mount is failing (i.e., leaking) and that a 2nd motor should be replaced as well. Both of the mounts are hydraulic components. I was quoted $500.00 to replace both units, but advised that I could "probably" drive for another year (cost being a concern given that the van was receiving new rear brakes, a new fan switch, a new HEPA filter, a new battery, and other misc work). The car has not experienced any of the symptoms described (i.e., excessive vibration, difficulties shifting, etc.).

All said, I am disappointed that such an expensive repair is required for a component which was (apparently) designed to eliminate vibration at idle speeds. Motor mounts should not require replacement.

16th Nov 2009, 15:03

2003 Odyssey is junk! We have had continuous problems with this thing-faulting wiring in headlight system, problems with sliding doors, engine rod replacement, battery connection wires, steering wheel radio controls, heat shield falling off, braking system faulty, very noisy and clunky car. Not the Honda quality we are used to, definitely not buying another one!

24th Nov 2009, 16:00

All the comments are very interesting. I have a 2004 Odyssey with 91,000 miles. After an oil change, the dealership said that the front and side motor mounts need to be replaced. They said one was cracked and leaking and the other was wore out. Total estimated cost $700+. I've had several cars that were/are older and have had more miles and yet I have never had to replace a motor mount. I've asked several other people with their cars, of course all being different makes, and not once have they had to change the motor mounts. One individual stated that they have had 6 cars all with 100,000 to 300,000 miles and not one need a motor mount changed.

24th Nov 2009, 17:42

These other cars had rubber engine mounts. Honda chose liquid filled mounts to have more control over vibration.

25th Nov 2009, 22:00

Just had an independent mechanic check and both front and side need to be replaced. Quoted $405 for both. Another mechanic $329 for the front and if nothing was seriously wrong with the right side mount would wait until the timing belt is done at about 105,000 miles, cost $60 for right side. Checking 3 separate Honda Parts dealers and both parts combined costs $148.63 to $156.17.

In addition, found an interesting article about 2005-2009 Odysseys. Based on this article, some of the 2005-2009 models have a Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) engine, which cuts out cylinders when the are not needed, while driving at a consistent speed on a highway, known as Economy or EOC mode. Because of this they had to dampen the motor vibration from the dead cylinders while in EOC mode. Subsequently, the rear motor mount can start weakening around 50,000 miles. This motor mount is on the EX-L and Touring models.

15th Feb 2010, 21:30

Have a 2003 Odyssey with 150k. After hearing a "clunk" when in my driveway and shifting into reverse, I went to check it out. I had 4 engine supports to replace. Two were cracked and leaked, and the other had the rubber totally eaten up! Cost $1,000.00!!

This is the first time in my life that I had to change engine mounts. This and a list of many other problems with the Odyssey, after three Honda's, the next one will not be Honda.

P.S. Does the 3.5L Vtec have a timing belt or chain? I have heard of both.

13th Mar 2010, 15:47

I had 2004 EX Honda Odyssey. At 77,000 miles at the dealership after an oil change, I was told that front engine motor mount is totally broken, and the side engine mount is also started to wear out. If I do not replace these two, the rear motor mount will also start breaking. The estimate I got to replace both was 750.

18th Mar 2010, 18:33

Just came from Honda dealership for 70k, $176 oil change for my '03 Odyssey and was told I need a new motor mount. Our extended warranty just ran out so I will be going to an independent for second opinion and, if necessary, repair. I've done meticulous care of the van and all service, without exception, with the dealership. I wish we had gone to independents all along. I'm pretty sure I'd have saved a small fortune.

17th Apr 2010, 12:20

2003 Odyssey, just back from regular checkup -- front and side engine mounts need to be replaced to the tune of $1100!

Only 30K miles... This is nuts...

18th May 2010, 06:05

We have our 2003 Honda Odyssey at the local Honda dealership scheduled for repair. The car has about 70k miles.

We left car at the dealer because the A/C stopped working (their diagnosis -- evaporator leaks -- replacement with charging: $784) and also that the AC blower had debris and needed cleaning ($45).

We also told dealer about a few other problems -- radio controls on steering wheel problematic (dealer diagnosis -- electrical problem - $235); rear side windows stopped working (dealer diagnosis - both window motors failed - repair $264 each); doors lock automatically when the car is parked -- not running (diagnosis -- computer needs resetting -- no charge).

To our surprise, we were also told side and front ENGINE MOUNTS needed replacement -- that the engine was moving 5 inches -- dangerous situation. Because of cost -- we are only having the A/C repaired and motor mounts replaced. We are not happy -- certainly motor mounts should last more than 70,000. Dealer said it was normal wear and not due to anything we had done driving. I wonder if changes were made to newer vans -- or do they have the same motor mounts?

One slight positive -- I checked Honda web site to see if there were any coupons for service work -- found none -- but did find that our local dealer had a web site where they offered various coupons -- including one offering 12% off on any repair work costing over $250. I was thinking of replacing this Odyssey with a new one in a year or two. Now -- not certain. I expected more from a Honda vehicle.