9th Dec 2002, 16:37

Have a 1999 Odyssey which has steering wheel vibrations since 35,000 miles. The tires have been balanced four different times and aligned twice. Honda keeps telling me the steel belts on the tires are too tight and to replace the tires.I'm glad I have found out that I'm not the only one with this problem before I waste my money on new tires. A Honda dealer in Georgia thinks the problem is in the steering column shaft.

22nd Dec 2002, 11:34

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey. It Have 62,000 miles on it.

I had no problems on it. I just had to take it in for a recall. Honda fixed it at no charge.

24th Dec 2002, 15:34

I have a 2001 Odyssey and I've been very pleased with mine. I'm surprised by all the comments I've seen, but many of the complaints seem to be for 1999 and 2000 models. In my book, rule #1 is never buy a 1st year production model. Even Honda can get it wrong. Has anyone attempted towing something in the high end of Honda's recommended weight range? I'm considering buying a boat, but I have reservations about using the van to tow it. Most of the boats are in the 4000 pound range with trailer.

30th Jan 2003, 12:38

We have owned our 2000 Oddy since new and have only had a problem with one of the elect sliding doors (fixed under warranty).

At 37k miles I am about to get new tires and am concerned about all the talk of vibrations (there was a lot of concern about this back in 2000 also).

One of the comments I came across back in '00 was to make sure that the torque on the wheel lugs was correct. Don't know if it will help, but what can it hurt to check?

Otherwise we love the van. I am an ex-mechanic so I am very critical of repair shops (yes even the dealers) and do my own maintenance when needed. So far life with our Oddy has been good. And we LOVE the retractable back seat!

25th Mar 2003, 16:14

I have a 2000 Odyssey. Minor problems fixed under warranty, brake problems as well, but fixed.

Keep it in the garage, but recently noticed beginnings of rust on rear side close to wheel wells.

Seems too soon to be developing rust!

17th Apr 2003, 09:57

I've had my 2001 Odyssey for only 2-1/2 years and the back hatch is rusting already! Can you believe it? It is a garage van. Does anyone else have this yet? Also, the driver side door really sticks and they've "fixed" it x2 now with no change. What do you think the warranty should cover for the future of the rust?

25th May 2003, 23:31

I have a 2000 Odyssey since new, 50k miles on it now. I to have had ongoing problems with the front rotors warping, can't seem to get around them warping soon after having them turned or replaced. I've had problems with the sliding doors not closing properly, they have now been adjusted so tight that they are very difficult to open at times. The one thing that has bothered me the most is the plastic trim throughout, I've had several different pieces replaced due to warping and stripped fasteners, others have had foam injected behind to keep them from rattling. We also keep finding screws on the floor of our van and the dealer has yet to be able to identify where any of them have come from. About 7 have been found to date of varying types and one miniature bungee cord. Have found also that the body panels dent very easily whenever hit by others doors. Lots of little problems that tend to annoy a person, but the drive train, suspension, function, and mileage are all excellent.

30th May 2003, 08:22

Got a 1999 LX with 88K on the odometer and overall have been pretty happy with it despite the fact that it was a 'first year' model. They only made 60K of them the first year and then supposedly upped the production in 2000 to nearly double that (too fast too furious?). I've had none of the break/balancing issues that seem to be plaguing the 2000/2001's, although I've noticed that the Pirelli tires I replaced them with vibrate for a few miles untill they get warmed up. Once warmed up, it is smooth. I got 65-70K out of one pair of the tires that came with the car (Michelins) and 80K out of the second pair. I originally replaced them with the Michelin Semitry tires, but after two defective tires I bailed for the cheaper Pirelli, and except for the warm up seem to be wearing well. I have the steel wheels.

The one problem that is plaguing me now is the AC system. Dealer is telling me I need comppresor, expansion valve, evaporator (leaking), and the ubiquitous dryer. I priced all the parts myself for $550 (rebuilt compressor, evaporator and expansion valve are Honda and the dryer is aftermarket). I'm trying to get them to pop for labor and I supply the parts. My '86 Accord had 14 years and 160K on it with nary an AC problem to be found -- I did add freon once. Still, seems like a premature failure and yet, I don't see too many others having similar problems, so maybe it is isolated.

Other than that,my wife just drives it... all over the place! Though some on the list here have had some problems, which is not insignificant, overall it is still better that the alternative... Chrysler, Ford (been there done that!), Chevy, Mazda et. al. They all have shown to have SERIOUS drive-train problems, as well as many others -- though to get complete quality!

17th Jun 2003, 09:09

I've owned a 2000 Honday ex odyssey for 3 years now. It has 30K miles on it. I've brought the car in for all regularly scheduled maintenances. So far, I concur with others on some of the maintenance problems:

- sliding doors rattle and stick (more so in cold weather) to the point of being unable to open.

- the motors controlling the rear windows needed replacement

(under warranty)

- the brakes wore out after 30K ($160 to replace). Is this normal wear and tear?

- there appears to be vibration in the front wheels at higher speeds. It seems that some are solving this problem by replacing the tires with Douglas tires?

Would others recommend getting the extended care warranty at this point? If so, where to purchase one?


17th Jun 2003, 22:13

I bought a new odyssey back in July of 2000. At 46k miles, I have yet to have any problems worth noting on the vehicle. I've driven across the country - through rain and snow without any problems. Overall for anyone considering the purchase of a new odyssey it's a good van that won't let you down if you treat it well. However, the competition has recently improved with the new sienna and quest coming out. At this point I don't think a used odyssey is a good idea because the car seems sensitive to abuse (forgetting to change the oil, etc.) and most people out there are guilty of that.

8th Sep 2003, 22:47

Honda knows ALL about the door problems! It's the way they're made. I know, I worked in a plant that made the chassis to ship to Alliston to build them. There's almost no training of employees and the ones that are competent have stopped caring. The door problem has to do with a known problem on line. Partly it's the track and partly the sensor. They build it differently whether you order the power doors or not and they constantly screw up the changeover. Basically this problem is a manufacturing defect due to the incompetence of their management. I actually quit over this and other issues. I had supervisers telling me to fix equipment I hadn't even been trained to operate!!! This plant was designed for 300 to 350 vehicles a week and they were pushing out 650 to 700 while shooting for 800!!! This would have been about 2000 so it makes sense. Honda's problem is their plant in Shelburne can't make the part and everyone else (Customers) pay for it!!! I'm not saying this because I have some issue with Honda (I couldn't care less now that I've escaped!!!) I'm saying this because it's the absolute truth. I'd even buy one myself if they weren't CRAP!!! If you really want one, buy the first generation, I would. Den.