25th Oct 2003, 06:31

I own a 2000 Odyssey bought new, always garaged. Same problems with brakes and rotors. Warped rotors, squealing rear brakes when backing out of garage. Rotors and pads repaired by Honda dealer at 30,000 miles for about $450 now are gone again at 74,000. Electric doors work MOST of the time. I love the vehicle, BECAUSE my other one is a 1999 Dodge B150 full size van. I won't try to describe IT's problems in mixed company. Getting a new Sienna next week.

17th Sep 2004, 11:37

I have a 2000 odyssey that I purchased last year with 90000 miles on it. I now have 110000 and am happy with it so far. The only problem I had was a shake in the steering right when I got it. The problem was corrected with two new front tires. After a lot of complaining the dealer reimbursed me for them and no problems since. I would not buy another Honda again, I love their cars, but the dealers suck to deal with. My next van will be a sienna.

23rd Oct 2004, 07:03

We bought a new 2000 Honda Odyssey after being loyal previous Honda owners. To sum it up, let me say that we will NEVER BUY HONDA AGAIN. To say that we have been disappointed in Honda's quality and customer service is a vast understatement. Here are the defects we took it to the shop for.

Let me add that for every time we actually took the minivan to the shop for repair of the numerous DOOR PROBLEMS we literally spent months of dealing with intermittent behavior beforehand.

79,000 miles today - Out of warranty - Passenger's side door will not close completely. Need to get out of car and push it to get it to close the last bit. Currently not using that door and planning a trip to the dealer to get it fixed. Cost TBD.

67,900 miles - Out of warranty - Driver's side door completely inoperable. Junction switch replaced. - $315.33.

24,781 miles - In warranty - Driver's side door would not close completely. Latch replaced. $0.

16,275 miles - In warranty - Driver's side door making terrible sounding knocking noise. Top roller was binding and was replaced. $0.

I have called Honda Customer service at (1-800-999-1009 FYI) and they take no ownership of the issue (s), are empowered to do nothing it seems, and basically told me to speak to the dealership service manager for compensation. Which I have on multiple occasions here at Sam Swope Honda in Louisville, KY. The service manager states he has can't recall many other door problems. Apparently I am the only one. :-)

Good luck if you buy a Honda, I know I will not again.

26th Nov 2004, 22:28

2002 Odessey. Since the day one, the van had problem with the sterring vibration. I have replaced the tires 2 times and bblanced/rotated tires (do not remember how many times!). I have read many comments about this problem, but cannot find a cause or solution.

8th Apr 2005, 11:42

2000 Odyssey EX. Front end vibration since 20K; now at 80K. Two sets of tires; rotors; regular balancing; Hunter 9700 balancing. Dealers useless. Honda evading issue.

Power doors also a chronic issue. Despite issues since first week of ownership, wound up having to spend $200 of my own money to replace harnesses and fix problem - "out of warranty".

Clock light died early, like everyone else's. Gas gauge reads empty with 5.5 gallons to go. Default tranny position is 3rd gear, not OD for some reason. Road noise excessive.

I've owned a Mopar mini in parallel during much of this period... it wins hands down, archaic engine and all.

7th Sep 2005, 19:12

I just bought a 2001 Honda Odyssey EX with 63K miles, took it to Vegas from LA. Found that the steering wheel vibrates at speeds around 70mph and above. Trying to find a thread that provides solution, anyone who knows/experienced this or has fixed this, please advise. Appreciate your time.

7th Nov 2005, 00:07

I own a 2000 Honda Odyssey I have all the problem every one else is having. I was told by the dealer it would take 1700 dollars to fix driver side sliding door. I knew it would occur again so I cut the cables that open and close the door so now use it as a manual door. The rotors I have turn and replaced with new ones which only last about 5000 miles before they warp again. I'm about to try replacing the rotors one last time with high performance calipers and ventilated drilled rotors. If it works I'll post it on this site.

8th Sep 2006, 21:20

I owned a 2000 Odyssey that was great so we traded it for a 2002. It has not had all the brake & door problems others have spoke of, but it pulls the the right. Pulled from day one, had it back to the dealer many times with no fix. Took it to an independent alignment shop only to find out it is in factory alignment specs. Only problem it is setup to pull right. My good friend at the shop tells me there are no adjustment points. Would not buy another one because of the front end.

4th Mar 2007, 23:13

I purchased a 2000 model for use to carry loads that wouldn't fit into my Buick. Within a year, I sold it back to the dealer, with only 7,000 miles on it. I noticed the poor quality of the overall vehicle, and I was not about to keep this any longer. I decided to keep only my 1988 Buick Park Avenue. I purchased it new in December of 1987, and have never had any major problems with it in the 312,000 miles/20 years I have owned it. I decided to invest in a trailer hitch for the car, and a small trailer. Honda is a disappointment to me, while Buick is the only thing I will buy from now on. When my current car wears out (if it ever does) you better believe I am going to buy another Buick!

21st Sep 2007, 18:45

I own a 2003 ody. Only a couple months now. Runs great and is very quiet/no vibrations. Has 48K on it. Hope I don't have the problems the rest do, although it seems like most comments are for 2000 and 2001 years.

17th Mar 2008, 14:24

I own a 2000 Ody, purchased it new and have had all regular maintenance done, and I have not had a single problem with it.

It currently has 80000 miles and I intend on keeping it a long time. My last Honda, a Civic had 130000 before I sold it.

I have never had any major problems with any of my Honda's. This is my 4th one including one I had in high school. Now my husband has an 04 Acura and nary a problem there. We are good owners who take care of our vehicles, and they return the favor with 10 plus years of easy ownership!!

20th Mar 2008, 21:22

I purchased a 2000 Odyssey EX in July 2000. It now has 105,000 miles on it. I have had it serviced according to the owners manual by a Honda trained independent mechanic. I only use Honda service centers when I have to. Right now I am very concerned about the type of tire wear on this vehicle. I have used Michelin's for 54,000 miles and Toyo's for 51,000 miles. The wear pattern is identical, which is excessive wear on the inside of the tire including partially into the sidewall. This suggests that the camber is not being set correctly although the alignment people claim they follow the Honda requirements. The actual tread wear on the crown of the tire is not excessive. I have a suspicion that these vehicles are not easy to align although no one has confirmed this. I check and maintain the pressure between 32 to 35 psi. I would appreciate any suggestions that might be helpful.