30th Jul 2002, 14:47

I hope you will change your mind about the Odyssey.

Want transmission problems? Buy a Ford Windstar...

The Honda might be more expensive, but it also lasts a lot longer and with fewer problems.

And I doubt that you will have more failures in the new transmission, Honda's field failure rate for those is about 200 parts per million...

27th Aug 2002, 11:30

I have to agree with the original comment that Odysseys do have transmission problems. We replaced our transmission at 20,000 miles and are now replacing it again at 32,000. I do agree that Honda has a good reputation and we still own one that has 275,000 miles on it. However, there are more flaws in this particular year (2001).

13th Dec 2002, 18:28

The Honda Odyssey. The American Rip off, We just traded ours in on a new Dodge Van, The Dodge is the best buy for the money.7 years or 70.000 miles. the Honda Odyssey fell apart after 20.000 miles.

11th Jan 2003, 01:11

Friend of mine owns one and the transmission died at 50,000 miles. Took a month to get it back, they were about 600 on the waiting list to get a new one. No way I will even consider this van.

27th Jan 2003, 11:06

My mechanic said we had a leak in our 2001 Honda Odyssey Van's transmission. It was oily on the outside, not leaking drops or puddles. Anyone had same experience?

3rd Feb 2003, 15:25

My wife's 2002 Odyssey just rolled over 10,000 miles. The transmission just blew up on us. Before we bought this, everyone and everything we read said that Honda's are extremely reliable and worth the extra cost. Sorry, but if you can't build a car to last more than 10,000 miles without major malfunctions, you have problems. I'm seeing a lot of this information on the web where people have had the same experience so this is not based simply on one bad experience. If they take a month to get mine back to me as another user had stated, I'll take them to court. That's sorry.

10th Feb 2003, 18:29

35,000 miles Honda Odyssey transmission gone! I guess nothing is certain in this world.

19th Feb 2003, 16:49

We hit 60,100 miles and our transmission died. Thank goodness we purchased the extended warranty... ($1,000) as it will cover the replacement transmission. (Van is currently in the shop, getting the new transmission.) The only reason we purchased the extended warranty was because our 3 Dodge Grand Caravans, all had transmission problems. (That's why we switched to Honda.) Now we don't know what to do... stick with the Honda or sell it, in fear that this new transmission may not last past the 12 month warranty. We're really disappointed that we are running into this problem with a Honda product. Hope our daughters Honda Civic transmission hangs in there!!!

28th Feb 2003, 09:39

Loved the Odyssey until our transmission "disintegrated" at 30,000 miles. Then we got a replacement transmission and that didn't work either. Now it's in the show for the 2d time, and I found out that all Odyssey's have "remanufactured" transmissions! What a scam! I have completely lost faith in this car, and I loved it so before all this started going wrong. What a joke!

10th Mar 2003, 20:58

I have a '99 Odyssey with 50K miles on it and have loved it from day one, except that yesterday without any warning the transmission just died. I'm being told its past the 36 month warranty and is about $5.4K (parts and labor) to get a new one. Honda is supposed to have this great reputation for quality and we have always diligently performed all the regular recommended maintenance. I am still taken aback by the thought that this fairly expensive, supposed good quality van failed after just over three years of fairly normal usage. Is this a pattern in just the '99 Odyssey's or other newer models as well??


13th Mar 2003, 09:06

I have 2001 Honda accord and transmission broke 3 times until now.

I have to take half day from my work, as dealers don't do warranty work on weekends.

I guess I am repenting buying Honda.

31st Mar 2003, 15:20

My '99 Odyssey transmission went out at 45,000 miles. The dealer replaced it at no charge, even though it was out of warranty, so I can't complain about that. But it's just gone again at 90,000. I don't drive it hard. Shouldn't a transmission last longer than 45,000?

26th Apr 2003, 11:58

I have a 2001 Odyssey. The first transmission blew at 32,000 miles. The second one blew at 64,000 miles. Each time the replacement is re-manufactured. This most recent transmission is worse than the one it replaced. I've had the brakes replaced twice. I'm a single mom who paid over cost for this car intending it to last for quite a long time. Now I'm in a situation where I can't afford to trade it and I have no confidence that it can ever be fixed. I dread taking it back to the dealer again with the complaint that the newest replacement is not shifting correctly. I feel like I'm stuck. Ugh!!

17th May 2003, 11:11

So sorry to hear about these transmission problems with the odyssey, but foa '99, the powertrain warranty should cover the replacement. For 4500, I'd sell it for parts.

17th May 2003, 11:13

The 2001 Odyssey has a recall on transmissions up to 100,000 miles. Go to www.honda.com and look for recall info on your vehicle.

5th Jun 2003, 12:34

I have a 2002 Odyssey. The transmission started slipping between D2 and D3 at about 15-20K miles. The problem is intermittent and I can't reproduce it at the dealership, so they won't replace it. I will be driving 20-25 miles and accelerating when the slip occurs and the RPM rapidly go up. I have to step on the brake and then accelerate again, sometimes more than once, to get the transmission to shift. I just filed a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA)(www.nhtsa.gov), and I encourage others having these problems to so the same. I understand that on certain years Honda has admitted the problem and extended the warranty of the transmission to 100K miles, but not on the 2002 model yet.

I also have other annoying problems:

1) Sliding doors sticking.

2) Loud clunking or clicking noise when hitting the brakes when going slow in reverse.

8th Jun 2003, 12:50

I have a 2003 Odyssey with about 10K miles. My transmission light has begun blinking on two occasions, and there was odor evidence of hot transmission fluid. The first time I was driving on back country roads at low speeds, the second time, just after stepping on the gas and passing on a highway. The light would stay blinking untilI stopped for a while then restarted the car. Anyone confronted this same problem? Is it a serious symptom?

20th Jun 2003, 11:55

I own a 1999 Honda Odyssey, the transmission failed at 122,000 kl. 80,000 miles. Honda Canada has offered to pay 1/2 of the cost (total cost $4,000 Canadian or $5,500 American) I have been very happy with this van until now and it may be time to down grade this vehicle in such books as Lemon Aid. Has any one been able to get a better deal out of Honda for this replacement.

7th May 2004, 10:19

We have a 1999 Odyssey that was fine until about 80,000 miles, when the transmission began slipping. It was diagnosed as a burned O-ring; requiring replacement of the whole transmission for $5600 and about two weeks waiting. This left a very bad taste, for we drive it gently. 8 months later Honda came through and decided to acknowledge their Odyssey transmission problems. They reimbursed the replacement cost. Yea, Honda! Then, 2 months later the panel lights indicated a problem and we paid $900 to replace a solenoid valve in the 'new' transmission, which was 1,000 miles over the 36,000 mile warranty. After the replacement, the computer does not indicate a problem, but it is downshifting roughly, and we took it back. The transmission experts say it needs a new transmission. It is only 11 months old! Now we're ready to sell out Honda, and buy something else, although we love the vehicle otherwise.