8th Jun 2004, 10:46

2001 Odyssey with 54,000 miles. I bought this used in April 2002 when there was only some minor anecdotal stories on the transmissions. Now, I'm waiting for my dealer to replace it. Occasionally, there was some strange shifting, but that is the norm for most modern transmissions that use computer signals to determine the correct gear. The programmers and engineers don't successfully plan for every possible input to the system. Other than the occasional odd shifting, there was no physical indication of a failure. The check engine light came on, I took it in, and the dealer calls me later to tell me they have to replace the transmission because of slipping. I've put about 30,000 of my own miles on this van and have been very happy with it. Now, I see the van devaluing madly after the transmission recall and I worry that I will be upside down for my next trade. What do we do about that? Purchasing a Honda was supposed to lead to a good resale value.

15th Aug 2004, 22:49

The clucking or clicking noise if I hit the brake is my major problem on this van! Does anyone know why it makes a noise if I hit the brakes? Please help.

23rd Sep 2004, 06:51

I have the clunking or clicking sounds in my 1998 odyssey.

It has done that since it was new. It has 51000 miles on it and is almost 7 years old. It just does this when moving very slowly though parking lots. Also if I am going very slowly and then punch the gas especially while going uphill it slams into low gear.

The timing belt service just cost me 600 dollars. Since it is nearly 7 years old it had to be done.

The resale value is not what I expected it to be. I may just buy american next time. At least the transmissions can be replaced for around 2000 dollars with a new one and you know they will normally last for 120,000 miles or so.

I have no faith in honda anymore.

3rd Mar 2005, 09:41

I've had no problems with my 2001 Odyssey until last week when I was having problems starting the car. The dealer determined that my fuel pump is failing. The car has only 57K miles. The dealer said that they have seen this problem before on one other 2001 Odyssey. Has anyone else had or heard of this?


13th May 2005, 14:06

I'm currently in the market for a minivan and it's too bad that all of you have had problems with your Hondas.

There are a couple of things I was wondering about amidst all your stories. One, for those of you who are having transmission problems: Are you using your Honda for towing on a regular basis? If so, what is the payload that you are towing? Two, how often are you changing the transmission oil on your vehicle?

Sorry if these sound like dumb questions, but I owned a 1990 Honda CRX for about ten years before passing it on to my sister. Trust me when I tell you that she does not keep the car well maintained, but she's still driving it around town running errands. So I'm just finding difficult to believe that Honda is capable of creating such lemon.

I would appreciate your honest opinions as I am trying to narrow my choices for a minivan. After reading your reviews, I'm leaning more towards either the Dodge Caravan or Toyota Sienna.

31st Dec 2005, 13:24

I have a 2000 Odyssey. Seemed fine (except for road noise, sticking doors, sliding doors that do not open or close reliably, bad alternator needing replacement, poor gas mileage) until 32,000 miles when the transmission started slipping on a trip out of town. Was replaced. Now the second transmission is slipping at 70,000. I know some honda fans will accuse me of not pampering the van. But it is a van, not a family dog. It should not need pampering. I do maintenance listed in the owners manual. I even changed the trans fluid every 30,000 miles and do not tow ever. I have no trailer hitch. I will vote with my feet. No Honda or Acura.

26th Feb 2006, 10:08

I have a 2002 Odyssey and my wife and I have had problems with this van from day one. We returned it to the dealer 6 times and complained about the transmission. Just two weeks ago we had it back and they charge me $424 to fix it only to have more problem. STAY AWAY FROM THE HONDA ODYSSEY VAN.

20th Mar 2006, 21:56

Count me in as another owner of an Odyssey with a transmission problem. The reports of problems with Odyssey transmissions are no joke. I have a 2001 Odyssey that I was just told today will need a new transmission. The van is only five years old. If Honda will replace the transmission, I'll be happy. I love the van, and I can forgive Honda for using defective transmissions "IF" they will replace them without fuss. How they handle this problem for me will help me determine whether I buy another Honda or not.

15th May 2006, 07:45

I purchased a 2001 Odyssey and 3 yrs 2 months to the date, started having transmission problems. First I was told it was a leak, then the gasket repaired twice. 2 months later, the same TCS light and engine light came on, and returned to repair shop! This time it needed a $1500 dollar repair. As I am with the military in Germany and bought it on the base, they were offering only a 3 yr/36000 mile warranty, so all of these repairs were out of pocket. Now 11,000 miles later (15 months) and the TCS and engine lights are on and I will need a whole new transmission, this time for $4000-5000 dollars. We are awaiting to see if Honda USA will at least give some credit as Honda Germany said take a hike! I will not be buying another Honda ever again.

18th May 2006, 18:37

Own a 1999 Honda Odyssey EX that has gone through numerous issues with power doors, numerous rotors and brake pads, numerous TCS lights, check engine lights, etc. Now, with 88,000 miles I am spending 3000 dollars for a new transmission. It was manufactured in Canada, but I bought from reseller with about 75 miles on van in the US. Honda U.S. and Honda Canada both say they cannot help. Both dealerships I have worked with over the years have treated me poorly and disdainfully. After four Honda's, I just bought a Sienna.

6th Jun 2006, 07:39

I am in the exact same boat. My 2001 Honda Odyssey has the check engine light on and they say it is the transmission. I bought my van in Washington State from a Honda dealer that bought this car from a Canadian dealer over the border, moved it to the US and then changed the dash and sold it to me. No one, but me has driven this van except certified Honda personal. So Honda Canada said they will not honor the warranty because I changed the dash. This product is defective and should be fixed and not push to the side by a technicality. Honda USA has said that they are not going to leave me high and dry, and I am currently waiting on a phone call back telling me what they can do for me. From what I have read, Honda USA extended the warranty on this van, but because of my Grey market purchase I might not be covered.