5th May 2008, 17:33

I have to add my horror story to the list. I own a 2001 Honda Odyssey and so far have paid a bill of 3700.00 for numerous repairs including a transmission. This will be the van's third transmission. Now they are telling me the catalytic converter is also bad at a cost of 1586.00. This van has been regularly serviced and only has 50,000 miles on the last transmission. I have been refused any help by Honda/America. Do you think I will ever buy Honda again? No way! Is the class action lawsuit still open?

6th May 2008, 20:23

I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey with 141K miles on it. The check engine light and the TCS light have been on for the last 65K miles. The tranny is just now beginning to clunk a little when putting into reverse. I'm about to unload it as a trade in before anything happens!

9th May 2008, 00:55

If I was in the market for a van, after reading all these comments I'd stay away from Honda.. BUT. .I have a 2001 Odyssey.

I have had it serviced regularly at my dealer. I had the 7yr/100,000 Exact Warranty.

It has 92k miles on it and the dealer has been exceptional.

At about 85k they replaced both rear window motors. N/C Warranty.

At the same time, they replaced an engine mount N/C Warranty.

At 92k they replaced transmission N/C Warranty.

I have never had any problems that weren't handled with courtesy and professionalism.

So... considering the 10S of thousands Hondas on the road, I think that a lot of the problems not dealt with properly are more the dealer, not Honda.

I hope Honda has people that look at these forums, and that they help those that have had the problems stated..

As for me... Good Dealer... Will purchase another Odyssey.

They are the best all around van out there.

I have had 13 NEW autos and 7 used.

My Toyotas and Hondas have been the best.

22nd May 2008, 00:50

I have Honda Odyssey 2000. I replaced the starter and now the alternator and a new battery. Now it's discharging. Any ideas and what would they be??

20th Jun 2008, 12:50

At 79000 miles I had the trans replaced on my 2001 Odyssey.

At ~117000 miles we have been having an ongoing issue with our 2001 Odyssey, where the check engine light has been coming on along with the TCS light. When we brought the car in 2 months ago this year the error codes indicated a faulty EGR valve and catalytic converter - which we had repaired. However the problem has re-appeared where the check engine light comes on with the TCS light coming on after the car is put into gear. We brought the car into Honda and the mechanic read out a P0325 code indicating open knock sensor circuit, and he claimed that a rodent of some kind had chewed through the wiring harness. I can't be skeptical with physical evidence - an open circuit is an open circuit. They broke the knock sensor trying to replace the harness, and now they have to replace at no cost to us and they have to provide a free rental. So if they are playing games, this one is on them. This will be a free repair for us. I fully expect our problems with this Odyssey to continue judging by the amount of customer complaints.

I will buy a Chevy and Ford next time. My philosophical reasons are that Honda has rested too long on their laurels as top in quality and customer satisfaction, and have gotten a pass by Edmonds, consumer reports and the like while putting some horrendously engineered products on the market - the 2001 Odyssey case in point. But the problem is that when so many consumers run out and buy Honda products, they fully expect they are getting quality; their expectations are set high to begin with. And then you learn that Honda is putting poorly engineered transmissions in their vehicles that eventually lead to a class action lawsuit; it is jarring. You would not expect this from Honda. In the meantime Ford and Chevy are busting their chops to win customer loyalty by earnestly building quality automobiles. So if you are thinking of buying a Honda as a safe bet, do some research not from Edmonds or Consumer Reports, but from real Honda owners at sites like this - your next car may be a GM or Ford.

1st Jul 2008, 16:06

I too have 2001 Odyssey, where the check engine light and the TCS stays on. Currently, it is still running, but it is about to die on me, very, very soon. The constant gear shifting every time I press on the gas pedal. I don't have any other car to take me to work and back, so I am forced to drive it until it is dead on me. Call me dumb and stupid, but money is a problem right now.

24th Jul 2008, 18:14

I to have a 2001 Honda Van, which I purchased new. Sadly on our way home from Myrtle Beach, the TCS and Check Engine light came on driving up the interstate. We called the Honda dealership and they told us to come in and they would do a test for 75.00.

I called a Honda mechanic that I know, and my brother in law borrowed a computer and ran a diagnostic test on my van, and got the following codes; PO740 and PO420. I gave these 2 codes to my friend; he told my to trade the van, that the transmission was going out.

Honda had a recall on these vans up to 100,000 miles. I have loved my van and had no intentions on trading it anytime soon. I never received anything in the mail regarding mine, which I think is strange. I can't afford to buy another Honda van, and had planned on this one lasting me until my child was grown. (which will be a while).

I plan on contacting Honda and letting them know about the little recall that I was never informed of, and now has hit me in the face. This is not the first vehicle that Honda has had transmission problems with; we all remember the Passport. My friend says they stayed in the shop all the time.

8th Sep 2008, 20:13

I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey, the TCS light and check engine light has just come on, after about 1 month the van is completely undrivable. We planned on having this van for at least 180k miles. I have a case open at Honda now, they have not offered to pay since the "extended warranty" is only to 109k, we have 117k. But seemed to be somewhat sympathetic to our situation. If this is not taken care of by Honda we will never buy one again!!

9th Sep 2008, 15:38

We too have a 2001 Honda Van, which we leased new. We had problems from day one too. First, we heard a high pitched noise that sounded like Morris code. I took it in and was told the seal around the windshield was the cause. They replaced it at no charge due to warranty. I took it in again and was told the same thing. When I told them the sound was not coming from the windshield but the driver and passenger side front windows, they said no it was the windshield. Funny how vibration could be felt on both door windows toward the top and if you just lightly tapped the window button to ever so slightly open the window, the noise stopped. The sound was never corrected because the Honda service department would not listen to me.

We have also had problems with the sliding doors sticking to the point they failed to open. Again, the dealership failed to fix the problem, they just treated the symptom.

We finally hit the 100,000 mile mark and replaced the timing belt. We have a trusted mechanic that we have used for 20+ years. A week after they replaced the timing belt, the TCS and Check Engine light came on.

I took the van to our mechanic and they said that the solenoid was testing with in range, so they reset the codes. They came back on and we were then told that the repair manuals say to remove the part and test it. Usually when this is done, a new transmission is needed.

It never fails, no matter how much research we do before buying a car, we always seem to buy the ones that end up needing the most maintenance.