13th Jan 2005, 06:28

I too have a 99 whose converter has now failed twice. The first was at about 50k miles and was covered by warranty. Now I'm at 96k and it has failed again. I have owned many new cars and I'd have to say this is the worst. I would not buy another Honda product. This van has been in the shop continuously for recall after recall. In addition, the sliders are always getting stuck in cold weather.

8th Dec 2005, 11:56

I also own a 1999 Honda and the c. Converter went out. But here is what I did. When I had taken it in before the 80 miles ran out I had the dealer tell me the c. converter was bad, but it was only a soft code and they cleared it and did not fix. Well the next time I came in it was over the 80 warranty and they said my c. convert was bad. But I called the Corp Honda office and put in a claim, since the shop had told me it was a soft code the first time. so Honda ended up covering the part. I ended up leaving the shop with about 50 bucks in labor. I have had many problems with this van and will not buy another Honda, I was very disappointed, since I had always wanted one. I have had the transmission replaced, one of the doors went out, some module in the CPU also went out. All still covered under the warranty, but it still cost me 50 bucks each time I went to the shop.

29th Mar 2006, 21:20

1999 Odyssey - Transmission replaced under warranty

- Catalytic converter failed at 84,000...Govt. requires dealers to cover replacement up to 80,000.

16th Jul 2008, 21:20

1999 Odyssey - catalytic converter needed to be replaced at 74k miles (missed the 8/80,000 coverage). Sad.