1999 Honda Odyssey EX 6 cylinder 3.5 litre from North America


A lot of classy van for the price


Bought used, a number of things were fixed on this van at no cost to us, including a new set of Michelin tires for the safety check. Several trips to the distant dealer where purchased were made before these were all cleared up.

Rear driver's side power door motor went, and contacts needed replacing.

Engine Light required 4 trips back to a closer dealer to fix.

Rear brakes seem to be a continual problem - currently in shop being fixed - again. (This is my only serious complaint.)

General Comments:

This van is a dream to drive. Has clear vision in all directions.

Driver's seat is adjustable in all directions too - very handy.

Removable seats very easy to take in and out as necessary, and rear fold away seat is a boon. Lots of space in back.

We get very good mileage, which actually seems to be improving with time! Pulling a fairly heavy trailer and the inside fully loaded posed absolutely no problem at all, and the gas mileage appeared to remain the same! (500-700km per tank)

I am not an aggressive driver speed-wise, though it's nice to know that this van will move when needed.

My elder son has driven nothing, but Hondas for years, and we both bought similar used vans at the same time. He has had a similar good experience with his too. (In my opinion, the 'faults' listed above are only minor inconveniences and can happen to any vehicle.)

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Review Date: 13th October, 2003

1999 Honda Odyssey EX from North America


A great car with a few issues


Power Sliding Door Locks by itself, driver's side only.

Transmission makes a noise when shifting from reverse to drive4.

Roof rack trim falls off (4 times).

When the Air Conditioner compressor is running there is a ticking noise present.

Auto Sliding doors would not close.

General Comments:

Vehicle is still nice to drive. It has less than 20k miles on to date.

The creature comfort I don't like is the driver's elbow, if rested on the door's arm rest, will become painful. The padding is non existent on this piece of equipment.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2003

1999 Honda Odyssey EX from North America


Money pit


Blown motor at 100k ($4500).

Replaced radiator.

Has been in the shop 3 times because the electric doors stop working ($200+).

Transmission is slipping and needs replacement.

Brakes squeal even when not stepping on the brake, even after replacement ($130).

Tie rods replaced ($250).

Welding broke on the underneith side of the driver's seat.

Catalytic coverter replaced ($800).

Tires wear on outside, even after balance and rotation.

Check engine light comes on frequently.

Back door rattles even after having it aligned.

Battery died and exploded when the roadside tech tried to jump start it.

General Comments:

Has been nothing but trouble, has been in the shop more than it's been on the road.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2003

1999 Honda Odyssey LX 3.5L. V6 from North America


An excellent minivan


The catalytic converter failed at 82,000 miles. The reason I knew it failed was because the "check engine" light went on and the dealer told me that was the problem. The warranty ran out at 80,000 miles. I purchased the extended warranty, but that item was not covered. I guess I'm a bit suspicious about the timing... Other than that problem the minivan has been a very good vehicle. The discomfort factor is getting to me. We spend many hours in the van and the seats are very uncomfortable for long distance.

General Comments:

I would buy another Odyssey, but I hope they have developed more comfortable seats. After driving a Suburban for 13 years, I appreciate the savings in gas over the long haul.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2003

22nd Aug 2003, 15:07

I have a 2000 Odyssey loaded up with navigation system and all the options. The van is generally OK on the road, but we have had to have the sliding doors in for service several times (all day affair), and the sound system is mediocre at best.

Just learned that we have the same catalytic converter failure (89,000 miles), and the dealer gave us the same story despite our 100,000 mile extended warranty -- Honda only covers until 80,000 miles. Actually, the extended warranty (which I read in detail only when this problem occurred), seems to exclude the catalytic converter and the exhaust system entirely. Not sure where the 80,000 mile number comes from.

Overall, we would not buy this van again, because of the sliding doors (which have opened with our kids in the back and the van in motion).