1999 Honda Odyssey LX from North America


The car is okay, but Honda customer service has greatly declined


Where do I start?

Minor problems include the car "clunking" whenever we put it in reverse (a problem from day one).

The passenger sliding door sticks so badly you need a very strong adult to open it.

Our major problem was the tie rod snapped at 35,000 miles and has had to be replaced twice (we've never had an accident in this car that would cause such a problem).

The locks started automatically re-locking, which resulted in passengers getting locked inside the car.

The rear window "slips" when opened, scraping the finish on the outside.

General Comments:

When the tie rod snapped, we were treated badly by Honda. They implied it was OUR fault and our driving that must have caused the problem. I explained this was a family car and not an off-road vehicle. Honda Corporate was equally unimpressed and unsympathetic at this potentially dangerous problem.

NONE of these problems happened to be covered under warranty. This was my third Honda. I was going to be a Honda lifer. This vehicle and the way I was treated changed my mind. I will never buy another Honda.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2005

14th Aug 2005, 07:22

Our 2002 Honda Odyssey tie rod snapped (also family car, only about 15,000 miles on it) driving 45 mph on Saturday morning. A police car was behind and told us he thought it was the tie rod, but didn't write it up as such officially. The Honda dealer insisted a bad tire led to the problem and nothing was covered on warranty. (The tires had already been replaced at 10,000 which Honda didn't think was a problem, but I thought was too early). Since then I don't feel comfortable driving on the highway and seethe about Honda on a regular basis.

17th Aug 2005, 15:15

You mentioned "passenger sliding door". The 1998 Odyssey does not have a sliding door, it has 4 swing doors.

Are you talking about the 1999 model?

1999 Honda Odyssey EX from North America


Sturdy, well built vehicle


Power doors are a problem. Easy fuse pull reset though.

Transmission apparently an issue. Honda Canada extended all warranties. Fluid change is an inexpensive solution.

General Comments:

Excellent design.

Very quiet.

No significant issues with Canadian built unit.

Would certainly buy again.

Local Honda Dealer is great.

Shift control could be in a better spot.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2005

1999 Honda Odyssey LX from North America


Worst use of $28000 possible. Better off burning the cash


Transmission failure at 38000 miles.

Driver Seat failure (complete separation from cab) at 46000 and 148000 miles. No help from Honda.

Auto door failures have been constant.

EGR valve failed twice.

CD player failed at 46000 miles.

Clock light failed.

Temp control is flawed and unreliable. Defroster is not functioning as it should.

Loud rear drum breaks.

General Comments:

What a horrible experience this has been! Granted we have put a lot of miles on this car, however it has been a money pit.

The transmission died just out of Warr. period. Honda America was rude and unsympathetic.

The rear sliding doors have cost me more than $2000 and still only function half of the time. The motors are broken again now.

The driver side seat has sheared off of its mounts TWICE while driving causing near accidents. $700 per repair.

Honda America refuses to admit that there are design or safety flaws in this van. They have been rude and unaccommodating. The "silent recall" plan they use keeps many of us in the dark in regards to safety and reliability issues.

They also lie when you call them. If you ask about the transmission problems, they will tell you on the phone that you are the first person to report any problems with the van. Shame on them!

I have purchased 1975,1978,1979,and 1987 Honda Civics, a 1987 Honda CRX and this 1999 Odyssey. Thanks to Honda America's horrible customer service, this will be the last Honda I EVER own.

I tell my family and friends they same thing I pass on to any readers here: Stay away from any Honda auto. They just don't care anymore.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2004

24th Aug 2006, 16:43

I'm very disappointed in myself after reading some of these comments. We are at this time having a new transmission put in our 1999 Honda Odyssey, after the check engine light came on. I was one of those people who thought Hondas were the best vehicle that you could have due to people's influences. Now I think other ways. We have only had our Odyssey for almost 2 Years, only 92,000 miles on it and then find out that this year and 2000 are having major issues. I'm definitely no longer a satisfied Honda customer and I think after getting out of the shop, consider finding something that would actually be more dependable and selling the Odyssey.