1999 Honda Odyssey EX 3.5 gas from North America


If it was not for the transmission and door problems the van is a good vehicle


The transmission is to be replaced after 120000 km.

The rear sliding doors on both sides have had to be fixed multiple times.

Clock light has burnt out.

General Comments:

The engine is flawless.

The van is roomy with lots of cargo space.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2003

9th Jan 2005, 18:53


I have a 99 Odyssey. The van rides great, good power, tons of room, flexible interior. However- power sliding doors and tranny have been a problem.

11th Jan 2005, 14:44

Double Amen. I've have the 2001 Odyssey EX and have the same exact problems (transmission, door, and clock). Wish those idiots at the dealer don't act dumb when I tell them about the problems.

1999 Honda Odyssey LX 3.5 V6 from North America


A great family vehicle


Transmission problems have surfaced at 73,000 miles.

Driver-side manual sliding door handle broke off somewhere on the inside of the door.

General Comments:

This van has the best acceleration in its class.

There is a great amount of cargo space with the third seat folded down and the middle seats removed. I can fit 4x8 sheets of plywood in it!

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Review Date: 18th November, 2002

1999 Honda Odyssey EX 3.5 liter from North America


Could have been a great van if Honda had addressed design and operating problems


Transmission replaced at 5,000 miles due to slippage.

Transmission replaced at 36,000 miles due to loud clunking noise when driving in reverse.

Alarms on sliding doors sound when turning corners.

Sliding doors will not open or open by themselves when driving.

Sliding door opened over fuel nozzle when refueling.

Passenger side sliding door control arm broke.

General Comments:

This could have been a good van.

Honda pretends that there are no serious problems with the fleet or individual vehicles.

Current transmission slips at speeds of 40 to 60 mph.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2002

1999 Honda Odyssey from North America


I would not buy this car again!


This minivan has some strengths, but our particular car has had a serious unresolved problem with the power sliding doors. Both sliding doors (but especially the passenger side) have malfunctioned on numerous occasions. They have jammed in both the opened and closed positions, failing to respond to the handle pulls or the control switches on the dashboard. The dealership service department has tried at least five times to correct the problem with the power door. It works for a few months and then fails again.

Honda Corporate so far unwilling to help in any meaningful way.

In addition, the automatic transmission behaves erratically. There are weird jerky shifts that the dealer has said are "normal" for this model.

General Comments:

Poor ergonomics, especially for the driver. For normal height drivers it is almost impossible to enter/exit vehicle without disturbing power seat controls, there should be a way to lock in settings. Poor maintainability. Rotten radio. Noisy interior. Handling characteristics require driver to pay more attention to corners & camber than the competition. Power door, latch, & transmission problems.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2002

1999 Honda Odyssey EX 3.5L from North America




Recalled items replaced - nothing major.

Stereo replaced soon after purchase.

Problems with automatic doors - fixed, bad ground on the motor.

Tires (Firestone) replaced (couldn't balance properly) with Michelin MX4s at about 20,000 miles - free from Honda.

General Comments:

Fun to drive!

I tow a 1500# pop-up camper and it does it very well.

The Honda logos on the wheels are corroding for some strange reason.

Love the fold down rear seat. The one in my previous Windstar was literally a pain.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2001

1st Aug 2001, 22:10

The vehicle must be very impressive when everything works. Not many owners would think of it so highly after that many trips to the dealer.

26th Oct 2002, 11:15

I wrote that first entry probably a year or two ago. The vehicle now has 54,000 miles on it. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

Buy A Toyota or Kia or anything else other than the Honda van.

As you probably have read in numerous other reviews, the doors are plain old JUNK. The driver's side door refuses to shut properly and must be forced to shut by pushing on it. It has even opened up while driving!!! The cost to repair - $700!!!

I accidentally "compressed" my 3 year old in her car seat which was behind the driver's seat. I was sitting in the driver's seat with my legs hanging outside. Unbeknown to me, I was also pressing the electric seat back switch which proceeded to press down upon my daughter in her seat, scaring her (and myself) to death.

I'm scared to death the transmission will be the next item to fail.

Other people are correct - the government should investigate this vehicle. I feel that I was lulled into a false sense of security by the Honda name. My other Hondas (5) have been absolutely reliable - then there's this piece of junk... Don't buy the vehicle.

Good Side: I'm on a first name basis with the staff in the service department...

1999 Honda Odyssey standard from North America


Perfect family vehicle


1. The light for the clock is out, it's been out since the beginning.

2. The automatic doors needed to be worked on at least 2 times.

3. The rear covers on the luggage rack have fallen off 3 times.

4. The gas sensor in the tank is faulty, which means the service engine light comes on.

General Comments:

All that "negative" said, we love the car. I knew that a first year model would have problems. We bought it sight unseen.

The car handles great for Van. Awesome on long trips, drove from Los Angeles to New Mexico and back, my rear end feels fine after a long day driving on vacation. It didn't in a rented Windstar to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, bad seat.

If you got to get a van, reliable, safe 5 star in USA, comfortable. Note, the dealer in Irvine, CA, USA stinks.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2001