1999 Honda Odyssey LX V6 from North America


Great comfort and reliability - watch out for transmission problems


The previous owner was the original owner. They had done (I have records) the timing belt at 215k and replaced the transmission at 220k miles.

The driver's motorized sliding door doesn't work when it is extremely cold outside (10F or less).

The front end rattles a bit when going over a rough road.

General Comments:

The engine still starts instantly and runs as smooth as silk.

The seats are still comfortable. The foam still feels solid and there are no rips at all in the upholstery.

The previous owner raised 3 kids in it and I have 5 kids, so this van isn't treated kindly.

I sold a 1991 Toyota Previa with 250k miles on it that was still running well. But - the rest of the car was starting to fall apart. The Honda Odyssey is holding up much better than the Previa.

Everyone interested in buying a used Honda Odyssey should worry about the transmission.

The automatic climate control system still works great! The rear hatch struts are still strong.

If I had the front end rebuilt with new tie rods and struts, it would ride like a new car.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2008

1999 Honda Odyssey from North America


Perfect van, except for the transmission problems


I've had the van a week. Nothing is wrong with it.

General Comments:

252k miles and it still runs like new. I expect it to reach 400k before I'm done with it. The transmission was replaced 22k miles ago otherwise I would have avoided this model. The front end is just a little bit loose but the shocks are still decent. The side doors work and the body and interior are in great shape. It is a little noisy on rough pavement but the tires need to be replaced. I'll put quiet tires on it soon. The automatic climate control still works great!

I think the key is having a good mechanic and keeping up with the maintenance. The previous owner had a mechanic and kept on top of everything.

Our 1991 Toyota Previa has almost as many miles and may also last to 400k for the next owner. However, it rides really, really rough and is very noisy and the interior is rattling apart.

Find a good used one with a quality transmission replacement and this is a steal of a deal on the used car market. I paid $3250.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2008

1999 Honda Odyssey LX 6 cylinder from North America


Good car with an annoying problem


About 200 miles into our ownership of our Odyssey, the 'check engine' light came on. Just for fun, I pulled the battery cable and the light went off...for about 500 miles. I then took it into the Honda dealership - oh boy. They pulled the code and it came up "replace catalytic converter." $1000 please!

After replacing the converter, the light stayed off for about 200 miles...then came back on. I got frustrated and pulled the battery cable (which kept it off for about another 200 miles). Then I started reading about all the problems that people have had with the engine light, and decided that I had the fix.

About 10,000 miles ago, I invested $.99 in electricians tape. One little square, centered over the offensive light, has eliminated about 95% of my frustration. (out of sight, out of mine) I know that my 'solution' won't make any mechanic happy, but until something actually goes "wrong" I am done with this thing.

General Comments:

On the whole, our Odyssey has performed well. It is reliable (except for the engine light). Gets decent MPH. Hauls the kids. Little too much road noise for me, but...shrug.

Good rig.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2008

1999 Honda Odyssey LX from North America


Overall, this van has given us a good service and are happy to have it


Odyssey LX 1999.

2/15/08 during first cold front, passenger side automatic sliding door stopped in midway (half open and half closed), juggling with the inside electronic open/close switch made the door go back and forth a little bit, but finally locked in the midway and won't move an inch with manual push back or forth.

There is no obvious obstruction/broken roller or any objects in upper or lower tracks.

I have tried the fuse # 12, #13.

I have tried the reset fuse box "P/S door" beside the battery under the hood.

I have tried disconnecting/reconnecting the battery hot wire.

Nothing has worked to move this door even an inch, NOT even manually.

After resetting any of the above methods, it would, for one time make a hummm... and 3 beeps from the failed door and then dead again.

Anyone in this long post since 2003 has had the similar sliding door problem and was able to fix it magically, otherwise, I believe this car has to go to workshop and I will have to drive it with door open.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2008