11th Apr 2005, 11:01

I have odyssey 2003. I am on 20,000 mileage now. I noticed the power is degrading. Most of the time I hear loud rev noise from the engine and power is very very poor, but sometimes maybe 2 times a week engine is quite and power is great. Honda cannot detect the problem. Next time I will just get another brand of Minivan.

13th Nov 2006, 12:47

On wedensday, November 15th, 2006, I'm buying a used 1999 Honda Odyssey

EX with 30,000 km. I have done extensive research on this van and determined it's better to purchase this van or a Toyota then any North American vans even if it has issues. I rather replace a Honda transmission, ETC; than a American made vehicle transmission. A large majority of Japanese or Korean made ones seem to out sell by popular demand and reputation.

If North American made vehicles had a better relibiality rating with Consumer Reports etc with past buyers and rated them equal to imports, I would buy them. Whitby, Ontario, Canada.


8th Jul 2009, 13:44

Bought a used 99 Odyssey in Apr 06 with 85000 miles on it. Ran it hard for the last 3 years. Only had minor problems with the power sliding doors having to be reset once in a while, never had to make trips to the dealer for it.

Now have over 153000 miles on it and only now have transmission problems, probably from my hard driving. Would consider replacing it, but I also need brakes and struts. Now going out to buy a 91 Accord to beat around for a few years.

5th Nov 2013, 19:18

You could put 3 trans in a Dodge Caravan for the cost of one Honda trans. The Honda trans will leave you on the side of the road more. I have seen a lot of Caravans with 300,000 plus miles that were still good vans. It is amazing that people that have never worked on a car or owned a certain brand, think they know so much about them. It is common to see an American car that is over 20 years old on the road; not so much a Japanese car. In Japan they try to make a car that will last 5 years; in North America they try to make them last 15.