6th Mar 2004, 15:14

Maybe I should be surprised that Honda is having problems. But I have been hearing more about Honda problems lately. Problems like the original poster. Durability problems like transmissions going bad, noises, rattles, engine problems. My Odyssey has had transmission problems, rattles and lots of power door problems. Honda is just another vehicle. Not better than the other cars. Mine is worse than the Ford I used to have. Even an old Ford served me better.

2nd Aug 2004, 11:25

You need to understand the 99' Odyssey was the first year of the total remake of the earlier model. I understood at the time there could be problems with a new model like the 99' Odyssey, and there was.

My EX model had power door problems... fixed every time by dealer. EGR Valve problem... check engine light... once again fixed by dealer. A few recalls I can't remember off hand, which were also fixed by the dealer. All at no cost except for the time lost at the dealer, which I was there anyways for an oil change or tire rotation anyways. The ride is not the best, only because the suspension is made for better handling in emergency situations, and it does handle better then any other van I've drove, and if you have kids... you can't hear the road noise anyways. No transmission problems yet...70.000 miles and counting.

My Ex has been a wonderful van that has done what I asked it to. And holds it value unlike the others.

The fold down back seat was the best idea at the time. And still is.

27th Dec 2005, 11:02

Yeah, it seems to be getting that way.

Just read any review of the 2007 Mercedes S Class (the one that's coming out in 2006). It is so chocked full of computer stuff one wonders if it could ever be successfully repaired if involved in even a minor fender bender.

But, as with the past, the S Class and others show the future of cars (as they did with airbags, ABS, etc.). And that's scary, since once these cars go out of warranty the owner may be stuck with some insanely expensive repair bill for what is essentially a new computer.

Imagine getting a $7,000 repair bill on the computer-laden Hyundai you bought used for $4,000.

27th Jun 2016, 22:20

Sorry, but it is the reverse. Honda made it, and Isuzu sold it under their name.