7th Nov 2005, 10:33

My Honda Odyssey has 90K miles on it. The Check engine failure indicated catalytic converter. FYI. You can purchase an non honda part for less. Got mine for $350.

11th Nov 2005, 17:46

My Odyssey is at 80K. The Check Engine light turned on. Honda dealer recommended Catalytic Converter change and indicated coolant leak from the engine block. The price of converter he quoted was $1000 so I instinctively refused that. Check engine light turned off after coolant repair. I am going to buy the catalytic converter from third party for something like 250 and try to install myself.

18th Nov 2005, 12:41

I am at 78000 miles, I just replaced my transmission, two engine mounts and now my check engine lights came on, a honda mechanic indicated that it is the catalytic converter and its under warranty to 80K. Is this true?? Does anyone know where I can find this on a website?

1st Dec 2005, 13:23

Our ERG Valve went out at 90K+ miles. We went ahead and replaced it (~$300) and managed to get Honda to reimburse us. All their other warranty limits are based on 12K miles per year, but they based this one on a 10K/yr basis. Took a little persuation up through their upper supervision, but they came through. Be nice, explain you're a loyal Honda customer and would like to continue as one. Overall we like our Odyssey, but we're on our fourth transmission and we're not that hard on them! Fortunately they were all under warranty at the time!

10th Feb 2006, 11:34

Check engine light stays on for the first time at 98,000 miles. I went to the Honda dealer and they replace the Transmission since they have a recall. Warranty for 8yrs or 100,000 miles. They also added some notes on the invoice that the ERG need to be replace. Cost around $400. Since Honda was late sending us the recall for the ERG. I told the dealer that I will just pay for the repair. They checked again the error code. Now they are saying that the problem is not the EGR. The Code was P0420. According to them the problem is the catalytic converter. Cost $800.

Honda should replace the ERG and the Catalytic Converter for free.

I have seen some customer on other forums complained about the ERG and Catalytic Converter after it hits 80,000 miles or more.

4th May 2006, 21:56

My check engine light came on and I took it to Honda dealership and it said code p0172. They said that I needed a new erg valve. That cost almost $300.00. The van was also having a ticking noise and using more gas. They said that the erg valve will do that. It was also stalling and sometimes I would be driving and it would just die and I would have to put in into park and start it again. It would also cut off when you would come to a slow stop. I called the 800 # to American Honda and they said that they can't helped with it because I was over the 80,000 miles. I told them I looked on the internet and a lot of people who had the same problem and was over 80,000 got it covered under the goodwill gesture. The lady told me I don't meet the requirements to get that..1. I bought the van pre-owned and I only own 1 Honda automobile. I guess I need to have 3-4 Honda to get help with it. I also did not know about the recall on the erg valve until she told me. I told her we didn't get any papers on that or the transmission recall.

29th Dec 2006, 11:09

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey and its check engine light came on at about 120,000 miles with a P0240 error code. The Honda dealer said it was the catalytic converter and they wanted $800 to replace it. Now at other muffler shops catalytic converters ran somewhere around $200 so I went to one.

They checked it out and said my resonator was crushed and not allowing the system to breath at about 40 mile per hour. They replaced it for about $100 and cleared the check engine light. It's never come back and I have saved $700.

21st Jan 2007, 07:31

I have a 00 EX, at 92588 mile, CEL on for code P0420, dealer quoted $1000 for a CC. went to local shop and get a after market one for $210. At 97293 mile, CEL on again with the same code, replaced the CC under warranty, again at 102681 mile, CEL on with the same code, they replaced the CC again under warranty, now, only after 2500 miles at 105260 mile, CEL on the fourth time, I think something else is bad.

2000 Ex, with 105k.

9th Mar 2007, 06:49

We have owned numerous Hondas, dating back to 1972 (!). I have a 2000 Odyssey that had the transmission replaced at 89,000 miles, which died after going 20K miles, then was replaced again. This lasted for about 30K. Honda has offered to pick up some of the cost, the bulk will be paid by us (in the $2500-3,000 range..) Need to ask them what they will warranty on the transmission that will be installed... Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this? Do we just ditch this vehicle and purchase a new van? Honda or Toyota? We do a lot of driving... mostly highway...and I am very disappointed in the performance on the transmission (all three!) on this one.

Also, at 80K I had to replace the catalytic converter... that was about $1000. Pricey. Connected to the transmission problem or separate defect?


20th Apr 2007, 06:13

I own a 1999 Honda Odyssey with about 115K miles. Check engine light came on about 6 weeks ago. Replaced EGR valve (at a non-Honda shop using Honda parts). Light stayed off for about 1 week. Light came on again. Took van to Honda dealer and was told (after $80 to read OBD codes) that Cat Converter was bad. Negotiated with Honda America to replace Cat (I only paid labor). Light stayed off for the past month (and many drive cycles). It just came back on this morning again. Frustrated (and ripped off?).

Brian McCue

Litchfield, NH

27th Apr 2007, 09:54

2000 Odyssey at 123K miles with the CE light. Honda dealer just called and said we need a new CC for the tune of $1100. I said no thanks for now. We had a new transmission installed at about 90K miles, which was covered by the recall. We also need a new drive motor for one of the sliding doors for $350. How did the driver on this list with 115K miles negotiate with Honda to get them to pay for the new CC?

30th Apr 2007, 13:40

My glove-box got so full of repair slips for my 2000 Honda Odyssey EX that it finally broke too. No, I'm not kidding. Currently, our van is sitting in the driveway, where it was left after packing it with suitcases for our Disney World vacation. 2 miles from home en route to the airport is when the transmission decided it was time to sign off. We managed to crawl home and pack us all into the Honda Civic which works great. As for the Odyssey, we've spent so much money getting codes pulled after the warning lights go on, replacing the Catalytic converter, the electric door sensors, the EGR thing twice, not to mention the 6 complete sets of brakes all in 105K miles! Very very discouraging. I am off to the dealership to demand that tranny replacement, on Honda of course.