7th Jun 2007, 13:51

Warranty repair advice: nag the dealer to submission!

2000 Odyssey EX. I had the Tran go out at 121K (CE and TCS lights came on). The dealer declined any warranty repair since the recall did not cover it beyond 100K. For the March 7 entry, get them to do it right. I spent $2500 on the Tran repair and it has been smooth since. Basically, the AT clutch plates on my Odyssey were grinding down and they need to be replaced (dark tran oil; lots of particles was the symptom).

The dealer also declined warranty repairs required for the seal coming off the rear spoiler. Apparently, there was a service note I found on the web (Honda accidentally left their service site opened and I found a bunch of dealer service items that included the spoiler seal. I asked them at 90K and they "could not find anything on the spoiler". Too late for me, but heads up to anyone experiencing push-back from the dealer. Nag them to give you want you deserve.

On current CE problem, the light just came on for me (143K). The OX sensor in the device is tripping at 500ms instead of 1000ms. It is going to cost me ~$900 (dealer part: $695 + gaskets) and third-party labor. I have to pass the CA emissions test. With tolerances in the ms range, I can't afford room for error on an after-market part.

24th Jul 2007, 22:26

CEL for code P0420 on 02/14/06 at 92588 mile, replaced with after Market CC.

CEL on with code P0420 again on 06/26/06 at

97293 mile.

Replacef with after market CC on 11/15/06 at 102681 mile.

Light on AGAIN on 01/15/07 at 105260 mile; reset PCM and light back on after 200 miles.

Reset over night and last for 850 miles, light on again at 106385 mile.

Reset light over night, back on after 960 miles at 107345 on 02/28/07, reset over night, light on the next day after 20 miles, leave it on.

CEL then off at 107880 on 03/15/07. On and off about 300 miles since then.

Finally decide on 7/12/07 change to dealer OEM CC at 113549 mile. Wife just called, CEL on again around 114000 mile.

Piece of crap! I will put a sign on my 2000 Odyssey to warn others while I am driving around: DO NOT BUY ANOTHER HONDA, check the web before you buy!

2000 EX, 114k.

25th Jul 2007, 15:35

I will warn people about buying Fords and Chevrolets.

14th Aug 2007, 17:04

2000 Honda Odyssey.

I've replaced the transmission 3 times, the first at 40,000 miles, twice on my nickel. Endless CE lights. Like everyone else it shows EGR valve issue, replaced it, no difference. Electrical system blew as well. Change oil every 3000 miles is ridiculous in today's world. Yes I'm up to 147,000 miles, and I still like driving the car, but my excellent mechanic can't clear the CE light so it won't pass the next inspection. It's time for another car--and it won't be a Honda. Too bad I just put on new tires and brakes.

They drive nice, but the cost to maintain my wife's Caddy SRX, which is considered an unreliable car is about 1/2.

21st Aug 2007, 16:28

For all you husbands out there, know that you're not crazy!

My father is a mechanic, and I have always worked on my own vehicles. But I have had my troubles dealing with this 2000 Odyssey. I have the ERG and Catalytic Converter Problem. If you replace the Catalytic Converter, also replace the resonator, this will improve the exhaust flow. My TOC light comes on every time I go over a speed bump. Have not resolved that yet. The transmission malfunction caused the three mounts to go bad, the slipping and banging causing the mounts to break. The mounts should be a part of the transmission recall. Wives don't lose your belief in your husbands over this vehicle: it is not just one problem, it is many problems.

Hossie Long

Design Engineer

Madison, AL.

24th Aug 2007, 22:36

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey and also had clogged EGR valve problems, replaced the CC with an after market model to save money, and am still having the CEL problem. The car has 120,000 miles. I am wondering, do I drive it with the light on and forget about it, or get a Honda converter, or call it quits and sell it? Other than the CEL, I have really liked the car.

15th Sep 2007, 11:45

I was told by a reliable source never to flush a Honda transmission: drain, but never flush!!!

150,000 miles on our 1999 Odyssey, many miles pulling a trailer (camping). Check engine light came on, replaced CC with after market unit. After several months light came back on. Reading was to replace CC. Light has been on for last 5000 miles. My suggestion for a fix is black tape over the light!!

Works for me!!!

11th Nov 2007, 12:21

My Honda Odyssey EX just had the trouble light code P0420 at 85463 miles. Mechanic recommended fix is to replace the CC and Oxygen Sensor for about $850. I haven't gone back to Honda yet. Has anyone had success getting Honda to fix it after the 80000 warranty? Has anyone not fixed this problem and had engine problems? Thanks you for any input.

15th Nov 2007, 13:10

My 2001 Honda Odyssey's transmission went out at 119,000 miles. I guess I was a lucky one having it last that long, but I was left with the $3,700.00 cost. Guess what?? Right after that repair, the CE like came on and now I need a CC. UNBELIEVABLE. I will never buy a HONDA again. I had Buick's, Chevy's and Fords with over 250,000 miles without any major problems. I thought HONDA'S were suppose to last forever. Not this one.

2nd Dec 2007, 10:32

My 2000 Odyssey, 90K miles, constantly has engine light coming on lately. Mechanic first replaced front oxygen sensors (light came back on in a month) then rear sensor (light back in on a week or 2), cat converter for about $1000.00 (shoulda taken it to a muffler shop for several hundred less? – light back on in a month) ;O2 sensors replaced individually (light back on in matter of days or hours). Fortunately, mechanic is good (and frustrated) about it not charging to resolve, but I'm dropping my car off there on a regular basis now. PITA... I've owned 3 other Hondas. Other than the power doors acting up (which in 2000 I saw coming) the car is well built. But this engine light business is really frustrating, and I have NJ inspection this month! I hear sensors need time to "break in", so I can't immediately get inspected while engine light is off – damn!)

For those talking about selling theirs... who will buy car with engine light on (seriously, I'd like to know!)??

26th Dec 2007, 17:57

I MAY HAVE A SOLUTION FOR P0420!!! First, a little background:

I happened upon this forum about a month ago, searching for answers to the pesky p0420 check engine code. I, like others, had already replaced both oxygen sensors in "bank 1" in front of the catalyst, and the catalytic converter, twice (both after-market converters, for what it's worth). I was considering trying an overpriced Honda OEM catalytic converter, until I read the post from the guy who, like me, had replaced the converter twice with after-market parts, then was advised by Honda to replace it with a genuine part, only to have the code return after he followed that advice. I just paid three grand to rebuild the transmission (at 140k miles), so I'm in no mood to pour more money into this vehicle. On the other hand, I've invested too much to NOT find a solution, so the search continued. (Unfortunately I live in a state where emissions inspections are required, so I *have* to get to the bottom of this code nonsense.)

It just so happens that I hadn't had a tune-up on my van in 75,000 miles (!). (I installed "75 thousand mile double platinum plugs at my last tune-up, so I foolishly thought I didn't have to worry about another tune-up for 75,000 miles.) I went to the local Auto Zone to buy tune-up parts, and the friendly attendant there told me that a p0420 is a "minor" code--that if replacing the oxygen sensors didn't do the trick a tune-up should. I need to take it to my service station to have the plugs replaced, but one thing I can do myself is replace the air filter. Yesterday afternoon I plopped the new filter in (the new $16 filter, I might add), and the next morning on my way to Christmas breakfast the check engine light was OFF! I haven't driven without that light on for the past year or so, so I don't need to tell you how joyful I was at the sight of that. (This was the BEST Christmas present ever!)

I'm trying to contain my excitement somewhat since it's still early, but this is definitely a good sign. While I don't think it's been 75k since I last replaced the air filter, I can't say with any certainty how long it was. I habitually write down services performed in a little book I keep in my glove box, and nowhere do I see an entry for replacing the filter. The one I took out didn't look filthy, but it was somewhat dirty. More importantly, I think, it looked very "bloated"--I couldn't see the spaces between the pleats, like on the new one. If this truly is the solution, I'm happy and grateful for it--but I can't help, but be a little resentful for all the money I spent (unnecessarily?) in an attempt to solve this problem. (It should be documented more clearly as a solution, if it is indeed one.) I've been known to skimp on air filters by simply forcing air through them to clean them out, rather than paying $15-$20 to replace them. Never again.

Hopefully this will be of use to somebody out there, so as not to go through what I and many others seem to have gone through. If so, help spread the word. Good luck!