22nd Feb 2008, 19:28

Can anyone comment on which aftermarket catalytic converters they've tried? It seems like a racket that only the $800 Honda CCs are the ONLY ones that work. Has anyone looked at a comparison... Or are folks just getting parts at NAPA?

Just curious if others have been tried.

8th Mar 2008, 10:09

00 EX with 107k. Honda re-manufactured AT at 97k under warranty. I started filling up brand name gas two week ago, The CEL has been off for a week at 3/7/9. CEL was on and off since 97K.

23rd Mar 2008, 17:27

Potential hammer-rapping cure for P0420 problem. My 2000 Odyssey CEL has been coming on since 145K, kept resetting it but would re-illuminate after a day or so. On a hunch, laid on the ground and reached under the car with a hammer. Gave the CC about a dozen raps on bottom, side, ends - not enough to dent anything, but good solid raps. Result: so far, so good. CEL has been off for over two weeks solid. My theory is that the hammer raps knocked off accumulated soot or whatever inside... and is allowing the CC to again function within spec.

27th Mar 2008, 13:42

Mine is 2000 Odyssey LX 119k miles. I have spent almost $ 5000 since last year on this car. May 2007 it overheated, brought it to dealer for radiator replacement $500. Did 1st tune-up, replaced water pump, timing belt, serpentine belt and spark plugs. 2 months ago, CEL came on, codes for random misfires and multiple cylinders. Mechanic said there's vacuum leak; replace manifold gaskets for $800. After 1 week CEL was on again, this time they said ignition coils for $500. Bought 3 coils from AutoZone and replaced them myself. Disconnected battery to reset CEL, after 1 week its on again. I installed new air filter, didn't help. My next plan it to check EGR and IAC valves. Actually, an ex-honda mechanic suggested using premium gasoline with gas conditioners. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

27th Mar 2008, 21:53

I also had the dreaded Code. At about 95K we had the CODE and the dealer said a CC for $1100. Went to my local mechanic and had it done for about $400.

Car now has $140K and light came on recently and my neighbor checked the CODE and it was the CODE. Checked old paperwork from the dealer and it was the same CODE. After resetting the CODE it came back on after a few days. Since I had nothing to lose, I thought that I would treat the gas line for moisture and run a good injector cleaner through the system. After my wife made a few trips back and forth to work (38 mile round trip mostly highway) the light went off and has stayed off. We have now put about 450 miles on the car without the Check Engine Light coming back on. We also noticed that the car starts easier.

As it turns out, I have an old Mercedes 420SEL that I always put 93 Grade into. Runs great but for the first time ever I have engine knocking. I filled both cars at the same time at the same station and so I think that the gas was bad where we got it. Unfortunately I don't do a lot of mileage on the Benz so it takes a while to work through a tank. Since we use the Odyssey much more we were able to burn through the tank of bad gas and for good measure filled it with 93 Sunoco. The additive I used was Sunoco V-Power available at Walmart for about $7. Use the name brands such as Chevron, Sunoco, Mobil, etc for better results. Also make sure the gas cap is on tight - a lot of clicks won't hurt you. I'll change the air filter next just to get better mileage. GOOD LUCK

30th Mar 2008, 23:59

I own a 2000 EX Odyssey, at 90000 miles the Check EGR light came on. Just remembered at 30000 miles, the EGR passage port was blocked and a modification was done (putting a new tube insert etc) by the dealer under recall. Sure enough, after taking out the air-box and examined the passage, it was almost blocked again. With a drill to carefully remove the carbon, the Check EGR light stay off since then. My EX is at 105000 miles now. Hope this help other people.

31st Mar 2008, 00:11

Just to mention that I bought a Actron CP9175 to read and rest the CEL codes. Worth every penny.

Also my friend's EX had the transmission replaced with fewer mileage than mine. I notice that he never use the parking brake. My thought is, may be he is using the transmission to "lock " the van, since this is a rather heavy van, this may drive the transmission into early grave.

2nd Apr 2008, 10:20

I'm having the P0420 error. My state does not check emissions. Should I worry about these codes?

2nd Apr 2008, 15:32

I have a 2000 Odyssey EX with 115K.

Last year I paid the $1000 to have my CC replaced at inspection. About 1 week later the CEL light came back on, and I brought it back to the dealership. The dealership informed me that the CEL was defective, and the CEL has been on for the past year.

I am now back at the dealer for my 2008 inspection and they are saying I need a new throttle box ($660) and a new transmission. After reading all these posts, all I want to do is get the CEL reset, bring it to a gas station, get it inspected and run it into the ground (or at least until next inspection). I now realize that I am not unique in my situation.

3rd Apr 2008, 14:51

Regarding the following comment;

31st Mar 2008, 00:11

Just to mention that I bought a Actron CP9175 to read and rest the CEL codes.

After you reset with CP9175, does the CEL come on again or did you pass the inspection?

I can reset the CEL by disconnecting the battary. But the CKL will come on very soon.


3rd Apr 2008, 19:39

I agree with previous poster. For about $70 (on sale at Meijers (like a Walmart) ), I bought an Actron CP9125 to read and reset the codes. About the size of a large cell phone. I keep it in the glove box. Used it dozens of time. Have become more popular with my friends.

3rd Apr 2008, 19:41

Potential hammer-rapping cure for P0420 problem (see March 23 posting). Now almost four weeks and no return of the CEL light. Awesome.

17th Apr 2008, 11:59

I have a 2000 Odyssey.. It now has 120,000 miles. I have had problems since it had 1542 miles.. I constantly have shaking in the front end.. This van has had 4 sets of tires.. 3 transmissions... catalytic converter replaced.. problems with the doors... The front end problems is what is driving me crazy. The tire people say it's the alignment, and the Honda people say it's the tires.. Has anyone experienced this same problem?

25th Apr 2008, 07:46

00 EX has 108K with Honda warranted remanufactured transmission at 96K. I started driving not above 55 mph and pushing the gas pedal gently as possible. The CEL has been off for few weeks and I got 22 mpg from 20 mpg. The brand name gas seems to be helping. Will try the hammer solution suggested next time the CEL comes on.