3rd May 2008, 20:00

Wow! Glad I found this site! As for me, I'm staying toasty warm down in here southern Arizona, where we care less about such trivial things as a check engine light.

I definitely appreciate the post about which code reader to buy and the hammer method of clearing the CEL.

Well, I might be the only one here that, as of today, still loves his Honda Odyssey! I bought it from the dealership in December 2005, with 93,000 miles on it. I've driven a lot of miles on it and currently have about 165,000 (that's about 72,000 miles in about 2.5 years). When I bought it, the dealership had to replace the O2 sensors to clear the CEL but it's come off and on ever since. Dealership mechanic told me at the time that, yes, it will slightly affect gas mileage but you can still "drive it like you stole it". Since then, I've been faithfully changing the oil and doing maintenance as required.

Granted, I do intend on taking it into the dealership because it currently has the CEL on, the Maint Required on (probably because the last oil change place didn't clear it or something), and the TCS light is on, but I'm still getting about 22 to 23 miles to the gallon on the highway (averaging about 80 to 85 mph...yes...I speed slightly).

Again, thanks for ALL the good info on this site! Glad to have found it!.

12th May 2008, 00:27

Proposed hammer solution for P0420 catalytic converter CEL issue... worked for about six weeks, then light came back on. Prior to this temporary "fix", the P0420 CEL code was coming back on every couple days. So, I still believe this brute force method may help bring a CC that is operating just outside of spec back into spec for a little while, perhaps long enough to meet inspection requirements, but it is at best a temporary solution. Sorry!

12th May 2008, 00:38

After market Catalytic Converters for Honda Odyssey - my rear wheel bearing on my 2000 Honda Odyssey went bad (150,000+ miles) on a long trip. Fixed in Charlotte, NC. In conversation, the owner of the repair shop asked about my CEL light. I mentioned that it was a P0420 CC code that was coming up from time to time. Regarding after-market CC, he cautioned me... there are two types of after-marker CC's... 1) a "universal" CC, and 2) after-market CC specific to a make/model. He said that the "universal" ones don't work in many situations (ex. Honda Odyssey). Avoid trying to install a "universal" after-market CC on the Odyssey - get one that is specific to this vehicle.

25th May 2008, 18:06

I went to Midas and had the ERG valve, spark plugs and cc replaced. I didn't want to pay Honda twice as much. The CEL was off a month. Took the van back and they replaced the rear oxygen sensor. That lasted 50 miles.

I took it back and they said the EGR valve was defective. The mechanic said he ran a scope on the van etc and the light wouldn't come back on. 60 miles later the CEL came back on. I read on a post somewhere that it takes about 50 miles for the computer to get results, so I think they may just be resetting the codes. I am about to give up and put some tape over the light, and when I have emissions tested I will clear the codes and hopefully it will pass. I must admit that for the first 98000 miles I didn't have a problem with the van.

28th May 2008, 15:16

My 1999 Odyssey is experiencing the same CC issues that have been listed on this site. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with the phone # they used to get through to someone at Honda. There are many phone #'s...not sure which one was used to get Honda to cover the cost on the CC part and just pay for labor.

Also, for those folks who were able to get Honda to cover cost of the parts, are you original owners or 2nd owners of your vehicles.

I bought this used from a private party, so not sure if Honda would be willing to work with me to defer some of the cost of replacing the CC.

My inspection is coming up soon...I'm hoping to resolve this issue quickly by at least getting the CEL light turned off long enough to pass inspection and maybe trade this van in.


31st May 2008, 00:21

What do you mean "air box" and where do you put the bit? I have read the Honda bulletin concerning the repair and pipe placement. That procedure involves removing the intake manifold. I am concerned that you have the EGR problem again even after the modification was made. I would like to try "cleaning" mine before spending the money at the dealer. My Odyssey is a 2000 LX with 160K. Thanks for the help.

8th Jun 2008, 12:27


Here's my story: First let me say our first minivan was a 91 Toyota Previa. I donated it 2 and half years ago with 190,000 miles on it. I hollowed it out and used it as cargo van for work and home purposes. I held it for 16 years but the bulk of the mileage came within the first ten. I took the collision off and insured my teenagers on it. Absolutely great van. In the 2000 era Toyota made a big mistake and made the Siena too small thus pushing me to look at the Odyssey which had much more interior space. And that's where the problems began.

I am glad I purchased the extended warranty. The first problem was with the retractable side doors which got fixed and knock on wood never had another problem in 7 years. I kept up with all schedule maintenance and at 79,000 miles the first tranny went (under warranty). 40,000 miles later the second tranny goes. It was now out of warranty so I haggle with Honda America and they give me the tranny and I paid labor(about $450). 20,000 miles later, this past December, the CEL comes on again, take it to my Honda dealership expecting them to say another tranny is needed. No, he said it's the next most expensive item the catalytic converter which will cost about $900 to fix. He also said in Maryland the Emissions Inspection station will not even hook the car up if the check engine light is on. So I had them reset the light to see how long it would take for it to come back on. It took about 2 weeks and then we noticed it would go off after we filled the tank up with gas and then it would go off and on intermittently. My Emissions notice came in was due in June. The last two tanks I filled up with premium and filled up one more time before I got the Emissions test done yesterday. CEL had been off for about 3 weeks so I took it yesterday and what do you know - IT PASSED!!!!!!

I hope to get at least 2-4 years out of it as my daughter turns 16 next month. Then I'll turn it in to a cargo van and donate down the road.


By the way, I love my new Lexus Rx400H which we purchased for my wife.