12th Jun 2008, 01:10

I have a 1999 Honda Odyssey, 150,000 miles. I took it for an emissions test, which it did pass, but within 5 miles after the inspection the van was undrivable. Servicing found we needed to replace a coil pack for one of the cylinders.

Anyone else have problem after an emissions test?

19th Jun 2008, 19:53

OK, my car is at the dealership with the same problem. Check engine light.

2 years ago I had the same problem, and had a local mechanic do the massive cleaning of the carbon build up and change the valve. This time my problem is slightly different. My car is also running rough. Usually not much power at under 2000 RPM (speed does not matter). Almost appears light low fuel pressure or transmission skipping, but that is not the case. Codes say 5 cylinder are giving faults. Been to local mechanic (who specializes in foreign cars and is very reputable) for 2 days. No luck zeroing in on the right problem. Now at dealer and they cannot figure out. They are keeping it longer.

Car has 159,500 miles. Yes I have changed everything on this as well. Transmission, door handles, door seals. Lots of problems but I got many miles out of it. Lets see what they say. Only in for $115 for diagnostics at Honda, but will not pay them if they cannot figure it out.

8th Aug 2008, 11:56

Wish I would have seen this site before my last service. My 2000 Odyssey EX CE light came on at 105k miles. Dealer service department said I needed a new CC and some other parts. I spent $2000. Now I think I may have just got a bad tank of gas. I will try to follow up with the dealer/Honda of America.

10th Aug 2008, 12:22

I have been reading this thread since April 2008 because my 2001 Odyssey LX, 128000 kms, has been experiencing same problem "CEL". I have done changing the air filter, hammering the CC but no improvement. Check engine light comes on and off. Then I changed to a higher grade of fuel from 87 octane to 92 octane. The frequency of CEL occuring becomes less as of this date. Will update later.

16th Aug 2008, 20:47

$114 was the charge to tell me I have to give them more money. I had to pay that and I regret it now. $1784 was my quote at the dealer to fix my CEL issue. CC needs to be replaced was the verdict. I took the car home of course. After reading this useful hints, I changed the air filter, put two bottles of fuel injector cleaner on the fuel tank and what I think did the trick was something that everybody has failed to mention yet:

The PCV valve. It cost $2.00 and it is purolator # PV1051. My was very clogged with carbon deposits and black gunk. The little metal ball inside will not move when you shake it. The PCV valve is out of sight hidden behind the injectors cover in the back of the engine in the driver side looking from the front of the vehicle. I replaced all that and the CEL went away. You should try that before any more CC replacements.

With the money I saved, I managed to buy the cabin filter $30.00 and I will buy the code reader for future use.

Hondas are great cars. Mine only has 71851 miles. Notice that almost everyone that is having problems is after 80 to 150 thousand miles. That is a loooooot of miles. We humans start having problems at 60. I would not doubt that they recalled the EGR valve because it was clogging the Catalytic Conv. That should have been part of the recall too. May be that is why the Cats are failing later now. I remember when they changed the EGR at the dealer, my car start to drive a lot better and the gas consumption decreased a great deal. Dealers are a rip off and you have to distrust them. Most of them even use after market parts for your car which is no different from you buying them at AutoZone or PepBoys.

Good luck and I hope my experience help you. All of yours did help me a great deal and I appreciate the time you dedicate to warn the rest of us.

26th Aug 2008, 02:49

Has anyone replaced the CC with a free flow high performance unit? I have ordered universal and direct fit Dynomax converters for different hot rods I've had and the result was noticeable just driving away from the muffler shop. Jegs and Summit sell them, and they increase mileage and performance. They're less prone to clogging because there is "less" in them. I have not looked for an Odyssey replacement for my 1999, as that part was just replaced with a factory unit before I "inherited" this vehicle from my father, who spent plenty maintaining the vehicle. Now at 130K the CIL came on today. I will have to check out your suggestions. Car starts and runs great, but it doesn't seem to do as good on gas sometimes, but then the last few fill ups had that goofy gas mix 10% ethanol? or something!

27th Aug 2008, 11:21

Regarding replacing PVC mentioned, I did that and the CHL is still on after a week for my 20000 ODYSSEY with 110K. Thanks.

2nd Sep 2008, 17:50

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey LX (no auto sliding door problems). I have 203,000 miles - still original transmission, egr etc.

I have struggled with the CC code. I have replaced the CC with after market CC one time. I bought a code reader so that I could check the code to make sure the only the CC was the problem. I have a friend who is a great mechanic, he said the despite the P0240, both of the O2 sensors are within normal range and consistently tracking as they should. In the past I have just turned off the code to get the inspection. It comes on in a few miles.

I will try the fuel cleaner to clear the code.

I doubt the premium gas does much for the problem. I have worked in refineries for 35 years. Some companies add more detergent to premium grades, but that is basically is the only difference, other than the octane you don't need. Buying the fuel system cleaner probably does more than gas additives. The gasoline fuel distribution system doesn't allow for much variation from one brand to another. We sold gas to almost every brand station out of the same tanks.

8th Sep 2008, 16:57

The engine light on my 03 Honda Odyssey is still on after 3 bottles of intake manifold cleaner, new plugs, new EGR valve and new electronics ignition coils. The OBDII code reader indicates random misfires on all cylinders. The van is at the dealership as we speak. They are recommending new injectors all around. That's a $1,400 proposition. I know that an injector cleaning solution might be harsh on the injectors but at that price I'm willing to try it. Any other tips?

4th Oct 2008, 16:40

The CEL just started today. After reading all the comments in this thread, I will try all the potential solutions from this forum and see how it goes

1. Change air filter first

2. Fuel injector cleaner

3. Clean PCV.

My 2000 Odyssey EX has 98k on it. Never had problem before.

Keep my fingers crossed, don't let me run into the transmission problem.