4th Sep 2006, 06:54

5,100 miles on the new transmission and no problems. I'll update again at 10,000 miles or sooner if problems arise.

14th May 2007, 23:59

Current mileage 81456 miles and the transmission is holding up without any problems. I've recently PCS'd to Elmendorf AFB, so this fall I'll see how good the van goes in the snow. Semper FI.

26th Sep 2009, 18:40

26 Sept09 -- 105,098 miles since the last report and the van is holding up fine. I've done routine maintenance and replaced the rubber stopper on the drivers sliding door stop. Also, just switched to the studded tires (Hankook winter I-pike) again. The snow line is down to 1500 ft on the mountains surrounding the house and should be a few inches on the ground in 2-3 weeks although we now have ice on the roads in the early am. I'm glad this will be my last winter up here cause the darkness messes with my head. It still hard to believe we've only driven 7-8 thousand miles since Nov 08. Semper Fi.

18th Jan 2012, 15:37

18 Jan 12 - 138,000 miles. I retired from the USAF and relocated back to Warner Robins Georgia. The Odyssey transmission has done well and I've not had one problem so far. Considering I have close to 70,000 miles on the new tranny, I believe I'll keep this van for the long haul.

I just put a new set of General tires on and it rides like a Cadillac --- well close anyway. No other issues so far, just routine maintenance.

I'll replace the transmission if it goes out again. It's cheaper than buying a new one at this point, and when I have to replace it --- you guessed it --- it'll be a new Odyssey!


Semper Fi.

14th Jan 2013, 12:08

154,000 miles. The van is running awesome. I'm still hoping to keep this one going as long as possible. Looks like I'll keep the van as a 3rd vehicle once I purchase my next Odyssey. Honda Motor Company USA is da bomb!!!!

Semper Fi