9th Nov 2006, 17:55

Wow, and I have heard about this much sadness coming from Saturn. I would never have any pride over my Saturn. What are you comparing to the ODY? A Saturn Relay? I think other problems with that van would cancel out the transmission failures. As for the other Saturns, every other car company builds a better car than Saturn. A honda or a Toyota are superior to any Saturn any day.

27th Jan 2007, 18:09

I am glad that I have seen others who have had similar problems. I will not own another Honda. This is my 6th, the first 5 were great, as was this one until about 130K miles. The ignition thing happened to me and was given the "its the EGR valve" excuse three different times. I was nearly killed when my car died at 70mph on the interstate. Transmission went out. They replaced it, then that one went out 6 months later. We are on our third transmission, now the dealership is saying that we need a new motor. Some where along the way the motor started leaking oil... just after the 2nd transmission was installed. I asked them what caused this motor to need replacing, they said "it is just worn out". I just bought a Toyota and when I can afford to get rid of this van, I will purchase a Toyota. This van has cost me a ton of money in the past 18 months, with no results or satisfaction. Not to mention, I had too many miles to be under the class action law suit that was just settled. I used to sing Honda's praises, but I am thoroughly disgusted at this point with Honda and my local dealership.

28th Jan 2007, 22:33

99 Honda Accord V6 150,000 miles no problem...99 Accord 95,000 miles never a problem.. bro never maintains it...1997 Accord 104,000 miles.. bought it from an older couple recently... just maintenance...1994 Accord 249,000 miles... never a problem except for hydraulic clutch pump needed replacing... my friends and neighbors own newer Honda's (2002-2006)and just love them... I will keep on buying Honda in the future... I had to realize though that they were not built by God.. unlike some people who thought they were and are now pissed off about it and swear to never buy one again... I think every car company has its faults and the Honda Ody from 99-04 and TL from 99-03 were really their only big disappointments...

14th Sep 2007, 14:28

I've had four Honda Civics, an Accord, a DelSol, and a Prelude. All have been great cars to 200k miles plus. But I had a 1998 Honda Passport SUV, which I realize was really an Isuzu Rodeo. Honda did very little to correct the many problems with that vehicle, and dealers basically squirmed out of fixing problems with that one, too. Now I have 1999 Odyssey. I feel like I've been shafted again.

24th Jul 2009, 12:57

The best most reliable minivan ever made is the Toyota Previa 1991 - 1997. The Sienna was not A REPLACEMENT for the Previa. The Chevy Lumina APV was the most reliable (mechanically) minivan from the USA.

30th Nov 2009, 00:29

I own a 1999 Honda Odyssey... some of the previous comments match my situation perfectly. My van will just die on me out of the blue. Today I was in the middle of the highway at about 70mph (heavy traffic) when it suddenly dies. My power steering went out and I couldn't even turn on my emergency flashers. It could have gotten me (and my four month old baby) killed! The mechanics keep telling me that it is the EGR valve, but the EGR has been replaced, the lines have been cleaned, and there is still a problem. It still dies even if the EGR valve is removed from the car... does anyone know of a way to fix this?? I am stuck with the van, we CANNOT afford to get another car.