28th Nov 2006, 17:36

I am so disappointed with my 2001 Passport. I bought this used vehicle based on the reputation of Honda reliability. Not only is it a rough riding SUV, but it has been a pain in the neck. It has had to have one repair after another, including problems with the ABS and even the fuel sensor going bad. Now the oil is staying in the head and not draining down where it should. Even though the car now has 75,000 miles on it, I would not expect this with a Honda that has had proper maintenance. Has anyone else encountered this problem with a Passport?

Once I get rid of this car, I don't think I will buy another Honda.

29th Nov 2006, 15:19

You know that it was built by Isuzu? I think you are kind of going off the edge by not buying another Honda. You must not have researched your car before you bought it.

31st Mar 2007, 09:05

I am an owner of a 2000 Passport, which has had many problems. I bought it used, therefore, if I am correct, the lemon law will not apply.

It has died on me many times: at a stop light, in the middle of the street, on the freeway (twice, the scariest experiences).

I explained to the dealer that as a single mom, I need a reliable car. They changed a lot of parts in the engine, but I still have problems. I am curious to know if anyone else has the same problem or if there is a recall for this type of problem.

22nd Jun 2007, 11:35

My wife has a 2001 Honda Passport (v6, and yes, I know it was manufactured by Isuzu) and the "check engine" light stays on. We've had it at the dealer 4 times and they cannot fix it. Also, I recently found that less than three months after I had the oil changed, there was none on the dipstick. The vehicle does not leak oil and does not noticeably burn oil. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this.

11th Jul 2007, 16:32

My 2001 Honda Passport also has the Check Engine light on even after I've taken it in and had it checked. The gas gauge is also defective. I fill the tank and it will show full for about the first 50 miles then it drops to empty and the fuel light stays on solid. So, Check Engine light and Fuel light stay lighted constantly. Anyone know how a recall gets created if others have the same problem??

17th Jul 2007, 10:14

My wife bought a used 1999 Honda Passport and the check engine light has been showing on the dash board. No solution has been identified. Good looking but bad remarks for such vehicle

21st Aug 2007, 14:40

I purchased a 2001 solely on the Honda name. Every person I've spoken to that owns a passport has the fuel / sending switch problem. I'm tackling the problem myself. I can deal with the little problems, but man does this thing suck the gas. Being a preacher, I add a little oil and whole lot of prayer.

25th Aug 2007, 02:12

Most everyone has made comments about their 'check engine' light coming on and not knowing what the problem is.

The fact is, it could be anything from you using the wrong octane in the tank to the engine being cold when it starts up on a cold winter morning.

I have the check engine light on mine. My mechanic says it's because I have a bad 02 sensor. This is Typical of any car though.

I just bought a fully loaded ex 01 passport for 6500 dollars in excellent condition (carfax and 2 different mechanics checked it out before I bought) and 75000 miles on it. So, with that said, I didn't really research the vehicle. There seem to be a lot of problems with it. Hopefully, I bought a good one. thanks for posting on the forums. I will keep a very close eye on the vehicle over the next 6 months, and will schedule another preventive maintenance checkup in a month because of your information.

Thank you.

7th Sep 2007, 12:26

2001 Honda Passport. I too thought the Honda name stood for something... Ah well.

Check engine light comes on and then mysteriously resets itself. The car surges, stutters and dies. Codes seem to be about the engine control systems. We have changed the TPS sensor, EGR valve and most recently the spark plugs. Different mechanics have suggested a vacuum leak or a leak in the fuel system, after all the other things that have been changed based on the transient and disappearing codes, and to check for poor connections of wires to sensors.

With this luck on a Honda/Isuzu maybe it is time to buy American???

11th Nov 2007, 00:57

I too have a problem with my 2001 Honda Passport. My check engine light came on and continues to be a problem. I have taken it to the Honda Dealership 4 times in 30 days and I am taking it back for the 5th time (it is still under my Extended Warranty). Hopefully they fix it this time...


29th Nov 2007, 19:55

I own a 1993 Isuzu Rodeo, I have owned it for 14 years, with routine repairs, didn't baby it and this truck has 275,000 miles and has been more places than most people in some of the hairiest situations...it's been a great truck.

Kind of surprised to see so many negative postings.

1st Mar 2008, 02:18

I bought my 1998 Passport in July of 2007. Sadly, I didn't read the reviews before I bought it. Once I began reading the reviews, I was always on the lookout for various common problems in my vehicle. So far, my intake gasket, alternator, front left axle and cv joint and a/c system have all needed to be replaced. Last week, I checked my oil, and was down by two quarts, which had been fine only a couple of weeks before. Meanwhile, I was still a good 500 miles away from my scheduled oil change. So I changed the oil. Now, I drove home from work tonight, and my engine has lost any and all power. It took me revving the engine at 6500 rpms just to make it across my college campus at less than 5 mph, looking for a spot. I, too bought this car with the idea of Honda quality in mind. I guess I was wrong, and even more sadly, so was Honda back in 1992 when it first re badged the Isuzu Rodeo. Too bad all the complaints throughout the years didn't stop them from from continuing the Passport. I don't blame Honda, and I would gladly buy another Honda- as long as it is a Honda, and not another re badged cheaper vehicle. The pending repairs may just exceed the value of my car. I'm a college student working two jobs. I'm afraid of what the ultimate outcome of all this might be. I may have to bite the bullet on this one and accept the fact that I bought a low quality car, and basically screwed myself out of my inheritance money by buying it.

11th Mar 2008, 18:30

I have a 1999 Passport with 91k miles. Like others here I bought the Honda name. But didn't get it, I had to change the fuel sending unit. So that works for now.

I changed the oil, checked it on the dipstick, got home a few hours later, nothing on the dipstick. Still not sure why. It's not leaking.

Gas mileage sucks. I really don't have anything good to say about it. I will probably buy American again! Too bad I owe money on it.

My check engine light won't even come on! At all! Not even when I first turn the key. I guess the previous owner got tired of looking at it and disabled it some how.

If you have one of these money hungry things, good luck! I hope you have better luck with it than I do!!!