8th Sep 2010, 22:14

This truck burns oil like a mother, it idles like crap, none of the gauges light up on the dash, the stereo stinks, air controls get stuck and break off.

What's next? Glad it's just my winter car!

9th Sep 2010, 16:21

Yeah, the Highlander that is out today is much more refined, and it performs way better than the old 2003 model did. It will handily out-drive any GM SUV.

13th Sep 2010, 22:41

We lost our 2001 Passport 4WD EX today. Blown head gasket. It had 281,100 miles on it. We purchased it as a demo in 2001 with 7,000 miles on it.

We've had similar problems with gas gauges, rear window wipers and the check engine light with a mind all its own. But we loved this truck. It never failed to start, never met awful road conditions it couldn't master, transported my wife and our daughter to hundreds and hundreds of events and activities and always brought them home safely. My wife drove it on countless antiques buying trips across the eastern states, and it always brought her home safely and packed to the roof with wonderful treasures.

We loved this vehicle and will miss it greatly. Oh, and thank you Chris and Tammy for keeping it on the road and roadworthy for these many years and miles. If it were possible to buy a brand new 2001 Passport, we'd do it in an instant!

16th Mar 2011, 16:41

My 2001 Honda Passport with 80.000 miles went in for a recall for the recall of the lower trailing link brackets. After inspection it was written up as unsafe to drive as the whole frame has rusted from the front to the back. Cannot be repaired.

The back end of the car is also separating from the frame. Honda main headquarters still ordered the recall fix and still the car is unsafe to drive.

I still have a loan for 2 1/2 years and Honda says too bad. They made a bad frame with defective materials with Isuzu Rodeo and now all those have rusted frames too. So much for caring for the safety of all of these Honda Passport owners. This car can collapse at any minute and cause a crash, so be careful and have your frame inspected in the states that use salt in the winter.

20th Oct 2011, 16:29

No, the Ford does not have the same transmission as the Honda Passport. The Honda Passport has a GM transmission!!!

5th Sep 2014, 18:50

When I bought my 2000 Honda Passport (used), it immediately after leaving the lot started showing signs of a hesitating throttle. That problem got worse over about a week until it got dangerous pulling out into traffic. I took it back to the place I bought it from, and they found the problem was a defective "throttle body", and the price would be $1,200 and that it was not a covered item under the extended warranty I had purchased. So I threatened the "Lemon Law" and that I wanted a different car, or my money back and I would go on my way. They got the manager and he said whatever it took to fix it, they would cover it. Wow! I didn't expect that. So they fixed it and it has ran perfect ever since, with the used throttle body they got for it.

The only problem I have is that the rear wiper quit working, but sometimes it starts working and then after it's turned off, it might or might not come back on. Could it be that the control arm is sticking or maybe the motor is sticking? Anybody having this problem?

5th Sep 2014, 19:22

All the lighting faintly pulsates constantly on my 2000 Honda Passport. I saw that you have the same problem.

8th Nov 2014, 11:37

There is a recall for this. If you live in a rust prone environment, the mounting points for the rear suspension rust out.

11th Nov 2014, 06:06

Yes! I have the same problem with my Honda Passport 2001.

13th Feb 2015, 00:57

Sounds to me like you would have the same problems with any car.

9th Mar 2016, 17:33

You don't have a Honda motor, you have a ISUZU motor.

9th Mar 2016, 18:14

When replacing anything on a Honda Passport, especially the newer ones, you must replace it with what the vehicle came with. For instance the O2 sensors. They must be DELPHI, or your check engine light will come on and will want to stay on even with a non original O2 sensor. Anything that vehicle came with must be replaced with the same manufacturer that originally came with the vehicle. Spark plugs the same way, coil packs - especially electrical.

The intake manifold gaskets will need to be replaced when the vehicle wants to die all the time (usually the problem). The best thing you can do to this engine to clean it up is to install a CONDENSATOR between the PCV valve and the intake manifold. This will keep engine clean as it will with all engines with a PCV valve. You have to go to: CONDENSATOR of CANADA to purchase. It isn't cheap any more, but doubles and triples the life or more of any engine with a PCV valve. I have used this CONDENSATOR for over 25 years on all sorts of engines, and they run and stay running much, much, much, better! Just don't forget to empty the contamination jar!

When the transmission gets 200,000 miles on it (with regular fluid and filter changes) it is time to replace ALL sensors in the transmission pan and overdrive unit (small cover); this will prevent the hardware from starting to wear because of slow performance.

How do I know all this? Because I own a 2002 Honda Passport. Don't forget to change the timing belt, water pump, and idler every 100,000 miles or you will have devastating problems. My Passport will be receiving its third timing belt, water pump and idler coming up shortly.

I hope this helps, and doing the things mentioned at the right intervals and using the correct parts mentioned, this Passport becomes awful reliable. Good luck!

15th Oct 2016, 13:08

I had the same problem with the 4x4 light just blinking. I had the actuator greased and it works fine now. Try that first, hope this helps.

14th May 2017, 20:48

I had a 2001 Honda Passport affectionately known as the Assport.

It used a quart of oil every 400 miles, the wiring harness had broken wires and left me stranded, and I couldn't add fluid to the transmission so it was ruined.

The frame rusted away from the rear springs.

One side of the front 4WD engaged on an icy road and almost got me severely injured.

The steering watch spring wrapped itself around the steering shaft and steered so stiff it took two hands to steer it.

I believe it was only designed to last till the Pilot came out. It was planned obsolescence at its finest. Shame on you Honda for having hard working people to go in debt for this parody of a vehicle.

P.S. The reason it used so much oil was because there were not enough holes in the piston under the rings to drain back to the crankcase, so it was burned and used a tremendous amount of oil. I don't believe that this was a accident. How do you sleep?