7th Jul 2010, 19:50

I have a 2001 Passport with just shy of 100,000 miles on it.

The check engine light has been on and will not shut off. The gas gauge works intermittently. I had to replace the back window wiper motor because it just froze up one day. Had to replace one of the spark plug coils and is that a feat. I can't check the oil in the transmission because it is a sealed unit and you have to put the vehicle up in the air to check it or add fluid.

What's with that?

8th Jul 2010, 14:14

Same problem as you. We just changed out the tranny strainer, then our neighbor mechanic told us the oil has to be put in at the shop.

19th Jul 2010, 11:48

I own a 2001 Honda Passport and am so disappointed in it.

It has all these mysterious things happening, and no one can explain them. When I hit a bump, the car hesitates and my check transmission and set cruise lights flash on and off. If I drive up a hill with loose gravel it goes crazy hesitating and the same lights flash on and off. My check engine light has been on ever since we replaced the fuel tank measuring gauge in the fuel tank. Now my ABS light is on.

I am irritated that this Honda is really an Isuzu. If I wanted an Isuzu I would have knowingly bought one.

19th Jul 2010, 20:41

WOW, I have a 2001 Honda Passport Ex, I have read all your comments... mine are very similar, starting with this dang "Check Engine Light".

For the past two years I could have bought another vehicle, I am not a mechanic, but I am very knowledgeable of vehicles and this one puzzles the crap out of me...

Last year my check engine light came on and the codes were for the TPS and O2 sensor. Honda only sells the entire throttle body, not just the sensor... I took my vehicle to a shop that the Honda Dealer recommended in my area... they replaced both O2 sensors, catalytic converters and TPS... check engine light remains on... had the brakes serviced, and all of a sudden the ABS light comes on and will not go off...

This past February I had issues with the truck not starting, then starting an hour later... had it checked out and the technician said that I needed to replace the timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, transmission service, flush the brakes again costing $1641.

Two weeks later the vehicle would not start again; took it back, and this time I needed to replace the engine, that was $2569...

Not 2 1/2 months later, my daughter was driving down the interstate, heard a clicking noise so she pulled over, then the vehicle would not start back up... Had the truck towed 24 miles back to the shop for them to say that the engine locked up, therefore I needed to replace it... The company did not warranty the engine, because they claimed that it did not have oil in it... I had to pay an additional $2180 to get another freakin engine...

It's only been 16 days since this engine was replaced and already I had to add 2qts of oil in it and the check engine light is on again... HELP PLEASE...

20th Jul 2010, 12:56


We solved all the MANY problems with our Honda very quickly and easily. We bought domestic. Never a single problem with either our Ford or GM vehicles.

21st Jul 2010, 20:07

Actually, the Honda Passport isn't really a Honda. It's actually just a rebadged Isuzu Rodeo. The real answer to this person's problems is buying an actual Honda.

4th Aug 2010, 14:44

Looking at all the problems with the Passport, well, I do have similar issues but not to such a great extent. I bought my 2001 Passport new, now, we have about 145K on it. It has been a pretty reliable car but here are the problems that I have experience with:

1. The rear wiper one day just went on by itself and did not stop? I disconnected the beast.

2. At 115K, the air conditioning air compressor went out. It is a GM known problem compressor that Isuzu used for the Passport. The dealer wanted $1.2K to replace. My friendly mechanic replaced it for $450.

3. The gas sending unit is out, the engine light has been on for a while, I have to replace it soon. I bought the sending unit from a guy on Ebay for $35. Fuel pump, minimum $250, off market brand.

4. The engine makes some weird knocking noise at idle, but this went away as you give it more gas. It has done this since 20K, seemed like only in the summer time.

5. Lastly, and scare the crap out of me, is the transmission acted up while we were in Yosemite. The AT light went on, the trans will not shift by itself into low gear, just like to stay in 4th gear. The next day, we drove home 300 miles away, no issue, install the trans cooler see if it helps.

6. Oh yeah, the sun roof needs help closing.

Otherwise, it has been a good car. I have owned Isuzu before, they are okay. Should not worry about them any more, I do not believe they have that many models left beside the rebadge GM on the market. I had Honda dealer and service, hated them. It was expensive and just not good folks to deal with. I will not buy another Honda again.

6th Aug 2010, 12:27

I bought the 2001 Passport new in AZ.

First trip to San Diego (2002), it had trouble each morning with the cool temps. Once started/warm, sloppy engine ended; didn't pedal it for fear of flooding. Never a problem in AZ (dry, summer in 100s may help).

Some problems with the slide-roof, but rarely use it. Body finish holds up here in the desert.

Only general things done: a set of tires, a battery, regular oil changes.

I just had a tran-switch replaced & dealer-service did some scheduled tranny work.

My driving is light, & the 32K mileage has been pretty good.

Seeing all the reviews of owners, I wonder how they measure up with the hundreds of other owners over the last decade. If not satisfied, next time maybe buy a real Honda, & try to avoid products that are outsourced or sometimes too quickly placed in the showroom.

I plan to keep this SUV (I mean it's only cost me less than $1K in 10 years). I plan to get another car in 2011 to meet new driving requirements.

7th Aug 2010, 19:04

When test driving SUV's in 2003, we avoided even looking at Honda due to all the transmission problems being encountered by Honda and Acura owners. We did drive the Toyota Highlander, and found it to be poorly built, very underpowered and endowed with defective brakes that lurched violently into oncoming traffic when trying to stop. We opted for a solid and reliable GM SUV, and have never regretted our decision. At 90,000+ miles it has not even required a brake job. The only thing beyond oil changes has been one battery and one set of tires. I see no reason to even look at imports again.