1984 Honda Prelude EX Hondamatic 1.8 CV dual carb from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable work horse


Central locking has just failed.

Air conditioning has a leak, so there is no gas in the system.

Transmission is delayed at going into drive in very hot weather; this can be expected for the mileage covered.

Had to get a small rust spot fixed in the sunroof.

General Comments:

Great runabout with nimble handling.

The engine is prehistoric and so is the transmission, but you learn to live with it.

I've had no problems mechanically so far; just a ball joint will need replacing soon.

Can be a little gas hungry for a 1.8L, but she is dependable.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2013

1984 Honda Prelude EX 1.8 dual carb from South Africa


This is the most awesome sports coupe from the 80's


Well not much can go wrong, as this is the perfect 80's street coupe.

It has been in various accidents and also been T-boned, but refuses to die!!!

General Comments:

Well I inherited this car from my dad, and it's older than me LOL.

But OMG this car has got me forever; even with its badly worn suspension, it still drove amazing.

There were so many accessories for this car, I am currently rebuilding it with full blown racing type suspension and a h22 VTEC motor.

Seriously, you can make these cars perform for very little money.

Also, there is an amazing forum called preludepower.com for assistance.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2011

1984 Honda Prelude 1.8 from North America


These are great machines when well maintained


I have had no major failures. As parts have worn out or needed replacing they have been replaced with Honda manufactured parts or better.

The transmission was replaced with a reconditioned transmission at will over 200,000 miles. The original did not fail, the case failed and was leaking.

The carburetors were rebuilt around 1990.

The timing built has been changed about every 60,000 miles and with it the belts and water pump.

A new radiator was installed within the past two years.

The boots on the drive shaft have been replaced every time they have cracked to protect the drive shaft.

New struts all around 5-6 years ago.

New carpet in 2003.

I have used Amzoil synthetic for nearly every mile driven.

New paint, windshield, with total body cleanup in 2002.

General Comments:

The carbureted 1.8 is not for drag racing. When it was new it was quick, but never fast out of the hole. The great thing about this machine is that it drives great, handles great, the front wheel drive has never let me down on snow, rain soaked or burning hot pavement. After 22-years of faithful service it starts every time I hit the switch, does not burn any oil and it looks great.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2006

1984 Honda Prelude from North America


It's a classic! Looks good, preforms great!


I have had the muffler replaced two times, but other than that and new tires it is in excellent condition.

General Comments:

This car has been my baby and I still love to drive it after 21 years. I'll replace it when I find something I like as well, I've been looking occasionally, but haven't found anything. It fits me just right.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2005

1984 Honda Prelude Si 2.0L inline 4 from North America


This is my favourite car; it and all generations alike


I had two 1984 Honda Preludes and I will indicate problems had with both with the word both at the end.

Timing belt goes - both

Vacuum Advance goes

Multiple Radiator Hose ruptures from rotting

Bucket seats have been worn and torn- both

O2 sensor fries

Emergency brake breaks

Specialty Honda link fuse fries (hard to replace due to availability)

Head gasket went

Valve cover seal leaked - both

Thermostat housing seal hardened to uselessness

Heater core leak

Exhaust leaks

3 ALTERNATORS blew, possibly from my system which is worth 5 times the car.

Completely worn clutch.

General Comments:

These Honda Preludes were the first cars I ever had. The first I picked up for 300 dollars and all that was to be done was the replacement of the clutch.

That one was tee-boned and therefore I purchased another one for 1200 dollars that needed a carburetor. When I swapped carbureters from the two I had a speed daemon.

My first one was faster though, reached 240 km/h (downhill) and the second one reached 220 km/h. Great handling! (there have been several occasions where excessive speed has caused me to start losing control, but was able to regain it due to ability on both my and the cars part).

But speed proved my second ones demise. Crash!

I am going right out to get another one.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2005

12th Apr 2005, 01:02

Why not try something else, afterall, from the list above, youve had a lot of problems with preludes!

1st May 2011, 06:34

Why would you want to get another car, 2G Preludes are awesome. After all, it came out second to the Porsche in the Road and Track review back in the 80's.

This is my current love, and will always be!!!