1984 Honda Prelude XX 1.8 SOHC Twin Carb from Australia and New Zealand


A real hoons car that drives like its on rails!


Head gasket blew at around 230000Kms, Did not repair it to almost 300000!

Alternator blew around the same time- fitted a second hand unit, it then blew at 305000- needed brushes and 1 bearing to fix, only $20!!

Passenger, front wheel bearing at around 310000.

Drivers seat torn badly.

After living by the sea for years, it has a little rust.

Has just had a second hand transmission fitted. Old one died due to the unit being badly serviced.

General Comments:

Quite a peppy car considering its age and fairly small engine displacement.

Has been a fun and reliable car and has never actually let me down while driving it. A good credit to Honda who's technology was obviously ahead of its time back then.

The car is very comfortable with heaps of legroom and easy to use instrument clusters.

Rust seems to be the only problem with the car, rusts badly around rear window and sunroof, but hey- its 20 years old!

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Review Date: 8th January, 2005

1984 Honda Prelude 1.8 from North America


A really good car for two hundred dollars!


The driver seat has some big rips in it.

The fuel pump didn't work when I bought the car.

General Comments:

This car is quite peppy.

It doesn't have much power, but it drives well for a 20 year old car.

It's got quite a bit of room in it for a good sound system. (sub woofers, amps)

It has awesome leg room.

Really good on gas for such an old car.

I only paid 200 dollars for mine and I'm quite happy with that.

I'm only sixteen years old and I think it's a good first car for anyone.

Prelude are really fun to drive because they don't make a big whole in your wallet and it gives your legs just as good of a work out as going for a walk. (Clutching, and accelerating)

Overall it's a good car.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2004

21st Oct 2004, 09:46

My first car is a Honda Prelude too!

1984 Honda Prelude dual carb from North America


Very reliable. pretty quick, will be very pimp in the future:)


When car was 1st purchased, body work was needed, had oil leak, and extremely loud and squeaky back breaks.

Emergency brake did not work, interior needed to be steam cleaned/completely redone, and inside light did not work.

General Comments:

Within the two month I have did car, brand new paint job. New interior, Oil leak is fixed, CD player has been installed. Two Excursion competition 12s in the trunk with 1000 watt punch amp. Back ks and E-brake still need fixing, but will get to later, also brand new alternator, battery, & tires.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2004

1984 Honda Prelude 1.8L from Australia and New Zealand


The Perfect


I was told not much was needed to get a road worthy certificate, later I found out that;

Needed a new handbrake link

Headlights did not pop up, but found out that it was going to be a major hassle as wiring was rooted when I tried to fix it

New seat belts as the old ones had fraid away.

General Comments:

This is a great Prelude which handles extremely well around corners and has all the features that cars have nowadays like Anti-Brake-locking System (ABS) 4 Disc brakes, power windows and mirrors, and aircon.

For the right price a great car I only paid $1,800 for mine.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2004

1984 Honda Prelude 1.8 litre dual carburated from North America


17 years old, I can't expect to not have problems


Carburetors rebuilt.

Choke was stuck, producing blue smoke.

CV Axles were replaced.

Alternator was faulty.

Required catalytic converter.

Crank Seal began to leak oil, and crank shaft somewhat does.

2 holes in the body, fixed with foam insulation.

Master brake cylinder broke.

Timing Belt.

Fuel tank leaked.

General Comments:

I bought this car for 1000 bucks at a dealer I thought to be reliable. I was told a set of spark plugs and a bottle of fuel additive would have me a safety check and emissions test, how wrong I was. All of the above repairs were needed for the certification, except for the oil leak and master cylinder, which happened shortly after. The car is 17 years old, and has very low kilometers. I am wondering if the problems I am experiencing with this car, nearly every 2 weeks it seems, are due to the previous owners laziness, or if I am driving the car too hard. Honda has an excellent reputation for efficiency and quality, however this car does not do Honda any justice. This car handles extremely well, however it is rather slow compared to some of the newer cars on the road today. The tachometer seems to get up to about 2700, and will then rev high like the car slipped into neutral for a second when I apply a lot of gas near the shift of the gears, and I have to take my foot off. The car also starts very hard and chugs when it has sat for 10 plus minutes, and when I turn it off it has some run-on, despite the premium and fuel additive I have put in the tank. Recently I have also heard a bit of a clunking noise when I am in first gear and accelerate to quickly. Can anyone please tell me what they think happened to this poor old Honda.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003

6th Apr 2004, 22:00

I'm afraid I know what happened to your poor honda... someone drove the living crap out of it my sugestion is to scrap it and buy something from someone reliable next time.

17th Jul 2004, 19:05

I have two 1984 honda preludes. The first one was grey and cost me 350 dollars. It was in great shape and all that went wrong with it was the timing belt went (stranding me though not an expensive fix). I got that car tee-boned trying to run from cops when they raided a street race. Luckily they never found me, but my ride was hurt and ugly. So I bought another one with a new paint job and rims, threw my system in it, switched the carbeurators and it was good to go, until I went off roading in it and cracked the fuel tank. But anyways. The grey one came with a clutch that was right worn out. A sign that the clutch is slipping (not catching the gears) is when you accelerate fast, you rev up high and not go anywhere. But you can accelerate slowly and still have good speed. I got the clutch replaced and the stock 100 hp really showed. (not much, but good for 1984) The car had boost. Until my vacuum advance went on me. That caused the car to go slower for the revs it was at. That seriously made my life miserable, so I was glad I crashed it and got the other one. Its vacuum system was great and it had been totally rewired with a new engine. Only cost me 1200 from a friend. (Canadian cash too). I am saying that you guys are paying too much. Enjoy your ludes.

21st Mar 2005, 18:54

My car did that too. It still chugs, but I adjust the idle speed to get rid of that. Oil change, engine restorer, plugs, wires, and dist. cap seemed to fix most of the problems. Before the tune up it wouldn't rev over 3700rpm. Now it revs over 7000 when warmed up. I ran neck and neck with a current model Dodge Stratus one night on the way home from work, he couldn't pass me, so we went again and I could't pass him, both times from about 35mph to 80mph. Did I mention that I'm 16 and this is my first car? I'm in the process of modding it. Next thing is a 2.0liter dual carb Accord engine and 5pd. Oh yeah, my mom gave me the car when she got her Explorer.