7th Aug 2006, 18:59

Have an 89' AWS and have got no power assistance to the right. Perfect to the left. Load up the pinion shaft to the right and it will get assistance to the right. Have had the rack (front rack) reconditioned and double checked, it is OK. Any help or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


8th Aug 2006, 17:58

I would have to disagree. I think the 2.0 Jetta engine is the slowest car I have ever driven and I driven many old Preludes, Crx's, and Accords. Even my cousins Ody is faster and it has a 2.2 liter.

9th Aug 2006, 22:26


I was sarcastic. I respect the fact that my engine is supposedly economy, but really built on the cheap. While those 2.2s and such are great lil four bangers.

But I didn't lie about the speed. The car was very stable.

24th Oct 2006, 23:19

I got a 1988 Honda Prelude recently I was wondering if any one could tell me How You know if it is a all wheel steering system or not, or are all of them all wheel steering. I don't have the owners manual and the decal simply says 2.0 Si.

25th Oct 2006, 14:46

I am no expert, but I think it would say 4WS on the back. If you join Honda owner link, it might be able to decifer your vin number into what model and options it has.

26th Oct 2006, 18:38

I have a 88 Prelude 4ws 2.0si, and it dies whenever the weather is warm and I come to a stop. Any ideas on what's causing this to happen?

Oh, and to the guy asking about the emblem on the 4WS preludes, it should have a "4WS" emblem on the drivers side door.

30th Oct 2006, 23:43

I've had my 1988 4WS Prelude since it was new. Its now got 136K and I still love this car. It has wonderful handling, and great stability at high speed. The 5 speed manual is wonderful, although the torque is a bit lowin first gear. I got some improvement in low end torque switching to a high flow KN air filter. And switching to synthetic oil has helped too. I am thinking about putting in a performance -- headers and muffler. Has anyone done the conversion for the 1988 4WS? Looking around the net I sea a couple of header makes for the 88 20si, but I am not sure these will fit the 4WS.

1) I have a "4WS" medallion on my door posts.

2) My rear drain holes in the roof have been plugged up for quite a while, and so I try to park the car pointing downhill if I can when expecting any heavy rain.

3) It seemed for most of the life of the car that the AC was pretty weak. And it does not help to have a black finish. If the sun's out and it's really not, best go with AC off. Last year replaced most of AC system and seems better.

5th Jul 2007, 20:56

My '89 Prelude has the "4ws" emblem on the drivers side door post and, it says "4 wheel steering system" on the steering wheel. If you are asking, you most likely don't have it.

It's a shame if you don't have it. 4ws is a lot of fun to drive.

16th Feb 2008, 22:06

Prelude 1988: my 4WS light started to come on and the mechanism has stopped functioning. Any suggestions as to what could be the problem?

24th Feb 2008, 13:24

Love the Prelude!!! I had a red 1981, a red 1985 and a white 1989 si 4WS. Loved them all. A few years ago when I needed a larger car, I was talked into 'getting rid of the 1989 'BIG MISTAKE'. I have regretted it ever since. I am in the process of purchasing a 1988 SI 4WS identical to the one I parted with. I can't wait to get it in a week or so. It is the most amazing car to drive. It is fast and stable. I had no problems with any of the preludes I owned. In fact, I'm buying the 1988 sight unseen! (I've seen pictures and documentation). I will keep this one forever! Happy driving to ya...

2nd Oct 2008, 06:00

I have an 88 white Prelude 4ws si, and I love it. It's powerful and in mint condition. I need to practice drifting more. LOL.

30th Jan 2009, 11:59

1988 Honda Prelude SI 4WS, Jacksonville FL

I have the both of the factory Honda shop manuals, but I am unable to determine the correct color code/sequence for this wire harness. This connection is completely gone on this harness, it's a hack job by someone else. I don't want to fry the ECU. It looks cut and dried, but I just want to make sure!

In the Electric Trouble Shooting manual, Component Locator. Page 201-2. 13. Right Front of Engine Compartment (Battery Removed). The connection is depicted as C237 (3-WHT).

If someone has the same car that could look at this connection and get back to me, it would be greatly appreciated.

VR Hank.

24th May 2009, 22:01

88 prelude AWS SI


Try the net for information regarding this, although I'm sure it will be on the workshop manual. I know because I've used these manuals when fixing cars where I used to work as a mechanic.

10th Apr 2012, 10:14

I collect '88 Honda Prelude Si's with 4-wheel steering. The "4ws" chrome "sticker" is affixed at the bottom right-hand corner of the driver door window on the vertical black panel. You can also "search" for the VIN no. on Google, and it will tell you whether or not is has 4-wheel steering.

Another way to tell is to drive the car a few feet, turn the steering wheel sharply in either direction and either stop and get out and look at the rear tires.. or have someone else look at the tires turn as you move the steering wheel. If the rear wheels turn, you have 4-wheel steering. These are so great when having to parallel-park!! As you back into a place, the rear tires go in the opposite direction, thus enabling you to easily just "slip" into your parking space. Also, going around curves is a "dream" as the car hugs the road like a glove on your hand!

The '88 Prelude Si 4ws was voted "Car of the Year" in Europe at the Slalom Races. I was there and fell in love with the Prelude on the spot! It beat out: Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and even Corvette.

Happy Driving! Marianne.