2001 Honda S2000 AP1 2.0 VTEC from North America


Best sports car ever made


The clutch slave cylinder was replaced at around 60,000 miles.

General Comments:

This has been one of the most reliable and fun cars I have ever owned. I would still have this car, had I not crashed it when I spun out on the freeway and got hit by a large truck.

Safety - For being so small, this car is very safe. This car handles so well you should be able to avoid and out handle any problems you may encounter. I was hit by a lifted F-150 at highway speeds, and I walked away with only a stiff neck.

Performance - This car is blast when it's revved up to VTEC range. I've had this car up to 130mph, and it used to cruise ever morning at 90mph on the way to work. The transmissions shifts are short and smooth. This car is a joy to shift.

Economy - I drove this car pretty hard... I averaged around 20 MPG.

Downsides - This car is absolutely terrible in the snow. The limited slip does help a lot, but it's still a 2750 lb rear wheel drive sports car.

Loved every minute in this car... never saw a check engine light or a engine temp above normal.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2014

2001 Honda S2000 from Greece


Still the finest roadster available to the poor enthusiast


Nothing yet. Transmission is a little noisy, but that's expected on an 8 year old car.

General Comments:

Well, after several months as a daily driver, I can only say that this car continues to put a smile on my face every time I get into it.

I'm not young, nor rich, I'm 31 and I saved to buy this car second hand as my first serious sports car, and it hasn't disappointed in the slightest.

The grin that spreads when the magic VTEC moment hits is still worth every cent of the increased fuel consumption when the second set of cams cuts in. I absolutely love it, and the look on passenger faces as the revs climb and the speed increases is a highly entertaining blend of exhilaration and fear. I am still taking every opportunity to take passengers for a 'ride'.

The fuel economy is great if you don't VTEC, but it drinks a bit when you drop the hammer. I'm averaging about 25mpg which is fine considering I do cane it often.

Comfort is an area this car seems to fall down in many reviews, but I find it fits me like a finely tailored shoe. I'm 6'2" and fit comfortably, the seat is not even all the way back (but nearly). Any 6 footers having trouble, are not sitting in the correct position, stop trying to lay down when you drive!! There's lots of headroom with the roof on too. The lack of a cup holder for those Sunday Starbucks trips is disappointing, but I've taken to using the netting in the passenger footwell, which is fine as long as you aren't testing the car's lateral G capabilities (which are astounding, IF you can drive, if you CAN'T drive, don't push it, the car will kill you if you disrespect it, wet or dry).

The handling in general is amazing, but this is not news. There are two things that are a complete no-no though (at least in the AP1 that has no traction control), do NOT step on the clutch while cornering at speed, and do NOT cross the VTEC line (6k rpm) with the wheel turned. This car will punish you for mistakes at speed, but handles just like any other 2l car when driving normally (ie very safe and neutral).

The steering is very precise, the brakes very sharp, and the gearbox feel is indescribable, click, click, click.

Owners be VERY aware... The original Bridgestone tires that come on the car (in 225/50/16 size) have the tireprint of a 245 tire! Strange but true. When replacing the rear tires, always use 245/45, which is sadly a rare tire (Toyo T1Rs are a good choice in this size though).

Lastly, can't finish this without mentioning that Honda announced recently... No more S2000, and for now, no replacement. This car has just become a classic. Enjoy!

Bottom line... If driving is your passion, this car is for you. If all you want is a good looking roadster for going from a to b, something else less edgy might suit you better.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2009