24th Mar 2006, 20:25

I am sorry that you took my comments personally. Truly, I am. I do not mean to offend when I post comments on this site. I commented that the VTEC sounds like a weedeater, and a lot of the time, it does. I never said every 4 cylinder does, you put those words in my mouth (again). 90% of the people I know who own cars with a VTEC have very loud annoying exhaust systems. It's not JUST "the old Honda" next to me at the light. You are stereotyping me with references to me loving V8's, and being annoyed by "the ONE kid in the old Honda who tried to race me". I never alluded to any of the sort. You inferred those things from my comments. You don't have to drive a V8 powered car to be utterly annoyed with a loud VTEC engine, and the headache that ensues.

25th Mar 2006, 16:36

I have to wonder then, do you have normal hearing and just like to wear hearing aids for the heck of it?

VTECs are not whiny.

28th Mar 2006, 15:54

I have a link for you guys... Stihl.com - They've got a nice 1/2 hp weedeater that sounds just like your Honda. Or try BlackandDecker.com; they've got an electric hedge trimmer that sounds eerily similar as well. Check those out and get back to me. If a VTEC is not whiny, what is it, oh great sound Sultan?

11th Apr 2006, 00:03

Some people are just pathetic.

Sound doesn't mean jack when it comes to a car's performance. I personally own a S2000, one of the best handling cars out there. And I've come across for example to a lot of mean sounding camaro SS and ford mustangs, only to whop their v8 mean sounding car. That goes to show that sound means crap.

2nd Jun 2006, 19:48

I posted the original comment about the chainsaw. To the person who says sound means jack. True, but I never did bash the performance, just the sound. An S2000 would probably smoke my car after 30 or 40 mph, and I can admit that. It does not change the fact that it sounds like a small 2 stroke dirt bike going down the road. Pathetic? No, just annoyed with the extreme decibels let loose by those little 4 bangers. (For the record, I drive a 2000 GTP, with a 3.25" pulley, CAI, and reprogrammed PCM.) I know its not that fast, but at least it does not sound like a blender.

17th Jul 2006, 14:39

Guys, just let it go... it's not his type of vehicle. He just wouldn't understand LOL...

18th Jul 2006, 09:12

You think 2 stroke dirt bikes make a lot of noise? Have you ever heard a 4 stroke opened up? That's a much louder and nastier noise than the 2 stroke. But just thought I'd inform you, my being a motorcyclist an all.

19th Jul 2006, 23:54

Do not assume that every Honda has a Vtec. My Accord LX has no Vtec, and still sounds like a weed eater. At least I know I am not causing the glaciers to melt. Buy an I-4 save the future!!! Put that E-85 in your V-8 and I will beat you at any stoplight even though I have 250,000 miles on my beat up Honda!

8th Aug 2006, 05:26

Quote "17th Jul 2006, 14:39

Guys, just let it go... it's not his type of vehicle. He just wouldn't understand LOL..."

I agree with this comment. Makes you wonder why he was even looking in the S2000 section anyway.

On a personal note, I am not a massive fan of unnecessarily loud exhaust systems (or induction kits for that matter), but am red blooded and male enough to admit that sound is important to a performance cars "personality".

I think the high revving VTEC howl suits the S2000 perfectly, and am thinking of swapping my E36 M3 for one at the moment. I'll admit that the number of cylinder's of an engine does effect the quality of the noise, however someone obviously forgot to tell Honda that 4's usually don't sound the sweetest.

On a final note, my favourite engine noise for 2 wheels must be the world superbike ducati 998's that used to run a few years ago (the 999 isn't quite as nice sounding), and for 4 wheels is either the BMW E46 M3 CSL that I blagged a ride in, or my friends Mercedes SL55 AMG with the sport exhaust option (rolling thunder indeed!)

13th Aug 2006, 01:03

I love my 2001 s2000. It performs incredibly well and is very robust and durable. However, with the tires and limited slip differential it is a dry road only car! It hydroplanes easily and if you encounter hail, stop right away. Driving in hail is like trying to drive this car on ball bearings... impossible! I am very lucky to be alive to tell about it. That being said, it is a wonderful automobile!

23rd May 2008, 19:33

Engine torque is a nigh on pointless performance figure. Reason? Engines are attached to gearboxes. A gearbox is a torque multiplier - hence that's why you accelerate faster in 1st, than in 6th.