2002 HSV Clubsport R8 VX II 5.7lt Gen III from Australia and New Zealand


Stylish Sexy Car, Not so sure about the value for money though?


1. Drivers Seat Base Broken –

2. Right Z Bar Front Bush Separating

3. Oil Seepage Lower Area of Engine

4. Oil Seepage Steering Pipe Joint Left Inner Guard Panel

5. Oil Stains on Engine Mount

6. Oil Seepage, Rear of Gearbox

7. Oil Seepage, Right Inner Drive Shaft Joint

8. Coolant Seepage Left Front of Engine

9. Excessive Vibration in Gear shift.

10. Fabric Breaking Down in Rear Seat

11. Reverberations through Vehicle Body on start up and moving off from stationary, identified as ABS vibrating against Mounting Bracket.

12. Steering Wheel Leather Breaking down

13. Rear parcel shelf speakers were not working.

14. Air Conditioning Fan started to cut out.

16. A/C foot well function does not work.

17. Radiator tank split.

18. Power Steering Rack

19. Electric window regulator.

General Comments:

A Beautiful car, stylish, heaps of power, great brakes (Performance brake package - not upgraded to Premium), and the suspension package is unmatched. soooooo much fun to drive.

Disappointed and frustrated in all the problems for such a young car.

Many small niggling faults, not enough to stop the car running, but enough to get one annoyed.

Overall all the options are very usable, comfortable on long trips.

Good fuel economy on highway 10lt/100, city driving between 14 & 18lt/100.

Interior is laid out well. Cruise is easy to use, lights and mirrors on sun visors are a nice touch. Seats are racing body hugging, susceptible to wear if not cared for.

Head turner. Stylish car.

Base build quality is not comparable to imported cars of same price range

Scores based on :

Aesthetics – 9/10

Parts Quality - 5/10

Design – 8/10.

Enhanced Package and Upgrade Quality.

Score based on:

Aesthetics – 9/10

Parts Quality – 8/10

Design – 9/10.

Driving Fun Factor.

Score based on:

Acceleration – 8/10

Braking – 10/10

Handling – 9/10.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 3rd March, 2006

9th Feb 2007, 17:11


You sound like a pommie!

I have a VX II R8 they are simply awesome.

The drive, the comfort, the prestige of the vehicle make it a truly spectacular car...

25th Feb 2007, 20:58

He's not a pommie mate, neither am I.

I'm becoming disgruntled with my VXII HSV. All of the above problems are common to what I've experienced, including the need to replace the fuel pump, condensation in the indicator panels, the aerial will no longer retract, and the huge camber squat problems have ruined those poxy super soft tyres that were delivered with the car.

Yes, it a 2002 model so problems are to be expected, but this car has only just cracked 40,000kms. It's not driven harshly and quite frankly its becoming increasingly obvious that my $70k would have been better spent on something else. I'm a dyed-in-wool Holden man, but the constant problems and niggles that I've experienced from a car that is part of the Holden prestige range is simply unforgivable, and it hurts me to say that the next car I purchase probably won't be a Holden.