22nd Feb 2008, 04:51

I wrote the original review and for those skeptics who may wish to read the review again, they will notice that I have balanced the good with the not so good. I would now like to add that I have had the opportunity to replace the vehicle and have chosen not to do so. Why? Not because I really wanted to:

1) Replace the radiator a second time

2) Buy a new gear shifter,

3) Buy a new window control switch

4) Spend money on a leaky AC condenser

5) Because I enjoy the rattle in the passenger side front door when the window is right to the top.

But because it is still a stylish fun car to drive...

Yes I am a perfectionist and choose to repair the things that don't keep working, only so it can never be said the problems are of my own doing.

PS. I am a family man and do not thrash my car,=; the only thrashing the car gets is with a polishing rag... every weekend.

29th Dec 2009, 06:44

I just bought a VX II Clubby R8, and am having trouble with some of the dash lights staying on, but it happens at random; some days it doesn't happen at all, and some days it happens every time I start the car. I always know if the lights will be staying on, because if the low Trac light is off when I start the car, the lights stay on, and there is a series of beeping sounds. If the low Trac light is on when I start the car, the lights won't stay on, and there won't be any beeping sounds at all.

The lights that stay on are engine, ABS, Trac off, air bags and oil lights. I have also noticed that when the lights stay on, the air con, Trac control, fuel gauge, temp gauge, cruise and gear lights don't work. Has this ever happened to anyone before?

3rd Jan 2012, 00:18

Okay, we have had our VX Series 2 Clubsport for almost a year, and I have only good things to say about it.. Never really had a problem with it.. She has reasonably lows ks 150,000, but she has got a minor issue, which is starting to bug my bloke in particular, as he is a real perfectionist.. Problem being... Sometimes on start up, but not always, can happen whilst driving also, the ABS & Low Trac light comes on??? It's worse when the weather is hot (coincidence, I don't know), however if you switch it off and then on again, it usually goes away?? They are the only two lights that ever come on, no beeping sounds.. Anyone know what's wrong with her?? Any help would be appreciated..

21st Feb 2012, 00:41

I too have the same problem with my VX Clubsport, with the ABS and Low Trac light coming on at random. I would also appreciate an answer.

I also have a constant problem with the spring loaded radio storage compartment, which has broken about four times in the last four or five years, even though I don't even use this compartment at all... really annoying.

14th Apr 2012, 12:03

It happened to my VX Clubsport R8. It was the ABS module. I had to change it, then things worked 100%.

4th Oct 2012, 01:24

I'm a female who doesn't know much about cars, but have my eye on a sexy 2002 VX Clubsport... but some people are telling me they have engine and electrical problems. Is this true? Because I have my heart set on this car :-(