2005 HSV Clubsport R8 6.0 ltre from Australia and New Zealand


A very big disapointment


Air Conditioning compressor burnt out

Sump Guard fell off

Power steering leak


General Comments:

This is the best handling and most powerful car that I have ever owned and driven. It is easy to drive within the speed limit and is a real gem.

Reliability of the car is becoming an issue.

I started to loose confidence in the first month of ownership when it was towed due to a mechanical fault.

Five months later and three move unscheduled visits to the dealer for warranty repairs and the faults continue to occur.

I'm loosing patience with the car and am beginning to think that I should have spent the $72,000.00 on a German import.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2005

30th May 2008, 09:15

Well I bought my CR8, which is basically the HSV’s ClubSport R8. I already have problems and I still did not reach 1000 miles. The air conditioning is not working and it makes a strange noise. The fan is so loud that it’s noisier then the engine itself. It’s really like a bad secondhand car, but somehow it’s new. Truly unbelievable.

This is my first “American” car and I bought it because of the power, but to be honest I feel like an idiot after few weeks. I should have stuck with the Japanese or Germans. Or even the Koreans are doing a better job.

What a waste for such a great and fun to drive car.

26th Feb 2013, 23:33

It's an "Australian" car we are talking about here. The engine albeit is supplied from GM in the US, but by memory actually comes out of Canada. The rest of it is made down under.

2005 HSV Clubsport R8 VZ 6 litre Chevy from Australia and New Zealand




Needs a wheel alignment, pulls to the left. I have been told most HSV's pull to the left from new in New Zealand. Getting mine fixed today.

There is a rattle in the dash.

General Comments:

Superb ride, lots of fun and handles just marginally less than the Coupe GTS.

I am glad I spent the extra dollars and got all the R8 upgrades; it takes the Clubsport into a much better category.

My only complaint is why the hell don't HSV give us a better exhaust system. If they did, we wouldn't go hunting for aftermarket stuff to make the car sound and perform like it should. None of us buy a V8 to have it choked up.

My last car was a Ford XR-8. Previous to that, I had new 2002 VX Clubsport. Sorry Ford guys, I gave Ford a go, but the Holden, in my book, is a better ride. The XR-8 cost me loads of cash, electrics, spark plug leads, replaced the diff, the wiper motor, the steering rack, the radio, shocks and boot seals. You don't expect that from a new vehicle, but hey I may have got a dud too.

Once I've run the Chevy in, I'm going to put a set of headers on it and that's about it, it's all fun. Mine is in Sting Red.

One interesting thing; I initially bought the demo, found out it had been damaged, so returned it for an out of the box car; the demo's gearbox was notchy, my new car is like silk.. isn't that amazing.

Safe driving to everyone.



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Review Date: 23rd August, 2005

3rd Oct 2005, 16:29

Lucky Mongrel!. ;)

8th Dec 2005, 04:06

Well Roger, I can agree with you on all counts, except I don't have the wheel alignment problem.

My wife and I owned 30 fords before this, 4 new - 3 XRs and an FPV - in the last 4 years. The FPV was a pig - where do I start? 1. Oil usage. It blue smoke like a 2 stroke.

It burnt oil like petrol - every time it was used, it went to the workshop for monitoring. 2 and more - the clutch slipped, gearbox crunched into 2nd, diff whined, paint washed off with the garden hose. All reported to Ford NZ, all avoided. At 13 months ownership, we asked - 'what are you going to do?'. 6 1/2 months later, Ford NZ came back with 'FPVs fault for delay, but ask customer to monitor oil'. Then a lot of messing around, a long story, and I ended up saying to ford NZ something like 'you are so much use, I may as well buy an HSV'. Well, their response was basically 'go do it'

HSV - best thing I ever bought. 3000km and not one problem. It's a shame one can't say the same about an FPV.

26th Jun 2007, 08:01

Picked up my Maloo R8 about 3 weeks ago, had an SV89 a few years back and have been driving HQ's and HZ one tonners around since getting rid of the SV.

Such a pleasure to be back in a HSV, it does everything and then some in every department the power is just right, the fuel is a OK I've been getting 15L/100km around town, I have to get air bags fitted to mine as I chewed out a set of tyres towing for 3000kms.

There also seems to be some axle tramp when you get stuck into it, I am told there are Harrop diffs that can be put in.

All in all a TOP Car, will defiantly consider getting another one...

7th Dec 2009, 06:11

I own a VZ R8 2004 6 speed manual, it started life as an HSV company car driven by the CEO Phil Harding, this one was optioned with AP Racing 6pot / 4 pot calipers and tyre pressure monitor, the car has now done 125,000 kms and still goes like a rocket, keeps up with most VE HSV's, I love it.

Mods are exhaust, cold air and tune which punches out 278 kw at the wheels, so approx 320kw at the flywheel. I'm returning an average of 12.5 ltrs per 100kms on premium unleaded.