2006 Hummer H3 from North America


Amazing ride. Nothing like it


Sunroof leaks.. Watch out for the drain holes.

Starts to rust around 40-50km (20k-30k miles).

General Comments:

Great car, fun ride. I love it. Handles like a dream.. King of the road.

And guess what.. Insurance is pretty good too! Buy a hummer.. you can't go wrong.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2010

3rd Aug 2010, 19:56

Hmmm, my "amazing" ride wouldn't be starting to rust at 20K miles. That would be my "I'm trading it in for something good" ride!

4th Aug 2010, 10:33

Rusting at 20,000 miles? Doesn't sound like an amazing ride to me.

2006 Hummer H3 Adventure 3.5 from North America


I think every buyer should be careful when buying an H3


I am writing in review to the person whose head blew on their motor. Well mine just did too, only I am at 48000 miles, and yes you are correct, thank god its under warranty.

Since I have bought my truck, I have had multiple problems and may be seeking counsel under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. I too like the vehicle a lot, but consistent problems arise like the wipers not working when it snows too hard, console lights going out, banging under the left floor board, etc... So I just wanted to let you know you are not the only one.

No rust at all with mine, but it's not white and that color can pick up a lot more imperfections.

Good luck with everything, I think I will be trading mine in. I wanted to buy an H2 as well, but I think I will let some one else deal with the problems. I can't take the chance.

General Comments:

Nothing but problems for my 2006 H3!

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Review Date: 10th February, 2009

2006 Hummer H3 from North America


Up to now, this Hummer is a very good machine


Nothing, I still have the CJ5 Jeep.

General Comments:

The Hummer H3 is a real off-road machine, and this is the main issue about this vehicle. Have you ever seen a tank winning a race? So there is no need to talk about acceleration here.

The Hummer H3 does great at everything it has been built for.

Mine has a manual transmission, and yes the towing capacities is 3500 pounds instead of 4500 for the automatic transmission, but there are reasons for that. First it is a clutch issue, because the truck will take whatever you are giving to it, compared to the automatic transmission that will take only what it can. Nothing can prevent the driver from shifting into 5th gear with a manual transmission, which is an overdrive, even if you are towing an heavy load, a thing that the automatic transmission won't do. So the hauling capacity is rated that way to protect you from exceeding the truck capacity.

Now let me tell you something, I'm pulling a 23 foot boat on a tandem trailer with my 2006 Hummer, which is equipped with a manual transmission. Of course there are brakes on the trailer, and I don't have any problem with it, but again you have to use your head, go easy on the throttle and do not try do break any speed records, and the truck is more than able to do that.

By the way, I've own 4x4s since 1976, and I still have my CJ5 Jeep, which is a 1974, and it is still in excellent shape. I also had a 1986 Chevy Blazer for over 13 years, and believe me, that truck was pulling a trailer almost every day, and it was still running great when I sold it, so my point is if you operate your truck properly with the right on time maintenance, it will keep up for a long time.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2008

2006 Hummer H3 5 cylinder from North America


Absolutely love it!!!


First I must say I love my Hummer H3. But I NEED HELP! I have a white hummer. The problem is there are rust specks all over my truck. The dealer calls it "railroad dust". IT IS RUST!!! Dealer told me to have truck professionally waxed at dealer = $375.00!

Also my engine light came on at 38000 miles. I needed a whole new top of my engine!!! Thank god it was under warranty!!!

Can anyone answer these questions?:

1. Has anyone else had trouble with the rust?? It's a 2006! It should be covered by warranty if Hummer is aware of the problem as I was told by the dealer.

2. Does anyone else have 49000 miles on their 2006 H3? Problems???

3. Did anyone buy the extended warranty???

4. What should a 2 year extended warranty cost with no deductible?? Truck has 49,000 miles.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Review Date: 25th May, 2008

26th May 2008, 22:18

Our white Ford Fusion had the same problem just recently. Thankfully they acid washed it for us because it was less than a year old. I heard stories of how GM is less helpful with the matter, but I heard a clay bar can help rub it out. We are waiting to see if the rust comes back over next winter, but according to the service manager the rust is just iron deposits and hasn't penetrated the paint? Not sure I believe him, but I wish you luck in getting that solved.