2nd Oct 2008, 11:16

Sure it's okay to drive a "gas hog" if it's not that far. The issue is about using less gas. Less gas is less gas.

Truth is, you don't know why they own a "gas hog". Maybe they would trade it, but are upside down on their loan. Maybe they need something to take on vacation a couple times a year. Maybe they like the vehicle. Maybe there is no public transportation available. Maybe they got a better deal on it than what they could have gotten on a car you approve of. Maybe they inherited it.

If driving 5,000 miles per year in a lower mpg car uses less gasoline than driving 20,000 miles per year in a 35 mpg car, then the "gas hog" is still using less gas. Seems simple enough.

2nd Oct 2008, 15:58

Everyone doesn't have access to good public transportation... I think some people don't like to admit defeat. Less gas usage no matter what you drive conserves more energy.

2nd Oct 2008, 20:07

I still am having trouble trying to understand why a person would choose to drive a vehicle that can't even be parked in a standard parking space 5 miles to work on a paved road when (supposedly) the vehicle is designed for off-road use. Wouldn't it be simpler just to buy a normal vehicle and just wear big diamonds or an Armani suit to display your social status?? Even driving a Mercedes 500SL would make a lot more sense than paying the same price price for a vehicle that is slower than a Chevy Aveo, requires 2 parking spaces and handles like a grocery shopping cart.

3rd Oct 2008, 14:59

Then you should not buy one. Problem solved. Next?

4th Oct 2008, 08:26

I hate to tell you, but I don't drive a Hummer and I wrote the comment. I drive a car and wouldn't take a Hummer if someone gave it to me. I was just stating a simple fact, take it like you want to.

Honestly many places don't have good public transportation systems. I have had to ride the bus in my city when I didn't have a car and the route I took I paid more in bus charges than I would in gas. Sometimes people fail to mention that. Or the inconvenience of an inefficient transportation system. Or that in some places people don't take transportation for safety reasons.

Its impossible to be to bash someone who only drives a 10 mile round trip, when many drive 60 mile trips one way to work, because they drive a "gas guzzler".

4th Oct 2008, 10:27

Hummer owners, or any car owner for that matter, do not need to justify anything to you. Gas at $3.75 a gallon may seem like a lot for you, but that may be chump change for others. I am still trying to understand why you think it is YOUR business what others choose to do with their money.

5th Oct 2008, 14:24

I haven't seen any comparisons to the gas-hog Toyota Land Cruiser in these comments. I wouldn't buy one of those over-priced barges either. I'm 100% domestic as far as car ownership, but I have to agree that the Hummer H2 (which is actually what started this round of comments, not the H3, which is basically a Chevy Colorado with a fat body and 10 extra grand tacked on the price) makes absolutely no sense at all. As has been pointed out it is slower than any 4-cylinder compact, cannot be parked in a standard parking space, handles terribly, and gets between 6 and 10 mpg.

In the decade or so since these things came out, I have yet to know anyone who ever used these things off road. They are always taking the kids to soccer games or taking up two parking spaces at the grocery store (which, to its credit the Land Cruiser does not). I think the reason it is such a disliked vehicle by the majority of drivers is the fact that it takes two parking spaces to park it. This is the major gripe I hear about them. This makes the owner seem to be arrogant and rude, whether that is the case or not. If an elderly lady is trying to find a parking space at a store and 3 Hummers are taking up 6 spaces, then yes, it does seem inconsiderate. Over-wide vehicles SHOULD be restricted to off road use.

9th Oct 2008, 09:08

First of all "100% domestic" doesn't exist. You can bet a good part of your "domestic" is built with foreign parts these days. All three major American companies have many affiliations with foreign brands and do much trading of parts.

Second you are bashing the H3 for taking up two parking spaces. That is the H2 that is oversized... the H3 is the small version.

Now, having said that, I think the mentality of people is totally self centered and unjustified. Using a 12 mpg vehicle for a 5 mile commute is just moronic. If you are in the vehicle that little, then you really ought to be driving a Smart Car or a full electric by now. Truth is... these people want to go on trips and do other things besides their commute, so now their 10 mile commute turns into a lot more on weekends and when they are not working. There is where the waste of fuel comes in.

And to who said it is none of my business what you drive... Well, look at the economy and tell me that it is none of my business what is happening to this country... my country, because of arrogant greedy people that feel they have the right to do whatever they want. It's worked great so far hasn't it??

Do what you want, but maybe you could think about your responsibility to the country as a whole. If everyone actually cared about someone besides themselves and drove a car that was at least 30 mpg, gas would be like $2.00 per gallon or less. What do you think that would do for the economy? It's time for Americans to change and start thinking differently. The time for "do whatever I want" is over.

If you want to argue that point, then you haven't been watching the news or the stock market lately. I hope GM goes through with their discontinuation of most large SUV's and the Hummer brand, to force a change in the automotive world for the better.

9th Oct 2008, 10:57

Commenters should actually READ the comments before commenting on them. I CLEARLY STATED that my car ownership was 100% domestic. That means ALL the cars I own are domestic, not that 100% of the parts are made in the U.S.

I also CLEARLY STATED that I was referring (as most of these comments do) to the large and unwieldy H2, NOT the Colorado-based H3.

As for the rest of this commenter's points, I am in agreement for the most part. People who are deliberately wasteful, with no regard for our economy or our environment HAVE hurt both our economy and our planet. The attitude of "I'll have what I want and I don't care if it hurts the ecology or the economy" is extremely selfish and hurts us all in the long run. About the only thing worse than buying a gas hog vehicle like a Hummer is running out and buying a Japanese car and sending money to Japan that could help our own struggling economy.